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Maths Of The Day: What Do We Need To Go Up?

SOMETHING new to talk about? Get your calculators out…  how many points do Boro need to secure promotion, where/how can we get get them – and what tally will our rivals get? Here’s a bit I did looking at the run-in of Boro and our rivals.

For my money, Hull have the “easiest” run-in but are in the worst form and have a couple of derbies in the mix while Brighton have a tough set of fixtures with Burnley next then a tense finish against Derby and Boro. We have a run of very generous home fixtures which have to be cashed in and also a couple of very testing fixtures – Burnley and Brighton –  which could either scupper the season or decisively wrest the title initiative back.

So some Bank Holiday down time filling for you: calculate, speculate, extrapolate or guesstimate – how many points will we get? Where? And will it be enough?

Last Gasp Win Sparks Emotional Release

THE EMOTIONAL explosion on the whistle was almost orgasmic as a pent up Riverside exploded with passion.

The stoppage time winner – the best kind – sparked a pitch-side party as beaming Aitor Karanka leaped from the dug-out, roared and punched the air.

Gladiator Leo, the club’s lion killer elect, ran over to scoop him up and hug him then turned to beat his chest and point at random people in the crowd just as the rest of the bench arrived to join in the elated huddle.

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Brittle Boro Crack Under The Post-Aitor Pressure

Shapeless. Spineless. Shambolic. Chaotic. Abject. Inept. Brittle. To see a team crack apart so easily under the pressure like that was just shocking.

The disjointed defending in the implosion at Charlton was as bad as anything since the first half of Tony Mowbray’s death-knell first half at Barnsley. The most expensive front four in the Championship, a big ticket attacking unit packed with talent and experience, was flaccid and totally toothless.  And the basic ingredients of a team – organisation, energy, intensity, unity of purpose, attacking intent – were frighteningly absent.

Any sign of spirit drained away visibly in the opening spell, swept away as easily as the beach balls that bombarded down from the Charlton fans in the opening minutes.

To lose in such craven fashion to Charlton was unforgivable. A crisis club enmeshed in a relegation battle and ripped apart by a bitter civil war. That stings.

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Gaston Ram Raid Mauls Toothless Wolves


Gas-powered Boro eased to a timely triumph and back into top spot with a welcome win over woeful Wolves.

Uruguay World Cup schemer Gaston Ramirez put in a mouthwatering master-class in the number 10 role as normal service was resumed at the Riverside.

It was a good performance and a great result but what left me gushing was the individual display of a player that made Aitor Karanka’s team tick. 

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Boro Campaign Dented On Super Tuesday

SUPER Tuesday: a potentially decisive day in the campaign.

It was a chance for Boro to swing the stats decisively their way, to build up the “big Mo” and pile the pressure on the other candidates at a pivotal point that could have a massive impact on the campaign.

Boro were cashing in one of their two potentially decisive games in hand and it was a golden opportunity to seize the summit and turn the screw, a chance to grab the title race ruthlessly by the jugular.

The second the match at Blackburn kicked off they went back to the top of the Championship table. Even if they could just hold that they still had another ace up their sleeve to turn the screw on their promotion peers.

Typical Boro!

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