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Gate’s Century: Dawn Of A New Era?

IS 100 GAMES too soon to judge on Gareth Southgate? It is not completely unknown for some Boro fans to take a whole 100 seconds to make an assessment of a player but the evolution of an entire philosophy, the creation of a balanced unit and the ability to get all the parts working in harmony is a different issue. For one thing, at least there is the possibility that some people may change their mind.
Gareth Southgate has just clocked up his century of games in charge but his team is still a work in progress. It has taken him two summers to clear the deadwood, trim the wagebill and reallocate the resources to rebuild his squad and get in the players that suit the high-tempo creative style he wants. Until we see that team really tested it would not be fair to judge.
That said, we are rapidly approaching ‘make your mind up time.’

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