Yellow Fever: Fashion Fury Is Annual Event

THE DATE should be marked on the official club crested calendar: July 1 …” transfer window opens”….  July 2…  “new away kit launched to fans’ outrage.”

Almost every year some aberration straight from page 47 of the manufacturers catalogue is unveiled – usually after a cack-handed leak the night before – and the fashionistas and purists get the pitchforks out.

This year it is yellow. But not subtle on point hipster yellow, no this is a bright retina burning neon,  a plastic Minnion flavoured searing shade demanding sun-glasses.  And that has naturally provoked the annual backlash.

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Silence Shrouds A Busy Buzz Of Ambition At Boro

FRUSTRATING though it is fretting through the surface silence of fooball’s tumbleweed weeks, it would be a mistake to thing nothing is happening at Boro.

Fans grow anxious in the absence of public activity and persuade themselves that every other club is having a summer splurge snapping up a quality squad while sluggish Boro laze about on sun-loungers.

I’ve heard some people propose work starts on engraving Derby’s name onto the trophy now. Of course, those premature pundits said exactly the same in January. “Nailed on”.

But don’t panic at the silence. rest assured, the Hurworth hierarchy are hard at work.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine… (Reprise)

SUMMER… full of repeats. We even got the same League Cup draw.  Anyway, in that spirit here’s one I did earlier on the twitter tittle tattle and electronic pub-talk that is the annoying white noise that deafen and distracts us through the close season.

It’s from almost exactly two year’s ago when the rumour mill – a cocktail of fiction, wishful thinking and guesswork  that rushes in to fill the news vacuum – was in full swing.

Only the names have changed, the rest remains valid I think. And it will give you all something new to talk about.  I am genuinely interested in readers views on this corrosive trend inside the football bubble that reflects badly on society as a whole.

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Beermat Budgeting For Boro’s Summer Spree

BORO fans have drawn up their summer transfer target wish list…

Blackburn Rovers prolific one-in-two £10m rated hitman Jordan Rhodes.
And, what the hell, why not his £7m rated strike partner Rudy Gestede as well? Either/or. They’ll do.  And maybe Sako from Wolves – on a free but said to be asking his suitors for £50k a week. He’s good. Or Vydra from Watford.

And obviously, Jelle Vossen back on a real deal. Plus Pritchard. Bamford and Ake on loan. Reuben Loftus-Cheek?  Maybe a keeper? And a centre-back? Let’s have a quick scan down the Premier League released list, there’s bound to be a few bargains in there…

Blimey did Boro win at Wembley? Where’s all the money coming from?

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Signs Of Optimism Amid The Wembley Debris

WELL, we all arrived home knackered, emotionally drained, hungover and gutted by the result – but the better team won on the day so there can be no complaints.

They did to us what we did to them. Twice. They were sprint starters and subdued Boro were sluggish and were punished for it then never had the nous, energy or penetration to claw it back.  Norwich played well when it mattered  and good luck to them next year.


We were numb and dismayed on the whistle and had the heart-ache of trudging away empty-handed from Wembley for a fifth time – but once we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and regain some sense of sober perspective it is clear there are still plenty of positives to take from the campaign as a whole.  And as we sift through the debris of Wembley there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic for the future.

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Wembley: Boro Stand On The Cusp Of History

WEMBLEY: an iconic venue that has been central to the dreams of generations of Boro supporters. School yard yearning were left unfulfilled by near-misses, freezes and failures through a barren century.  Then, when the finals suddenly came thick and fast,  we have been left powerless and impotent as those dreams turned into nightmares.

Tony Dorigo’s free-kick killer that spoiled our debut in 1990 (although you never forget your first time). Emile Heskey’s stoppage time sickener after stroppy striker Ravanelli had briefly ignited emotions with our only goal at the Twin Towers;  A cruel 43 second Roberto Di Matteo stunner that killed off our first ever FA Cup appearance before it had even begun and hammered in the final nail of a traumatic season. And Chelsea again just 12 months later in the League Cup.

The mystique of Wembley had so long taunted us and been so painfully unobtainable – then we finally got there it turned out to be a haunted hell-hole that laughed as it crushed our souls.  Now Boro have a chance for historic redemption. Believe…

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Wembley: More Cardiff, Less Eindhoven Please

“SHUT your gob Vickers. I’ll have a beer if I want to,” was just one of the responses to my column in the Gazette today calling for fans to be ready to play their role and create an awesome roar in our potentially epoch-shaping showdown at Wembley.

I had committed the heresy of suggesting that at Eindhoven a lot of Boro fans drunk themselves into oblivion and were in no fit state to “sing your heart for the lads.”  On that day Boro were out-flanked and out-sung by the passionate and spectacular Sevilla crowd. They took control of the high-ground and were building a wall of noise while thousands of thirsty Teessiders were still necking ale in the Boro square.


                            Red Square: Things getting lively in the Boro Fan Zone 

Walking up to the ground two hours before kick-off there were bedraggled Teessiders crashed out on grass verges looking like the tattered retreating remnants of a defeated medieval army. Meanwhile a sea of Sevilla fans were greeting their team coach like conquering heroes. mobbing it and chanting and pointing at the window. They were buzzing. It felt like they had come determined to seize their destiny.  It felt like they had a massive psychological advantage long before kick off.

We can’t let that happen again at Wembley. We need to be more focused, more determined, more united and noisier. We need the Red Army to be more like they were at Cardiff- and against Brentford –  than they were at Eindhoven.

Of course, have a beer. Or two. Three even. Enjoy the occasion.  Be in good spirits – but don’t get smashed and miss the intensity of the moment.  Play your part. Boro supporters this season have been brilliant and the players and manager have queued up to say how much they have aided the team at important moments in close fought crucial matches.

Wembley needs to be the best display of the season from the Red Army.

What do you think? Fair comment? Or am I a ‘killjoy doyle’?

Believe: Boro United In Wembley Dream

WEMBLEY-bound Boro’s semi-sonic boom blasted second best Brentford to bits as Aitor Karanka’s historic March To The Arch continued.

Red hot iron, white hot steel: the atmosphere was molten and magnificent and  Teesside was totally united in pursuit of the promotion prize.  A club united like that is hard to beat. Everyone was on their game.  Every single person in the ground from battle-scarred diehard to wide-eyed youngsters  was energised and totally engaged in an emotionally intoxicating evening, a memorable “I was there” moment , the best night since Steaua.

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Boro’s Iconic White Band Is Marketing Open Goal

BORO’S new shirt is red. With a Liverpool/Forest/Aberdeen  retro eighties echo pinstripe and polka dot lace effect collar and trim … but let’s put the fashionista design considerations to one side for a moment.

I don’t mind it. Even if you instinctively think there is something missing, that it feels alien and there should be an eye-catching white flourish somewhere, we’ll soon get used to it, most diehard supporters will by it irrespective of design, manufacturer or price. And some clearly love it already and queued to buy it so they could be the first on their block. And what ever your opinion and it’ll look much better with Premier League badges on.

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