Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fire Warning For Armchair Angry Brigade

A CORONER ruled last week that spontaneous human combustion IS possible.
After eliminating foul play and with no forensic trace of any alternative source of ignition the phenomena was accepted as the only possible cause of a mystery immolation.
Given the explosive hypertensive angst that has swept Teesside after an obviously unacceptable goalless draw against Ipswich, that legal precedent could come in useful to explain the fiery carnage that will surely follow a defeat.

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Mogga’s Misers And A Rare Double Blank

A GOALLESS draw… is that allowed? It’s the first one under Mogga in 19 games since the double-blonk at Portsmouth away in early April. It is also the first time since that game that Boro have failed to score.
And it is 37 games since a goalless draw at home. There hasn’t been one under Mogga. There wasn’t one at all last season,. The last 0-0 at the Riverside was against Bristol City back in January 2010 in the tentative early days of Gordon Strachan. Of course after that it became remarkably easy for the visitors to score. Under Mogga that fragility isn’t a problem. Usually we score, they don’t. That is the third clean sheet in a row in the league.

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