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Deadline Day – LIVE!

DEADLINE DAY: multi-media rumour-mongering, Twitter tittle-tattle and viral hysteria plus hours of hypnotic hopeful obsessive gazing at the yellow rolling banner of destiny. A nation yawns.
I’ll update throughout the day. I’m here until the Big Ben Bongs. You know the routine. F5. Refresh Vickers’ useless blog. Check club website. F5. Refresh FMTTM in case someone there knows someone who knows Mogga’s brother’s neighbour’s Mam. F5. F5. Fidget through office hours then get home and assume the position in thrall to an exciteable android scoopbot Jim White with beer in hand and five windows open on the laptop as the clock ticks down. FOR GOD’S SAKE MOWBRAY SIGN SOMEONE. Sign a Montenegran keeper. Sign a Bulgarian winger. Sign Lee Miller…. he’s a goal machine!
****TECHNICAL NOTE*** a bug in the system has meant you can’t see the whole of the blog if you click on the “continue reading” button. Try the “comments” button instead then scroll up. That should do it. There’s a knack to, like the choke on my old Fiesta.

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Battling Boro Show Steel In Derby Draw

FANTASTIC entertainment. Not the most polished performance granted, but a great full-blooded scrap and the epitome of an old-fashioned FA Cup clash played in an electric hostile atmosphere with no quarter given. Tackles, blood and snot flying around – and teeth – and plenty to write into the annals of derby folklore – not least the presence of David Wheater in the midst of 3,000 Teessiders stood chanting for the full 90. I can’t wait for the replay.

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Stand Up To Big Match Passion Killers

APOLOGIES in advance but some of this is going to sound a bit like a Richard Littlejohn “safety Nazi” soap-box rant. The phrases ‘remote killjoys’, ‘faceless unelected suits,’ ‘joyless cabal of autocrats drunk on power riding roughshod over the people’ and ‘you couldn’t make it up’ may or may not feature. We’ll see.
Boro fans have been left fuming over the harsh and opaque decision to hand the club just 3,000 tickets for the mouthwatering FA Cup derby clash at the Stadium of Light. And you can see why. The arbitrary decision flies in the face of the competition rules, the long and proud traditions of “the magic of the cup” and of common sense.

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Mackem Weep: Cup Clash Sparks Season

PLANET BORO is buzzing after a fantastic FA Cup draw that can light the blue touch paper on a slow burner of a season.
The fourth round trip to Sunderland has already caught the imagination and fired up the spirits of supporters in the wake of the dream draw.
The mouthwatering trip into hostile territory offers a golden opportunity to galvanise the Teesside public and for the Mogganaut to gain vital momentum on the road to promotion with an inspirational display and a famous victory.

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Spirited Shrews Buried In Scrappy Show

JITTERY defending. Self-inflicted moments of chaos at the back. Being given the run around by the motivated minnows really giving it a crack. Over-elaboration and wayward passing from a disjointed midfield who barely know each other. Poor finshing. Nail-biting nervous red zone rocking. Stoppage time save from a substitute shot-stopper. Ah yes, the magic of the cup.

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