anthony vickers
The People\'s Republic of Teesside

Bio: Multi-media tub-thumping tabloid rabble-rouser. Opinionated columnist and Boro writer for the Evening Gazette. Etc.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. First time on. Most assured performance I have seen in years. This club has been so well organised since TM went and the chairman decided to think outside the box. Great summer, great first half of the season.

    **AV writes: welcome aboard – but you are probably better off commenting on the end of the blog post where the other readers will see it.

  2. AV, I have managed to cock-up my avatar and I but particularly the boss can’t get the jack Russell back. I think because after we cleaned the cookies off the Mac I re-signed as John Richardson rather than Jarsue159. How do I get it back! Help!



    **AV writes: I think you need to go to gravatar.com and take it from there.

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