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Notes From The Sunlounger

RIGHT, what with taking part in the Gazette’s Great Leap Forward to digital first (more of which later), training, drunken awards beanos in the big city and family stuff, its all been very quiet on here the last week.
And next week I am out of the office and lazing around in the garden (weather permitting) so it will be pretty downbeat then too. Why not, if the entire football goes on holiday for a fortnight then that’s me. I’m part of that world. Ish. On the fringes.

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Reasons To Be Cheerful As A “Season Of Transition” Ends On A High

THE PHRASE I hear most often at this time of year is: “Well, that’ll be you finished now until August isn’t it?” Er, no. Same number of pages, Planet Boro continues to spin, the same insatiable appetite for news – but no matches. This is our busy time.
Anyway, I haven’t forgotten you but I have had a few days off. To keep you turning over until the movement starts, here’s my broad assessment of yet another transitional season.
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Boro BustIng Some Shapes Up Front

EYE-CATCHING movement, some intricate footwork and plenty of energy.
No, not Albert Adomah busting some impromptu moves with the Yeovilettes, although our foxy flanker’s twerking on the whistle was certainly entertaining.
His spontaneous, smiling gate-crashing of the home side’s end of term awards earned rave reviews in Somerset cyderspace. But then, everything about Boro did. The Yeovil fans and club staff were gracious and friendly and full of praise for the Boro taking 1,300 fans on a 700-mile, 10-hour round trip for an early kick-off in a dead rubber and for the atmosphere the Parmo Army generated in their last Championship game.
And even though they had just been spanked 4-1, they didn’t take offence at Albert stealing the show as the video went viral.

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Sun-kissed Final Flourish At Yeovil

IN TYPICAL Boro fashion a lot of the talk on the way back will be about which of Danny Graham’s two open goal missed sitters will scoop the Golden Banjo award for the worst of the season. And fair enough, both were comical barndoor/blunderbuss masterclasses.
But that would be cruel and pointless. We won 4-1. In the sun. And he actually had a great game. He worked hard, he punched holes in their defence, he linked up superbly with Lee Tomlin and he scored one and helped tee up two more. It was a good day at work for him.
In fact, after a shaky start and some dropped clangers at the back, Boro played well. Yes, it “was only Yeovil” … but aren’t the shoo-ins against already relegated side the ones where Boro usually shoot themselves in the foot? It was a good display with the burgeoning link-up between Graham and Tomlin a pleasure to watch. If they are together next year – out of our control – it could be a very productive pairing.
Still, seven goals in two games against the strugglers, six wins out of eight, a lot of teams above us beaten in teh last two months. Plenty of positive signs for next year.
Anyway, its a long way home. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll publish as soon as.