Supporters Star At Big Boro Birthday Party


HAPPY birthday Boro…  Red Faction set the mood for the club’s 140th anniversary with a super set piece spectacular display and the team responded with a great display. The first win of the season put a cherry on the top of a good week that yielded four points and lifted Boro back up to a healthy spot on the point a game survival trajectory. Excellent.

Here’s my colour bit in which I hail the Red Faction and award them the man of the match bubbly. Well deserved. They have been brilliant in the past few years.

And here’s my player ratings for the game. I expected flak for giving my top mark to Victor Valdes but it seems to have met with general approval.  There have been a a few quibbles on one of two of the other marks though. What do you think?


What we said before the game….

BORO have to build on the Arsenal euphoria by beating Bournemouth. They have to cash in the feelgood dividend from fans after a morale-boosting display of steely resolve and *almost* potent counter-attacking punch. Much improved Boro were a whisker away from kick-starting the season with a famous victory. It was a game that hinted at promise if they could only tweak the sharp end a fraction. But now it is time to make that count.

A draw will leave Boro chugging along in the slow lane, watching in the rear-mirror for any one of the strugglers putting on a spurt and scouring other results and making complex calculations and points projections for ‘three teams worse than us’. But a win will catapult Boro back up onto the all important point a game survival curve.


It will take us up to the 10 games mark. It is time to win at home. It is time to kick-start the season. The Red Faction are planning a biggest ever  set-piece spectacular display before kick-off. The fans have been brilliant so far but had little to show for their emotional investment at home up to now. Ben Gibson has urged the supporters to create a hostile atmosphere with a huge Riverside Roar. It is time for the team to provide a spark for that explosive noise and colour with the taste of victory at the Riverside.

Usual drill….. predict away. I’m going for a 2-0  Boro win. It won’t be easy mind.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick flick through some recent Bournemouth battles.




265 thoughts on “Supporters Star At Big Boro Birthday Party

  1. I think a simple reason for our improvement of late has been the use of Ramirez and Traore in closer wide support to Negrado, rather than Downing and Stuani. Both Ramirez and Traore have the greater attributes regarding pace, touch, quick feet and are both naturally more forward thinking and comfortable in taking the defender on directly at pace. I hope Aitor utilises this change again when it suits, I’m pretty sure he will.
    I currently have us 3 points behind my curve but predicted nothing from the next three games so expect us to have a good go with nothing to lose.

  2. Shock! Surprise! Disbelief!

    Man City 1-2 Boro

    Given we are approaching the American election, a topical quote:

    George Washington wrote in 1799: “…make them believe, that offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defence”


    He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
    Sun Tzu

    Conclusion – Spirit and counter-attack at speed. Victory is possible!



  3. GHW wrote

    ‘I very much doubt we will have three attackers at The Etihad.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stuani ( if fit) replace Traore and De Roon for Ramirez.’

    I see your point but that would leave us with Stuani, Negredo and Downing. Counting on my fingers that makes three.

    I wouldn’t like that three myself but none of them are defenders or holding midfielders, one in fact is our top scorer.

  4. By the way, where is tripe supper? Maybe our intrepid experts ended up in the clutches of the alleged entertainment room mentioned by Martin.

    Or maybe their comments were edited by people from the other side, part of the legacy of the Prince of Darkness. I did hear rumours that on nights when no one was in the Riverside there was a chilling presence with a remarkable resemblance to he who must not be named.

    **AV writes: It was recorded by third parties from a mixing desk rather than on Dom’s trusty phone. I think it may be coming out as a double LP in gatefold sleeve in time for Christmas.

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