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Boro Ticking All The Right Boxes On Elite Academy Plan

IT HAS been a tense few days at Hurworth as men with clipboards have examined every aspect of the club’s innards as part of the tough grading in Boro’s bid for Category One status under the new national Academy set-up.
The box-ticking exercise could be the most significant action of the summer as far as Boro’s long term footballing strategy is concerned.

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Get Hammered! Parochial Perspectives And Play-off Politics

WITH the play-offs looming I’ll jettison journalistic objectivity and pin my colours to the mast… I want West Ham to get battered at Wembley. I want the bloated Bubble Blowers to be humiliated, to stagger through a summer of crisis, axe arch pragmatist Fat Sam in an ugly mud-slinging spat, try and fail to clear out the media darling’s big earners in a chaotic fire sale, implode and get dragged down another level into a fractured Leeds-style perma-crisis dogged by terrace in-fighting, a backlash against the board and political paralysis over the Olympic Stadium. I know, I know. Get off the fence, Vickers.

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You Pick Boro’s Unsung Heroes

RIGHT, Boro bloggerati, I’m looking for you as Teesside’s most erudite and best informed focus group to do my job for me, or crowd-sourcing as we call it in new journalism.
I’m looking to turn the spotlight on Boro’s Unsung Heroes with a series of profiles over the summer and given your collective knowledge spanning generations of fandom I want you to help me whittle down a long list into a final squad.
You will need to be able to weigh up the contributions of those long over-shadowed by the star strikers and big signings to put in a solid shift of week in, week out unfussy reliability; to compare the abilities of rivals across the eras; and to be ruthless enough to strike out the claims of the stalwarts who don’t quite make it. And it’ll give you something to focus on while you are going through Boro cold turkey too.
Are you up for the challenge?

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