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Swans Song Strikes Chord With Boro

SILKY Swansea’s League Cup Wembley triumph over plucky Bradford should have struck enough notes with Boro fans to score a symphony .
A requiem dominated by slow mournful strings so sad you could cry maybe – but ending with some flashing uplifting swirls of hope, redemption and resurrection too.
It should have echoes on Teesside, and not just because of lingering poignant daydreams of our heroes’ three handled trophy triumph in Cardiff in 2004, the shining silver memory that will protect us and keep us warm through the new Ice Age of austerity.
There are some sharp lessons to be drawn from the current status of both clubs and their turbulent back-stories over a dramatic decade.

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Brittle Boro Lacking Teeth And Belief

*SIGH* [expletive deleted] Oh well….there’s always next year.
Two more self-inflicted wounds at the back. Another timid display lacking teeth and belief by a team visibly wilting. Another brittle, simmering atmosphere teetering on the brink. Another couple of very costly very poor decisions swinging the odds against us. But we can’t keep blaming bad luck, poor finishing, individual errors. Whatever the position in the table, the unity of the club – on and off the pitch – is more important in the wider scheme of things and it is that which is currently fracturing under the pressure.
Crunch time for the season. And the project. Yes, Boro have been on a bad run but it was still a very disappointing gate given the price, the high stakes and the fact that the last home game – Leeds – was great entertainment with a fantastic atmosphere. Gates like that will make it very hard to press pricing arguments on a cash strapped club.
There is a real shroud of gloom around the club now. You watch, Boro will beat Chelsea on Wednsday now. Typical.
More later….

Battling Boro Go Back To Basics

BACK-to-basics Boro put in a rock solid shift to stop the rot at Burnley.
They ground away at the back, sweated and laboured and threw themselves into blocks and tackles and headers and while at times it was chaotic they claimed a precious point and a welcome clean sheet.
It was only Boro’s second goalless game this season – and only the third draw in total – and it was the first clean sheet on the road since the previous double blank at Nottingham Forest in early November.
A goalless draw at a wobbling Burnley may be no great shakes in the wider football firmament – no one is suggesting we saw the top off a double-decker – but after the recent catastrophic collapse it has to be counted as a good point gained.

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Palace Coup: Deja Vu

AS SHELL-shocked Boro retreated in disarray from Selhurt Park, a dejected Tony Mowbray talked about a sorry sense of deja-vu.
Most of the 1,600 away fans who watched the horror unfold through their fingers from the stands will have certainly have felt they had seen it before. More than once.
Boro had been left tattered and torn after a bloody Palace coup that left any hopes of an end of season coronation hanging by a thread.
The boss admitted the abject display had been littered with individual and collective errors, a scenario that has become frighteningly familiar.

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Pump Up The Volume: Riverside Reshuffle In Pipeline

BORO chiefs are weighing up a radical Riverside reshuffle in a bid to pump up the volume.
After another round of contructive talks between the chairman, the Gazette and a cross section of fans, the club are looking at plans for a summer stadium shake-up to move groups of fans to create another ‘home end’ and boost the matchday atmosphere. Earlier meeting led to a series of cut-price ticket initiatives, with more to come.
Central to the plan would be to move the noisy Red Faction en masse from their current base in the upper tier of the South East corner to a new location behind the South Stand goal. That would make them more visible and audible and create space for more to join them to help give Boro passion at both ends of the ground.
Away fans would switch to the East Stand Upper. There are also plans for a new competitively priced designated East Stand family area and a big screen – but it would mean some season ticket holders will be asked to move.
Full story and proposed stadium map here – plus, in a shock developement, almost entirely positive readers comments . What do you think?

Battling Boro Get Down And Dirty To Batter Warnock’s Shocktroops

TONY Mowbray had urged his team to “stand up to the bullies” before the Titanic tussle with Neil Warnock’s shocktroops.
By the end he was almost pulling them away and pleading: “They’ve had enough. Come on lads, they’re not worth it,” as victorious Boro eased off and our long time Nemesis slinked away bruised and beaten.
It was Boro’s first league win of 2013. Their first victory over Leeds on Teesside since the
4-1 Ayresome Park gubbing of Howard Wilkinson’s then champions in 1992. It was welcome win over arch-pragmatist Warnock, who has thwarted Boro across a string of clubs and division since the dug-out dawn of his anti-football fundamentalism.
It was fantastic.

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Barnsley Chop: Boro Slump Still On Menu

DOES ANYONE want to escape this crazy division? Fragile Boro look like they don’t. And the equally iffy teams above and around them appear to be locked in a grand conspiracy of ineptitude. Boro have lost five in a row and haven’t taken a point in 2013 yet somehow remain in the place-off places and just six points from second.
That’s the Championship for you. But we can’t continue to rely on the incomptence of others. All it takes is one week for the results to swing disastrously against us and the gap above will yawn open while the pack behind will be on us and then every slip will really hurt. Teams will quickly start to claw past Boro. There is no more room for error if Boro are to stay in a play-off position this term.

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