Boro Close In On 90 Point Promotion Trigger Tally

Ninety minutes… 90 degrees and coming to the boil… and as Annabelle Lu Win of post-punk stereo-drumming pop puppets Bow Wow Wow once said: C-30, C-60-  See 90 GO!

Two wins will take Boro to the magic mark of 90 points – which in 11 of the last 16 seasons since Boro last went up  would have easily been enough for promotion.  And in five of those years years would have won the title. In fact, the last time a got 90 and weren’t promoted it was 1997-98 when we nudged ahead on the final day leaving the dejected Mackems at the trigger tally but cast down into the play-offs.

Here’s my Big Picture column this week looking at how 90 historically *should* be enough and asking whether Boro – and their rivals – will make it.


70 thoughts on “Boro Close In On 90 Point Promotion Trigger Tally

  1. Kookaboro

    I hear what you say about WHU and it is good news for their supporters. So, despite the other business criteria that will have gone into that decision I suppose it does need to be acknowledged. All the same, that Steve Gibson kept season ticket prices frozen for so long (was it 8 years ?) was a much more meaningful gesture and one that probably hasn’t had nearly the amount of attention or recognition that it has deserved over the years (present company excepted of course, AV and the EG).
    Best chairman in football, bar none. Thanks for all the good times SG.

    Only on more sleep till Saturday.


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