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Hull: Job Done But No Small Screen Classic

I DON’T care what armchair neutrals thought.  And yes it would be nice to batter Hull and after so much possession we made harder work of a one sided 1-0 win than we should have done against a woeful team but, hey, Job done. Points banked.

But it was far from a classic. And there was a very nervous finish that brought with it some familiar dark fears for emotionally scarred supporters.  It was a game that took us back – tactically and emotionally – to the labours of the stomach churning promotion push…

Here’s my colour bit on the whistle.

Meanwhile, Gaston was in switched on mode, mercurial movement and creative touches… but there were a couple of cracking displays elsewhere in the team too. Here’s my always universally agreed with “what game were you watching you blind get” player ratings….