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No 10: Downing. Sweet

THE RETURN of Boro’s parmo-powered prodigal play-maker can galvanise the Riverside.

If Stewart Downing can hit the sizzling form he showed at West Ham last term, he can help fire his home town club back to the Premier League. He can be a game-changer. A hero.

This is a pivotal moment that feeds into the narrative of past glories, of the big name signing sweeping into town to energise the team and the town and to create some emotional momentum. It could be a ‘Merson moment.”

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Boro Scouting And The Appliance Of Science

UPDATED: Now with added “Part 2”
FINDING football talent has changed radically in recent years with the appliance of science.
Number-crunching, video analysis and vast searchable data bases are every bit as important as the wily old scout with a notebook in the stand.
But the basic aim of the job remains the same says Gary Gill, Boro’s Head of Recruitment.
“We just try to give the manager the tools to do his job,” said  Gill. “We work hard to make sure he can put the best possible team on the pitch and help find players who can get Boro back into the Premier League.”
Most Boro fans will have a wish list of targets but it is not as simple as it sounds getting them in. “Its not easy to sign a good footballer,” said the former Boro midfielder.

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Exciting Summer Revamp Beckons For Buzzing Boro

PLANET Boro is buzzing with excited talk of star signings and a delicious tingle of expectation.

Boro are haggling and trying to arrange an ambitious – and very expensive – Riverside return for parmo-powered play-maker Stewart Downing. And they are also keen on luring last season’s Championship 27-goal Golden Boot winner Daryl Murphy from Ipswich.

Neither is a shoo-in but those two targets show that Boro have raised the bar significantly when it comes to the perceived cost and quality of recruitment this summer.

That has sent the grapevine into overdrive with fantasy wish-lists (David Villa and Rickie Lambert rippled through the rumoursphere last week) and Boro fans are distorting the highly erratic betting markets with a flurry of ‘daft quids’ on the club to sign a series of players.  It feels like Boro are gearing up to really give it another crack this season.

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Yellow Fever: Fashion Fury Is Annual Event

THE DATE should be marked on the official club crested calendar: July 1 …” transfer window opens”….  July 2…  “new away kit launched to fans’ outrage.”

Almost every year some aberration straight from page 47 of the manufacturers catalogue is unveiled – usually after a cack-handed leak the night before – and the fashionistas and purists get the pitchforks out.

This year it is yellow. But not subtle on point hipster yellow, no this is a bright retina burning neon,  a plastic Minnion flavoured searing shade demanding sun-glasses.  And that has naturally provoked the annual backlash.

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