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Aitor Karanka: A Century Of Steady Progress

KARANKA: the first 100 games.

It is the vogue in political reporting to assess strength of a new President or Prime Minster by the impact of their opening 100 days in office.

That is when the framework of any new policies can be seen, the road map to the future is laid out and the clear philosophy of the new administration starts to emerge. The energy and zeal of the first 100 days is also when the trappings and personnel of the previous regime are removed and key appointments made. Out with the old and in with the new.

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A Millers Tale: Job Done

JOB done. It wasn’t a  classic or memorable match and it didn’t have intensity on the pitch or in the stands that reflected the high-stakes – Aitor may have thoughts on both those factors –  but it was three more precious points in a routine win over Rotherham.

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Special K: One Year On

TODAY is what has been dubbed the #Karankaversary. It a year since Boro appointed Aitor Karanka as their new boss. I think it is fair to say it has been a year of marked change on and off the pitch. A  year of of steady if not spectacular improvement in every department of the team and of results and performances.  And a year of reshaping of  the attitudes that surrounds the club. Karanka is all about professionally planned progress.

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Project Karanka Is Coming Along Nicely

PROJECT Karanka is coming along nicely. The manager is slowly putting together the team he wants.  Last season he got respectable results by reorganising the squad he had inherited. Now he has set out to get the specialist he knows have the skill-sets to play in the shape and at the tempo he requires to make his system more potent.

Kike is not only physically strong but he is mobile too, makes intelligent runs off the ball and knows where the goal is. We have only seen him in friendlies but he looks a good fit.

Emilio Nsue – signed today as exclusively revealed on the Untypical Boro twitter (sign up, you know it makes sense – has been playing as a wing-back at Mallorca but Karanka knows him as an attacking  wide-right player and occasional frontman from when he was in the Spanish youth set-up. Boro see him as a midfielder. He is fast, direct and can deliver a cross. Again, he knows the system and tempo Karanka will demand and as a free agent looks a great buy. Although obviously, the proof is in the pudding.

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