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Gael Force: Boro Batter Bairns In Tongue Twisting Culture Shocker

COLLECTORS’ item: watching Boro live on the box with commentary in Scots Gaelic.
Ball-coise beò le geama càirdeal eadar an Eaglais Bhreac agus sgioba bho Fharpais an Lìog Shassain Middlesbrough! I think.

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Boro Can Save The Soul Of Football

FOOTBALL is back! Football is back! Whoa-oh. Whoa-oh! Football is back. Whoa-oh.
Brazil are in town on Friday for the Olympic warm-up with Jason Steele’s Team GB and then Boro travel abroad – well, Scotland – for their first friendly on Sunday. Great.
Boro are away at mighty Falkirk in a cross-border silverware showdown for the prestigious Ramsden’s Cup. And it’s live on TV. That’s real football: the action, the drama, the skills, the magic, that stuff with the ball and plenty the goals – hopefully. Thank God for that, because we sure as hell need a break from the other, darker side of the game.

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The Red Army’s Green Brigade

THE GREEN Howards brand is to disappear in a single enlarged Yorkshire military entity as part of a massive retrenchment of the army. Of course, your first thought may be, like mine, about the clear and obvious threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of a now defenceless People’s Republic of Teesside in the face of an aggressive military massing on our border by the armed wing of a brooding White Rose nationalism. Or maybe not.
Discussions about the rebranding and resizing of the army are probably best left for another time and place, but it is worth pointing out there is a long and rich historical connection between the Catterick-based regiment and Boro. Over the years – especially in times of war and in the years of national service – the Green Howards has been the default cap badge of a long list of Ayresome heroes who got some in. Wilf Mannion, Harold Shepherdson and Alan Peacock are among those who wore both shirts.
While the debate over the regiment’s demise rages on, here’s my contribution. I’ve dug through the vintage video vaults to find some classic footage of Boro-related retro Green Howard action.

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