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Who Are Boro’s Great Signings?

RIGHT, thinking caps on. I’m doing a series on Boro’s all time greatest signings… and I want your imput. In the business this is called either research, crowd-sourcing or getting the punters to do the work for you, depending on how cynical you are. I prefer to think of it as engaging and empowering the most proactive readers and harnessing the most informed Boro brains out there – that’s you lot.

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Mogga Wins Boro’s Battle of Hustings

THE VOTES have been counted in the Big Boro Survey and Tony Mowbray has squeezed home at the ballot box.
The manager was endorsed as the man to lead Boro into next season in the Gazette’s Big Boro Survey – but the results also showed a significant vote for the opposition. Mogga is now defending what is in effect a marginal constituency.

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Readers Poll: Woeful At Wednesday – But Was It The Worst?

A FUNEREAL retreat from the swansong shambles of Sheffield Wednesday was dominated by one question. Well two questions, but the other was “shall we stop at the Wetherby Whaler?” and that was very easily answered.
The painful post-mortem was dominated by the demand: has there been a WORSE display than THAT this season?

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Wednesday: Weak. Never Happened At All

WHAT a complete dog’s breakfast that was. There was literally only one team in it, one team setting out to win, one team with a shape and strategy, fired up and working to a common goal. One team – and a loose collection of individuals cobbled together in a shambolic system. I was by turns embarrassed, angry and frightened. But not surprised.

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Time To Step Out Of The Shadow Of Hillsborough Heartache

BORO have a chance to shake off the rusty shackles of history at Hillsborough.
A win would finish the season with a smile (a wry one maybe, but a smile nevertheless) and cast off the weight of a long barren run since New Year without a single win on the road… one point from 10 games so far in 2013 is a terrible, taunting memory we would all be keen to airbrush with the short term half-forgotten thrill of victory.
But if Boro win and a couple of other related results swing the right way – battling Barnsley at already safe Huddersfield and Peterborough at creaky Crystal Palace – it would relegate Wednesday too. A lot of people would see that as poetic justice.

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