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The Fogs Of War: Boro Show Bottle And Battle

UNLEASH the fogs of war…

As the mists that shrouded the Riverside Stadium cleared and the debris of a furious battle was cleared away, a drained Boro side could smile and proudly survey the scene of a famous victory.

Passionate Boro showed the bottle and battle, the hunger and the ruthless desire needed to win things. By hook or by crook. By sheer force of will. By somehow getting over the line by sweat-soaked industry and fierce mental strength no matter how bruised and drained the bodies and no matter how long it takes.

They may have left it late to write off Reading in the tightest of 2-1 wins but it was worth the wait. It could prove a watershed. It could turn out to be the moment Boro seize control of the Championship promotion race.

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Boro Left In Layby By Revved Up Royals

THE LADS from the Beeb arrived just in the nick off time and rushed into their press box places flustered and unprepared just as the early opener of Boro’s 2-0 defeat flashed in.

They had been caught in a three hour nightmare traffic snarl up on the M4 and just made kick-off so can be excused their sluggish start. They had to set-up, plug in and use the old fashioned starting handle to crank up Ali Brownlee.

But Boro can have no excuses for failing to be all revved up and raring to go straight from the whistle.  In what was a tough test against in-form promotion rivals Reading they stalled at the lights then coughed and spluttered with disastrous consequences

1george              Driven crazy: George Friend indicates his frustration at Reading’s opener

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Reading: Writing And Arithmetic

ONCE again Boro go into “their first real test”  of the season.

Put aside the early away trip to the joint pre-season title favourites Derby. Put aside the trips into trepidation at  first Sheffield Wednesday (having lost six of the last seven) and Nottingham Forest (one win in 42 years). Plus the ‘semi-derby’ home game with Leeds (we kicked off having an awful record against them at the Riverside).  And brush over the consensus that this is a cut-throat division packed with street-fighters from “Hideous Towns” where everyone can beat anyone and yes, it is our “first big test  of the season”.

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Quantum Physics And The Duality of Draws

A GOOD point gained at Reading? Or two poor ones squandered? Or both.

We know from pop-star-turned Professor Brian Cox and his trendy TV brain-busting science shows that in quantum physics matter can exist in two distinct opposite forms – wave and particle – simultaneously. Maybe in football, when placed under the extremes of pressure and heat at either end of the periodic league table, there is a similar phenomena with points from draws taking on a contradictory dual existence.

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