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England Expects… But Can’t Deliver (Again)

OH LOOK, a box full of the dusty broken debris of England’s World Cup dream….

While unpacking at the new blog I’ve been having a quick flick through some of the old platform’s “most popular” posts.  I’ll stick a few up over the next couple of weeks as “another chance to see” (summer is always the time  the media run repeats).

Anyway,  here’s one I did earlier on England being the Geordies of world football and the last anguished post-mortem on a fruitless World Cup, back in 2010 in South Africa.

Obviously the names of the scapegoats have changed. Do has much else?

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Riverside Cogs Starting To Turn As Pre-season Looms

IT LOOKS like things are starting to move at Rockliffe.  While jittery fans fretted about a lack of activity during the surface stillness of football’s tumbleweed weeks, behind the scenes Boro’s business nerve-centre has been a ducks feet flurry, buzzing with Skype conference calls,  on-line agent haggling and furtive meetings in the Spanish sunshine.

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Flashback To The Foaming Fountains of Villarreal

BY the foaming fountains of Castellon!

The news that Boro are set to host Villarreal in a pre-season friendly will have prompted some wistful nostalgic musing of Fairy Liquid bubble parties in the town square, San Miguel by the gallon and being bullied by El Robocop.

We’ve been torpedoed by the Yellow Submarine before in November 2004 when an ambitious Boro bolstered by unlimited possibilities were at an historic high-water mark as Steve McClaren’s team of expensively assembled Galacticos swaggered through a debut UEFA Cup campaign powered by the still golden glow of their Cardiff glory. Ahhhhhh. Memories.

Boro fans at Villarreal
Travelling Teessiders were left foaming at brutal policing

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Strip Tease Ends As Club Reveal All

AFTER weeks of strip tease and blurred websites hints Boro have finally revealed all… the new Peru-style shirts are out. Hurray! It’s officially summer. Now let the eager queues form outside the club shop, let the kids compete to be the first on the block to wear one while playing on FIFA and let the Teesside kit-porn cognescenti start to deconstruct their DNA.

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Normal Service Is Resumed

RIGHT, I’m back after a couple of weeks catching rays, being pushed into the pool and recharging the batteries while operating under a strict lap-top ban (there was occasional surreptitious use of the phone though). So what have I missed?
Nothing has happened transfer-wise but then we didn’t expect anything immediate as football is on holiday and in World Cup lock-down mode. But what about the cultural nuances, memes and in-jokes from our obsessive 24/7 rolling ticker-tape of Boronalia? Oh no! I’m out of the loop.
Some back to school musing…

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