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Zemmama’s the Daddy…..

ZEMMAMA’S the Daddy! Well it’s a headline writers dream and I might as well get it in now and beat the rush. The pocket-sized play-maker – the \Moroccan Juninho – was a game-changer: a sublime slotted pass through to the feet of Scott McDonald teed up the Aussie to blast Boro into the lead then a deft bit of close control to bring down an awkward on the flank and a pin-point cross into the box dropped beyond the defence to let Leroy Lita head home the winner.

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Missionary Messages To An Exiled Messiah

IN A MOVE that could spark a Krakatoan release of molten emotional energy from deep within Teesside’s collective psyche, the Gazette has appealed to Boro fans to scour their memory banks for favourite Juninho moments.
Ace blagmeister Phil Tallentire has managed to snaffle a cracking freebie – sorry, is working on an in-depth investigative feature – that involves flying out to Brazil to spend a weekend swanning around a pool in Sao Paulo with the Little Fella and then taking in a game at his new club Ituano where he is president and Doriva is the boss.
The demanding gig involves reminiscing with the diminutive dreamweaver about his three spells with the Boro, winning the World Cup – and more importantly, the Carling Cup – his goals and glory, his injuries and an undignified exit rift with Steve McClaren, what it was like to share a pitch with Ravanelli, Emerson and the Phils Stamp and Whelan. Nice work if you can get it. Anyway, you can help.

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Boro Babes Need Help At The Back

BORO’S rookie defenders faced the flak after a sickening late slump against Swansea.
The consensus was that Boro had frittered away a commanding lead and three precious points because of naive defending by the youngsters and that the chief villains of the piece were the central defensive pairing of Seb Hines and Jonathan Grounds.
After seeing his team implode the frustrated gaffer pointed to individual errors in defence and stand-in skipper Barry Robson rummaged around in the big bag of football cliches and added that he wasn’t naming names but pointed to ‘schoolboy’ stuff at the back.
But Robson and Co need to shoulder theri share of the blame. The kids needed help from the senior players in the team – and it didn’t come.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

There’s little point dissecting what happened at Crystal Palace: Boro dominated possession, failed to take their chances, struggled to break down a side who shut up shop and then were punished for one fatal lapse at the back.
We’ve heard it all before. It has been the damaging default for the best part of three years. It was the key factor in relegation from the Premier League and remains unaddressed two managers and £20m later.
So let’s throw the spotlight instead on an ever more obvious phenomena under Tony Mowbray – the turn to youth.

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Kris Boyd: McTime To Deliver

KRIS Boyd put any lingering window pain behind him as he deftly swept home his 200th career goal and set Boro on the road to a crucial victory.
The Scottish goal machine did exactly what it said on the tin as he made a perceptive, instinctive and perfectly timed little diagonal burst behind a rigid Scunthorpe defensive line onto a ball that hadn’t even been played yet. Then when Seb Hines got to a loose ball on the right flank and lofted it first time over the top and towards the edge of the box the Scot had stolen five yards on a sluggish Scunthorpe rear guard.
Boyd spotted the visiting keeper had fatally drifted off his line and as the ball bounced kindly for him the striker smoothly chipped it without breaking his stride and it arched perfectly under the bar from 22 yards out. It was a beauty.
We will need to see more of that. A lot more. It is time for Kris Boyd to knuckle down and deliver the goods.

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