Cottage Industry Can Spark Revolution

FULHAM:  Boro have to win AND hope someone slips up to regain pole position in the promotion chase. I think they will . And win well. Roared on by 6,000 plus Teessiders, both partisan and ‘neutral’  Boro will do their bit. Emphatically.  That is the part Aitor Karanka can control and he will have the team meticulously prepared tactically and psychologically and Boro will be fired up to roar into the Speedo wearing Cottagers from the off.

If Boro can show the steel and spirit, the art and industry they did at Norwich last weekend then they will tear into a deeply flawed Fulham side that have been woeful this term. Even if Aitor has to tweak his team because of injuries, a highly motivated, sprint starting Boro backed by a passionate Red Army will sweep past  a leaky, disjointed Fulham that are safe and have nothing to play for. My money is on a comfortable Boro win.

Beyond that we are powerless …  although  I think all the pressure is on the others.

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Watford kick-off early at ‘Muzzy Carayol’s Brighton’ and know they must win to retain top spot.  Anything less and three teams can catch them  in another cut-throat weekend of flux – don’t forget Norwich, they are still in the equation. Then Boro play.  If both Watford and Boro win – and Norwich at Rotherham – the pressure on Bournemouth will be massive.

They and their fans have two days to stew before they host Bolton on Monday knowing a slip-up now could be fatal.  And they look fragile. Seriously. The blubbing, open-mouthed shock and looks of Cherry crumble dismay when Sheff Wed pegged them back with a sarcastic stoppage time spot-kick spoke volumes about a team that are unsteady on their feet and feeling the heat. They have slipped before. Several times.

So that is the backdrop to yet another MASSIVE weekend. Another stint in the pressure cooker. Another nerve shredding, emotionally draining  agony of  calculations, permutations, palpitations, hyperventilations and watching games and results through trembling fingers from behind the sofa.  Another exciting episode of a dramatic season. It’s been brilliant so far and it could get better – and even more tense – yet.

Whatever happens at Fulham it is not over yet –  wait till we get to the tourniquet taut tension of the high-stakes Brighton match – but a win will leave Boro in an excellent position ready for the finale. It could  be an epoch shaping end of a watershed campaign that catapults Boro back into the big time with a driven boss and  a huge windfall to reshape the team with.  We could be set for a second Riverside revolution. Let’s do this.

Go on then… who wants to start?


107 thoughts on “Cottage Industry Can Spark Revolution

  1. Well that was a pretty lethargic first half display by both teams and poor goal conceded on the first half whistle to add insult to injury time.

    In fact it looks like back to our typical away performances – very little threat in the last third and not exactly playing with intensity – did the players forget how they won last week?.

    So two goals needed now to keep in the chase – big change of attitude needed on the pitch, perhaps Clayton needs the hook as he can’t seem to pass or defend at the moment.

  2. I’m still swearing at the top of my voice at how stupid Dimi was to come up for a corner with one minute to go! a draw gave us a chance – pathetic!

    1. Karanka sent him up said we needed to win,the point we lost would only matter if Boutnemouth lose both games and I can’t see that. We had to gamble for a win!

      1. Apologies to Dimi then – but It sounds to me like Karanka got his sums wrong as a point to Boro would have meant Bournemouth needed four points from their last two games to be sure of finishing above us – and that includes an away trip to Charlton who’ve only lost four at home – which is no gimme.

        I just couldn’t believe that Dimi went up when we were already down to ten men to leave any easy goal from the corner clearance – I very rarely swear watching football but it was one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen.

        Instead one of the most magnificent comeback against the odds has been thrown away – that 3-3 draw would have been talked about for years and given everyone a massive boost, whether it lead to automatic promotion or not – instead I still can’t bear to think about how we shot ourselves in the foot with both barrels.

        We can only hope Bournemouth don’t win on Monday, otherwise we’ll have a dead rubber against Brighton in front of our biggest crowd of the season – if they decide to turn up.

  3. What a fight back then…..gutted in the 94th minute….

    It’s the play offs boys and girls no way Bournemouth get beat at home off Bolton but let’s be sure to give it our all next Saturday

  4. Win required but a draw gives us some hope, a sell-out at an expectant Riverside next week, pulling back from two goals down only to lose at the last. Has there ever been a more “typical Boro” moment?

    Looks like the playoffs now then. Today is a big blow but it’s is still a very good season. I hope there aren’t too many recriminations and we stay united for a few more weeks.

  5. Feeling a but gutted after the amazing fightback but happy to see how many chances we made in twenty minutes. It would be nice if Bournemouth do the decent thing and draw or lose on Monday but 8’m not holding my breath.

  6. Well none of us except Peter Beagrie seen that coming!

    A disastrous day which started with Brighton defending like Donkeys in Deck Chairs at home to Watford and then we actually managed to make the Brighton defence look world class in comparison.

    We didn’t start the game for the first 45, I suspect the Watford result holed us below the waterline before we even kicked off. We offered nothing of note in terms of looking hungry for the win until we went behind. From tearing into Wolves and Norwich from the off we whimpered into the Cottage looking unrecognisable. Were too many players carrying injuries?

    What followed in the second 45 was a mix of, unbelievable, incredulous and heroics mixed with pantomime. We salvaged a point against the odds and then shot ourselves in the foot with the ridiculous Dimi decision in the dying seconds. I don’t know what was worse, Dimi going up or leaving McCormack unmarked?

    That single lost point could have meant all the difference come next Saturday. We now need Bournemouth to implode which is unlikely but there again who would have thought we would have shot ourselves in the foot today.

    Desperately disappointing but congratulations to Watford for holding their nerve and of course Pools for achieving mission impossible, but after all the drama I still can’t fathom why we defended as poorly as we did and why oh why did we let Dimi go up. How many times does a Keeper score the winner in the last minute, the odds are so ridiculous it beggars belief.

    Have to hope for miracles but meanwhile we need to focus on the play offs and I can wave goodbye to my £40!

    1. We lost an automatic place at home to Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds and away to both of them….12 points shot not just one or two.
      We lost out when we failed to turn up against Watford and Bournemouth etc, you get the idea.
      Looking at this latest game objectively
      going behind just before half time was a lack of concentration
      going down to a penalty is nerves, what I said before the game that I was mostly concerned with
      red card: stupidity
      not handling the atmosphere
      another penalty for the hell of it
      then losing the plot
      boiled down to nerves and a lack of concentration
      the three goals we scored were great but it was like shutting the gate after the horse has legged it.
      I feel most sorry for the loyal fans who went down there at a cost to them
      They showed commitment to the cause

      Thank God I drink!

  7. Obviously disappointed with the result today but i can’t say i’m surprised, our away form isn’t that great after all. The moment i was most gutted was when we lost to Watford, we showed our limitations that day. I was delighted when we beat Norwich but were we better than them, not really, it was backs to the wall stuff with a resolute defensive display. Fair play to Watford and probably Bournemouth, I can’t deny they deserve it more than us…..

  8. We were two goals down and down to ten men, Norwich were winning. Automatic promotion looked to be gone. We staged an amazing come back against all the odds and Rotheram did us a favour. We were then second in the table and even if Bournemouth had overtaken us on Monday we would have gone into the last game in front of a sellout Riverside with a genuine chance of automatic promotion or going into the play offs with moral on a high.

    We threw it all away with the ridiculous, unbelievable, unforgivable, decision to send our keeper up for a corner. Why?

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I’m totally gutted.

  9. Well, that’s that then. Bar a freak double set of results from Bournemouth, it’s the play off’s for us. Correct my arithmetic if I’m wrong, but Watford are now promoted. Fair play to them, they’ve got 3 very good strikers – any of them would grace our line up – and on the balance of things we let ourselves down at their place, and that’s what made the difference.

    So, the question remains, who will we get. Looks like a Norwich, Ipswich, Derby line up. 2 teams we’ve doubled this season and another who we battered at our place. We’ll need to be at our best to get past either of them, and Wembley will be anyone’s game.

    Still feeling hopeful that we can do the business, but a lot will depend on the first leg game. If we can nick a win then I would feel confident of making it to Wembley, but a defeat is unthinkable.

    Lets move on and see what we can do.

  10. Somewhere above, someone has bagged a Trabbie they really didn’t want.

    The car itself is awful without being forever a reminder of today’s result.


  11. I’d like to dedicate the trabbie to AK for making the most ridiculous managerial decision since Stuart Pearce put an outfield player’s shirt on David James and sent him up front against the Boro.

  12. What is the matter with this team, they go to Fulham knowing they have to play the game of their lives. Knowing Fulham are half way to the beach, and surely knowing that a super high intensity game would leave them gasping for air. So they produce their specialty, fourty five minutes of pretty passing around their box,fulham on their sun loungers conserving their energy for the second half. The inglorious soft goal conceded on the stroke of half time proved to be the prelude to one of the most foolish performances ever turned in by the club, and I do mean foolish. Lets take them one at a time, don’t let your opponents rest for the first half, most teams are pretty good for half a match. Don’t fail to close out the half time bell. Don’t give away a penalty, and certainly not two,l believe the theory is, a pitiful team probably won’t score anyway, and the bonus is, you won’t get sent off. And finally, when you have performed a miracle by rsgetting yourself all square with about three minutes to go and you are getting plenty of corners, stop sending a stream of balls into the box, what is wanted is a crisp ball along the ground to the corner of the box where your teammate will hammer it towards the goal line as hard as he can low and very hard, thecidea being to increase the panic already existing in the defence, who must try to make some contact on the ball but will be unable to clear it up field.lastly do not send your entire defence up field, about three goalkeepers have scored. Out of one thousand. Not a good bet. To sum up, soft goal on the half time bell, two penalties, and one freeby with no one in your own half of the field. Hands up all who think they were unlucky

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