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Boro Role Reversal Wins Battle Of The Bosses

BORO are back on the two-points-per- game golden trajectory and back in second spot after winning a tough game 2-0  in atrocious conditions at Huddersfield.  

They worked hard against a fired up team looking to impress a new boss, were resolute and organised at the back, industrious in midfield and kept yet another clean sheet – and then when the chances came the took them.  Both of them. Deadly.  “We’ve only had two shots” deliciously sarcastic Boro fans taunted the frustrated home fans. 

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Boro Ugly Win Is Small Screen Switch-Off

IT WAS a dramatic finale as Grant Leadbitter slammed home from the spot in the 94th minute.  Talk about leaving it late.  It came at the tail end of a televised tedium that would be branded a ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ under the UN charter of human rights.

It certainly woke people up. after they had been dulled into submission and left soporific and frustrated by a ‘win ugly’ 1-0 over QPR  that was not a great or memorable experience.   Relieved Boro will bank the points and move on and we will never speak of this again.

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Humberslide: Boro Slip Up In First Big Test

OBVIOUSLY there will be gnashing and wailing and demands for recriminations and a fundamental, far-reaching tactical review because that is the default after a defeat through football now. Something must be done.

People are simmering and smarting and bruised. after the 3-0 defeat at Hull.  The team trudged dejectedly out of the tunnel onto the coach looking morose. The boss was  crest-fallen in the aftermath while among supporters there were sighs of resignation,  demands to know what had gone wrong and  fearful predictions that a repeat of last season was nailed on. Clearly Manchester United had just papered over the cracks.

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Rotherham Bum Note Keeps Boro On Track

THE MILLERS Grind wouldn’t make any Boro’s Greatest Hits album.  It probably wouldn’t even make an Berlin drugs phase B- side.  It was a flabby filler on the difficult third album. No one would ever claim it as their favourite and all but the most ardent fan will forget it immediately  and, to be honest,  on CD most people  would just skip it.  But it is there, part of critically acclaimed wider body of work that has some far more memorable stuff on it so you tolerate it and accept it for what it is: a bum note in a classic collection.

Sometimes you have to work through those numbers as part of the build-up to get to the big anthemic crowd pleasing finale.  The 1-0 win over Rotherham was like  that.  A downbeat, going through the motions set-padding kind of fixture where Ringo or Sid or the Edge was allowed to do the vocals.

And after the triumphant headlining glory of Old Trafford it was all a bit of a comedown but so long as Boro are topping the charts come May, no-one will worry too much about the last couple of solid but unspectacular shows.

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