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Big Game Sofa Squad Falls Short

BY POPULAR demand – no, really! – and to cosy up to the seething twitter-mob (a bandwidthwagon?) waving cyber-pitchforks at Mark Lawrenson and Co – here’s a remix of this week’s Big Picture column from the steam driven paper version of the Gazette.

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Mustoe: Boro’s Robbie Reliant

AS PART of an occasional series over the summer I’ll be bigging up Boro’s legion of overlooked legends and unsung heroes as previously outlined and ‘crowd-sourced’ with the help of blog readers here last month. It starts with a look at Robbie Mustoe
The series isn’t routinely going on the paper’s website but following a populist clamour to read part one of this exciting series I’ve decided to stick it on here for readers based outside of Gazetteshire. So, read on…

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Boro’s Dates With Destiny Revealed

SWEAR down, when I predicted Barnsley away for Boro’s opener I did not have any inside knowledge. The secrecy of the fixtures is hermetically sealed, as closely guarded as the nuclear trigger and everyone in the loop is required to sign a grave covenant of utmost confidentiality in new born baby’s blood. I didn’t know. I couldn’t know.
But hey, it is the power of football’s inevitability drive: Our old ‘friend’ Mido signs for Barnsley… that made the opening day date nailed on. And Boro WILL visit Oakwell on August 18th for the big kick off. It was a given. Here’s what I calculated yesterday…
“We usually get a Yorkshire team for the opener and four of the last five have been at home. We are due a short haul away day… Oakwell it is then. Barnsley away for the opener with heavyweight hitman Mido nailed on for a brace. The flat-cappers will then rave about his quality and predict he will fire them to promotion while Boro’s habitual phone-in moaners will gnash and wail about how we let him slip away when we could have had him on a free but they will be his only goals of the season and he will be up on the ramps by September and back at Zamalek via lowloader come January.”
As for the rest, it is time to impose your own world view on what is essentially a random list of dates, time to reflect your own hopes and fears onto the unknown. Go on, pick a path through this little lot and plot a route to glory… or despair.

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Former Chairman Colin Henderson: Respect. And Thanks.

THE DEATH of Colin Henderson is sad news for Boro fans indeed. Although he has not had the lasting influence and profile of Steve Gibson nor the cultural impact of Keith Lamb, and although few younger fans could put the name to the face, if indeed they even knew the name, his significance in saving Boro back in 1986 can not be under-estimated.

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England Expects… But Can’t Deliver

IVE BEEN urged to “write something about England and the Euros.” The assumption is that it would be a supportive tub-thumping flag-waving pre-tournament ra-ra as I fall in line and don the myopic St George gegs of expectation. It won’t be. I don’t really “do England.” When it comes to club v country there is only one winner for me. In fact, it’s no contest.
My list of priorities in international tournaments goes something like this:

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Back With Some Bits And Pieces

RIGHT I’m back recharged and tanned after two lazy lappyless weeks out of the loop – Tenerife, yeah, fantastic thanks – and I’m fired up and ready to resume multi-media tub-thumpery. So, what have I missed?
I’ll be working my way through two weeks worth of Gazettes over the next few days but all that wading through inky paperware is so old school. Far easier to “crowd-source” and ask you to filter the news for me, adding colour and comment as you go.
Here’s some things to chew over while I get back up to full match fitness.

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