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Deadline Day Live: Unplugged

DON’T expect any dry ice, floating pigs or Arena spectacular interactive day-glo wristbands in football’s big gig today. Boro are going for a low-key mellow acoustic set to a smaller audience in a more intimate venue. Transfer deadline day; unplugged.
As I suggested yesterday, I’m not expecting Mogga to go any cash crazed beat the bongs late night trolley dash. But you never know, Gibbo may find a wad of notes down the back of his sofa and sanction a splurge.
But we can still have fun. Don’t let Teesside down. I’m looking for you lot to help out with any spottings of Pique in Pallister Park, Becchio in Berwick Hills or Jon Parkin buying a parmo. If you spot Ryan Giggs or Peter Crouch going into Rockliffe let me know (we’ve got the Tontine covered by webcam). If anyone knows anyone who used to work with the women who lives next door to Gibbo’s best mate and who has the inside track on a loan move for Stewie Downing or Tom Huddlestone, shout up because today is the day when no rumour, no matter how preposterous goes unpublished.
I’ll be updating here regularly so hit that refresh button and rack up the page clicks as often as you can. Feel free to comment, muse on days past, laugh at Sunderland fans unfolding double think over Mackem-hating Danny Graham, and suggest songs. There is also a Trinity Mirror regional live blog running if you want to check on the activity from around the country or make sarcastic comments about Newcastle and Sunderland activity.
Plus follow me on twitter @untypicalboro. It’s anarchy on there.

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Boro Set For Window Pain

WITH a six pack chilling and the laptop fired up I’ll be glued to Sky Sports News for the live transfer window spectacular on Thursday.
I’ll swig the beer to dull the window pain – but I don’t think I’ll be needing the laptop.
Feel free to join me here in the usual nose-pressed-up-against-the-window non-stop sarcastic singalong and annual Schadenfreude session.

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Frustrating And Flawed But Job Done

WELL, Boro made hard work of that and left it very late… but at least they clawed their way through. We don’t have to go to deepest Hampshire for a replay. And we are in the hat for the last 16. And that’s all that counts. Job done.
There is no automatic right of passage for the higher placed team. Ask Norwich and QPR. Ask Aston Villa. Twice. And ask Sunderland and Newcastle. These games are always a grind. Expectations are high and rarely met. You just have to get through.

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Boro’s Tactical Gridlock At Leicester

SO ANOTHER ‘tactically interesting’ game where we have the edge for long spells but can’t finish – not even from the spot – and end up empty handed.
The balance of play was different but the outcome was similar to the televised Friday night game at Birmingham when Boro were getting plenty of post-match plaudits for playing with panache but went away frustrated. Bloody repeats.

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Watford Sting Rips Up Mogga Script

BORO were stung by a well drilled Hornets side staging a shrewdly scripted counter-attacking display.
Watford soaked up the first half pressure and pounced on a defensive blunder to plunder the lead then, as increasingly frantic Boro chased the game, the visitors broke out sharply and clinically to sealing it.
Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.
And for the first 45 minutes there was no real sign that it would. In the first half it looked like it was Tony Mowbray’s carefully prepared plot that was unfolding rather than Zola’s.

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1068 And All That: The End of History

HAVE killjoy Boro no respect for history? No respect for the c milestones that mark out the long unfolding drama of this great nation? Have they no feel for the story?
The heartless team ripped up the David and Goliath script and destroy the dreams of an invasion fleet of neutrals – and the majority of the press box – by beating the plucky pyramid part-timers in clinical style.
They also missed a headline open goal when it came to spinning the number of fans.

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