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Pressure On As Blunt Boro Axed By Tricky Trees

THE PRESSURE is on now after blunt Boro were axed off the top by the Tricky Trees.

The pressure is on the team to step up a gear now and push on ruthlessly from a brilliant position and deliver the promotion dream.

The pressure is on Aitor Karanka to make sure the squad recover from a morale-denting two weeks and a string of sluggish shows to regain their intensity and momentum.

The pressure is on the chairman to navigate the treacherous waters of the January window and give the manager the right tools to finish the job.

And the pressure is on the supporters too, to stay united behind the team, to stay vocal and passionate and to drive them on to victory.

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Robins Red Zone Rocket Wrecks Record Run

WELL that was a kick in the tightly clenched gnashers.

Shards of enamel were flying all over as Boro’s clinical clean sheet machine suffered a knock-out blow at Bristol.

It was a stoppage time stomach churning sickener that suddenly felt like it had doubled the distance home and deepened the mid-winter gloom.

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Brentford: “Can We Play You Every Week?”


The Boro taunt was a dagger to the heart of broken Brentford fans as they trudged dejectedly out of Griffin Park. Again.  They had hoped to see their heroes beat Boro in the league for the first time since the war but instead drifted away nursing a grudge while jubilant visitors squealed with delighted and punched the air with joy and relief. Again.

I’ve got no grudge against Brentford. There is no historic score to be settled there. They’ve never stole a player from us or inflicted any serious defeat. We’d remember that.  The people at the club are friendly enough and the fans largely harmless. So, *meh *

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Claret And Bruised: Boro Hit by ‘Goal’ Shocker

WELL that was a bolt from the claret and blue.

The first Burnley goal in the 2-1 defeat took me totally by surprise and caused a very rare and half-forgotten pain to stir deep in the psyche. What was this strange stinging sensation? Conceding a goal?  What? I don’t understand.

And it wasn’t just me. The net rippled to the sounds of collective jaws hitting laps and a small intake of breath and most of the confused faces around me were left fixed in a empty state of incomprehension.

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Emotions Overflow In Boro’s Demolition Derby

NERVOUS. Tense.  Gripped by a heart-pumping, pulse racing, stomach churning sense of anticipation. Worried. Apprehensive. Excited. Very excited.  Fearful.  On edge. Agitated. Fretful. Disturbed.  Jumpy. Overwrought.  Keyed up. Worked up. Wound up.  Pumped up. Hyped up. Going up? Worried sick. Stressed.  Blessed. Frightened. Heightened. Jittery. Taut.  Fraught. Optimistic. Pessimistic. Fatalistic. Up. Down. In. Out. Shake it all about.

That was the internal emotional turmoil going into a tense top two tussle with Derby  that even though it was a fixture exactly at the half-way point had a final furlong feel of a pivotal point in a promotion push.

Boro came out on top with a clinical 2-0 win that seized control of the Championship. They tangled the Rams in a tactical strait-jacket, slowly and methodically wore them down and dismantled them with two clinical goals. And set a whole raft of defensive records. Even Paul Clement held his hands up.

Never in doubt… but it never felt easy.  It was  a tense day that had us all pumped up.

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