Panic Saturday: Aitor Angry At Christmas Gift

ANGRY Aitor Karanka simmered as he described Boro’s annual Portman Road ploughing as a “an alarm to wake us all up.”
And I think he meant an eardrum busting  industrial klaxon rather than that pathetic peep-peep-peep bedside thing that you can lazily lean over and hit the “snooze” button and turn over for a few more minutes under the duvet.
Karanka was furious. On a day the media had dubbed “Panic Saturday” his team had certainly caught the mood of the moment in the 2-0 defeat at Ipswich.
                                              Steaming: Embarrassed Aitor coming to the boil 

They ran around chaotically in wide eyed confusion without any clear idea what they wanted or how they were going to get it then ended up going home frustrated and empty handed and leaving their loved ones deeply disappointed.  In contrast, wily old Mick McCarthy’s well drilled, more methodical and impressive Ipswich made merry and went home piled up with the points  gift-wrapped, celebrating comfort and joy.
Ipswich pressed and closed at a high tempo, hustled Boro out of their stride then turned the screw and carved open a creaking defence with some exquisite passing to score two good goals. It would be churlish to dispute they were the better team on the day.
Just as Boro had systematically dismantled Derby, so Ipswich took apart Boro, steadily, clinically and ruthlessly and in a way far more emphatic than the scoreline suggested.
Yes, Boro “improved” after the break and had more of the ball and created a few half chances but the Ipswich keeper never had a save to make until stoppage time and bar an audacious Adam Reach lob that was headed off the line Boro  barely threatened at all.
It was a dismal showing.  Every department failed. Every player was below par. The framework that has served so well failed to function. The defence was penetrated repeatedly, the flailing midfield never got a foothold in the game and were quickly swamped and chasing shadows and up front Boro offered very little.
With Ipswich in their faces so quickly the team could not get a passing rhythm going and gradually resorted to increasingly desperate aimless long balls forward somewhere  into the same postcode as Patrick Bamford who beavered away but hardly got a sniff.
And it could have been worse. Far worse. They had one cleared off the line. They hit the post. They bossed it.  We can’t even blame the ref: the replicant Kenneth Omeruo who played in place of the good one of the recent past could and should have been sent off.
He might easily have had four yellow cards including two in three seconds as he trundled around making ill-timed challenges and pumping wayward punts forward.
Scrappy and stuttering, Boro looked timid pale shadows of the swaggering team that tore up Steve McClaren’s Derby so completely and confidently to prompt fevered “P word” chatter across excited Teesside.
It’s refreshing that “embarrassed” Karanka was steaming after the game, not just at the result but more so at the poor performance individually and collectively and the attitude of his team.
It would be easy – and probably fair – to shrug it off as “a bad day at the office”, that Boro were due a blip and that is not an indictment of the team as a whole or to accept the immutable Law of Football that Boro NEVER get anything at Ipswich (three points in 10 visits since the last win in 1992 is a serious hoodoo).
And it would be sensible and sober and measured to set the result in the big picture context: it is after all only the second defeat in 17 games,  after an unbeaten run of eight had taken Boro joint top and at the team with the best home record in the division.
And it must be said Boro are still only three points off the top at Christmas and we are all fluent in cliche so we know that “you’d have snatched their hands off for that in August.”
Promotion will not be  decided on one result. The defeat to the Tractor Boys is a set-back and has temporarily dampened the rising expectations on Teesside a bit, but it will not fundamentally change the long term dynamics of the Championship table.
Derby have been turned over twice this week and then were pegged back in stoppage time for a draw on Saturday but no-one would seriously rule them out of the promotion race. We battered Brentford  but they are still in there.
And the variety, depth and ability of a squad we were all gushing about last week hasn’t changed with one result. Boro remain a well organised side with a tactically astute manager, a system that works and one of the strongest squads in the league.
But Karanka is a tough task-master. He sets very high standards. His policy is to raise the bar every week and he won’t buy the notion that Boro were “due” an off day.
The boss was furious.  It will have been a frosty coach journey home with the chastened players not wanting to catch his laser gaze or be caught out tweeting or watching the Strictly final on their tablets or laughing and joking in loud phone-calls.  For this one reason we are definitely not happy.
And while Aitor will be dealing with the team, getting the mentality right and quickly refocussing on Boxing Day and beyond, we must do the same.  There’s no point dwelling on Ipswich and torturing ourselves and little to be gained in letting one result  become the prompt to release months of pent up doubts, digs and told-you-sos.
Maybe we all – fans as well – thought we were better than we are. The defeat hurt but maybe we had built up expectation to unrealistic levels. Despite being Mourinho-tinged at times, Boro are not Chelsea. We remain a Championship team. We are still a work in progress and for all the recent steady improvement we still have to expect (and forgive) slip-ups and defeats.
But, as with the team, it is about how we collectively react to the set-backs that count.
Last week Boro fans were gushing about the prospect of a 30,000 Boxing Day gate and making plans to take 13,000 fans on the road in a week. Optimism was high. Confidence was bubbling and unconditional support soared. Teesside was bubbling with a foam fumed feelgood factor and looking forward to the unfolding promotion push.
Nothing about the possibilities this season presents has changed with one result.
But it has reminded us it will be a long and tough campaign. It won’t be a procession.

123 thoughts on “Panic Saturday: Aitor Angry At Christmas Gift

  1. With apologies to those that made the long trip, assuming the best we’ll get now from the two games (Ipswich and Forest) then it’s far, far better to lose away to Ipswich than at home Forest.

    If we’d beaten Ipswich (or even taken the draw I would have been happy with) then with Boro at home, top of the league, biggest crowd of the season etc etc the bookies would have been paying out on on a Forest victory on Christmas Eve.

    Nice to see an Ipswich fan posting – brilliant to see Jarrko making a dart to the far post for a late attempt for the post of the year award.

    1. Cheers, mate. I really apreciate it. I might the the only one on this blog whose motherlanguage is not English. So thank again. UTB!

  2. Just listened to Ian Wright and he is tipping us again, knows Bamford and has friends up here????

    RR –

    My guess would be Tomlin and Kike would come in for Boxing Day, Adomah and Vossen to miss out. If George is suspended then Husband is an obvious starter.

    Ken will get the hook and Gibbo will be back. Clayton may miss out and Whitehead to screen the defence and Grant given a bag of grenades and told to go and get stuck in.

  3. AV, as an aside. Seeing Shotton playing for Derby yesterday was a surprise. Obviously the red card ban ( one match? ) is not instant?

    **AV writes: yes. He missed the midweek League Cup game with Chelsea.

  4. Bad day all round. My 1230 train from London got stuck for over 75 minutes just outside Chelmsford. Only got to Ipswich at 1505, so missed the first 10 minutes.

    Boro never got started to be honest. Worst display I’ve witnessed since the shambles at Loftus Road last year.

    Was not that Ipswich were that good, the first goal was always going to be crucial but we have to dig in and get back into games. Goal before half time was very predictable, players saw it was coming too as were wildly hoofing it everywhere. I think some of the players need a reality check, Bamford tried to take on three players on a number of occasions and lost the ball in what was a promising position on each.

    Still going to have difficult days, got my ticket for Reading already.

  5. Lucky me, you understood that my post was a parody of a Derby supporter last week.

    I saw the match on “tv” (a small window on internet) and it was far from classic. Ipswich were as good as we were against Derby last week. So congatulations to them.

    All I hope is that we can edge Bournemouth, Brentford nd Ipswich on the long run. I don’t think they will be as srong when the grounds are hevy and we have a lot of games. Their squads are thinner. So I am still optimistic. But we deserved to be beaten at Ipswich.

    Up the Boro!

  6. Not sure but I think it’s only the premier league that has 31st Dec for 5 yellow cards then a one match ban.
    Championship and below was 30th November then upto second Sunday in April for 10 yellows and a two match ban

    1. Cannot find anything that says November 30 for the FL only Dec 31 for all leagues. Although the earlier date would make sense as they FL play more natches than the PL.

  7. A disappointment but pleased with AK’s response. As has been said Ipswich did to us what we did to Derby, now we can feel their pain and hopefully against Notts Forest we will bounce back with 3 points.

    I can’t believe how well Bournemouth and Brentford are doing, and keep on doing. Everyone agrees there is no way Boro or anyone else for that matter will complete the remaining fixtures without a defeat it’s the fact that Ipswich jumped over us in the League that smarts.

  8. I was hoping we’d carry the last few weeks form into the Ipswich game, but it’s not entirely surprising we lost, they’re obviously a very good side and we never win there anyway. I wonder if after the elation of last week one or two players were a little complacent? If so I’m sure Karanka has fully appraised them of the reality.

    Hopefully we’ll see a good performance against Forest and we need to remember what a good position we’re in. Three points off top having played a lot of tough games, a period when some thought we’d drop out of the top six. I think the end of January is the time when its possible to fully gauge where we might be come May.

  9. No complaints about the result – from their keeper, defence and midfield Boro were fair and squarely out-bearded – Ipswich even came within a whisker of scoring a third. We need to be inspired by the big man in the red suit with the big white beard this year and take this defeat on the chin and move on.

  10. Another couple of days at work and I’ll be going off-line for a well deserved Christmas break (I have to say that as my boss surely won’t), so happy Christmas to everyone. As usual, it’s been a pleasure to chat over the year. See you all in January.

    Hopefully Boro can provide us all with a present or two over the holiday period, although I’m inclined to be cautious. I’d expect an entertaining draw at home to Forest, a possible win at Blackburn but a defeat at Reading. A defeat at Ipswich was no surprise and everyone seems to be taking it in their stride. One or two posts hoping for a few more knee-jerk reactions than they are actually seeing, but apart from that everyone seems to be quite level-headed.

    I think we all sense we might have been getting ahead of ourselves. It looks like being a tight affair all year. I think any of the top 9 are play-off material, plus probably Fulham and possibly Bolton. I’d say as many as 6 of those are realistic contenders for the automatic spots…we’re amongst that group. I keep expecting Brentford to fall away, but fair play to them, they keep picking up quality results.

    Also, I think it’s time AV stopped referring to Bournemouth’s 8-0 defeat of Birmingham as a ‘freak’ result. Having notched a 6-1 (against a team we could only draw 1-1 with), a 5-3 and a resounding opening day 4-0, there’s nothing freakish about Bournemouth’s results. They are top of the table for a reason. I think it’s great for the game…imagine what it’s like to be a Bournemouth or Brentford fan right now.

    It’s been a fantastic and enjoyable season so far, and all the signs are it will remain so and we should be in with a shout right up until the end.

  11. Not so fast Senor Karanka.

    It’s all well and good slating the players, but how about taking some of the blame yourself. Tactically you got it woefully wrong and I’m starting to get a little concerned at your ” I’m not at fault, everyone else is, and if you don’t like it you’re out on your ear attitude!”

  12. Interesting that the bookies are now installing Bournemouth as favourites for the title and promotion. They are not always right, the markets drive the odds, and it is far to early to predict the final positions but it is only right and proper to say well done to Eddie Howe for their season so far.

    With any luck he will get manager of the month for December!

    Well done to Brentford as well, fans of other clubs care as much as we do.

  13. Ian –

    Don’t the bookies simply make whoever is top at the time favourites? Although, Bournemouth must be treated as serious contenders, we all know there is history of a team promoted from League one to the Championship maintaining the momentum and getting promoted again the next season.

    Personally I don’t think we need to worry about what Ipswich, Bournemouth, Derby et al do. Our fate is in our hands. If we manage to reach the two points a game average we’ll go up. But, to do that we’ll need to go on a significant winning run.

    1. I just cant see 2 points per game average, 47 points from the remaining 24 games is the best I can see and I am being optimistic. That leaves us with 86 points. Would that have been enough in previous years?

      It may be enough this year with a tight pack but even so it is going to be tough going. A win on boxing day will take my prediction to 87 points though. Anyway I hope I can get to see it on the net.

  14. Nigel –

    I don’t think so. Derby were favourites even after we beat them but I suppose the bookies cant keep ignoring Bournemouth forever.

    If they keep winning it will put them in pole position because you (not just us) then have to play them and win, a draw isn’t good enough.

    I think there is plenty to play for but on Boxing day Brentford play Ipswich whilst Bournemouth are at home to Fulham. You don’t need to be a genius to see they could be three points clear by close of business, effectively four with goal difference. We could easily be second again and Derby looking up and gulping.

    I think Bournemouth will come back to the pack but they haven’t yet, there will be plenty of ups and downs before the end of the season.

    First things first, a win against Forest on Boxing Day.

    I think we will have 30,000 + but maybe AV can update us with the running total, the ticket page looks fairly promising but maybe all who are going have already bought tickets.

    **AV writes: We’ve just gone past 26,500 and Half-Season Tickets sales have topped 1,000.

  15. AV

    Thanks, I take it the 26,500 includes the half season tickets but does it include Forest fans?

    **AV writes: Yes, total sales. Club expect a big upsurge on Weds when the DiasBoro arrive back at their Mam’s and nip to the ticket office on their way down the town.

  16. As I do the donkey work to get us up to the hundred mark I thought it worthwhile to have a look elsewhere.

    Several months ago we were debating the German model for the top flight. I passed some comments from elsewhere that all was not well, some are bothered about the domination of Bayern with their financial muscle, the increasing revenues and the difficulty of challenging them. No one can enter their market to challenge the power they have, they could become like La Liga but their el classic will consist of Bayern playing their reserves.

    Lewandoski – (spelling?) joins from Dortmund and suddenly there is a huge gulf between Bayern and the rest, eleven point lead after 17 matches, Dortmund in the relegation places.

    Some leagues are more equal than others, the very nature of the structure is cementing Bayern’s position as yet more TV and prize money flows in to the club.

  17. Even in the long and chequered history of Typical Boro performances I’m stuck to recall quite such a complete transformation in the performance of the team as we have seen in the last two matches. Against Derby we looked the complete deal. It was the culmination of a process of sustained improvement that was starting to appear settled and as predictably successful as we have seen for many years. Every player put in a top performance. Each looked to be on top of his job and to have a complete understanding of what was expected of him. Our tactics were spot on and the team carried them out to the letter.

    Every single one of those positives was turned into a negative just one week later. Every single player played poorly, and far from being tactically sophisticated, we appeared to have forgotten most of the game’s basics. Unlucky not to win 4-0 was transformed into a lucky not to lose by the same score.

    What on earth happened between those two games? A big post-Derby celebratory Christmas bash? A mysterious flu-like bug affecting energy and motivation?

    Whatever, we were undone by one of the hoariest, least sophisticated techniques in any coach’s lexicon: hassle and outnumber the opposition in midfield, forcing them back and allowing the back four time on the ball so that they become the forwards’ main supply line.

    How many times did Ayala, Kenneth, Friend and Nsue pump long hopeful balls up the park? 20? 30? 40? More? Quite frankly it was a shambles. The longer the game progressed the less likely we seemed to get anything out of it.

    Since it seems to have fallen to me to pass down the Clough tablets on this blog, perhaps I should just say that Brian would have consigned any of his defenders at Derby or Forest to the oblivion of the reserves if they had perpetrated even one of those long hopeful hoofs up the park. Perhaps that is where the Ipswich autopsy should begin.

    **AV writes: I can remember loads of back to back games that were diametrically opposed. For a while it was our stock in trade. I give you a cavalier 5-1 away at QPR Followed by a chaotic 3-0 collapse at Blackpool under Strachan. Do any readers recall such wild swings?

    1. I know what you mean, AV. I remember seeing that great Jack Charlton team which ran away with promotion coming a cropper against a very ordinary Forest side. We lost 5-1 after a good run of results. But bizarre as the result was, you could account for it. A couple of long-range shots of the kind that go in once or twice a season flew in early on, we were 3-0 down at half time and we never recovered. Similarly it is generally one or two brilliant or below par performances that can account for what seem like aberrant results.

      But I cannot ever remember an occasion when a performance of such all round professional brilliance, with every member of the team putting in a 9 or 10 rated performance was followed by one in which everyone was pretty terrible and no outfield player deserved more than a 3 or 4.

      **AV writes: I can: the Carling Cup final followed by a 3-0 midweek defeat at Birmingham… although to be fair there were extenuating circumstances.

    2. Isn’t that the whole point of the ‘typical Boro’ label? Just when they look like they are getting things together they fall apart. Also, I remember Larry Lloyd and Kenny Burns (to name but two of Cloughie’s centre halves) not being averse to a big punt downfield.

  18. Agree with GHW. Public criticism of the team after every under-par performance is not a well that you can drink from too often. As I have said before it is a sign, not of strength but of insecurity and weakness. Interestingly an exception was made in the case of compatriot Tomas Mejias, for whose failures the manager took full responsibility. I leave fellow bloggers to draw their own conclusions.

  19. I was at that 5-1 away at QPR – all good fun but not as convincing as the score suggests. It was only when the fourth of fifth went in I was able to relax – and then not much.

    Strangely as Ipswich was a complete collective failure I’m less bothered about that result than if it had been a last minute loss of concentration. Also AK’s response was refreshingly candid.

    However perhaps its worth reflecting on the wisdom of not persisting with a settled back four when injuries, form and suspensions allow. If Big Ben was carrying a knock from the previous game then fair enough but otherwise I’d preferred not to have made an unnecessary change to a vital part of the team.

  20. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all theway, oh what fun it is to see the Boro win on Boxing Day..

    Doesn’t quite scan does it?

  21. Thank you very much.

    My winning post may (just about, possibly after an ale) be sung as the last line of the twelve days of Christmas – instead of the more traditional ‘and a partridge in a pear tree’.
    Everyone will have to contribute to the other eleven days of course..

    “On the second day of Christmas Karanka sent to me..”

  22. Was at Birmingham for that QF defeat underJack we had hammered them twice in the league,it was just after the bombings,needless to say all drinking was done outside of the pubs,strange times in deed,bovver boys everywhere

  23. In the deep midwinter Boro fans made moan
    earth stood hard as iron
    the Tees like a stone

    I’ll go away now, still recovering from Saturday.


    John R

  24. We seem to get to the ton much quicker after a defeat, don’t we?

    Wishing You all a very merry Chrismas and happy and succesfull New Year. I know Santa is another Finnish Boro fan, too. Hence he wears red like me.

    My prediction: Boro 4 Forest 1, attendence 30 138. Up the Boro!

  25. I have listened to Aitor’s post match interview on Boro+ and I am struggling to see what is wrong in what he said.

    My view is well known, I take no positives from a defeat, draws irritiate, but saying the performance was poor, the team were out battled doesnt seem wide of the mark to me. It is far better than ‘it is what it is’.

    I dont want Eeyore or Mavis as a manager, go and read Harry Pearsons piece on Schteve, it sums up my view. As a Yorkshireman a spade is a spade.

    Sorry, I mentioned the Y word.

  26. Occasions where Boro were brilliant one week and rubbish the next were the routine I grew up with, with the exception being Charlton’s first season. It’s where ‘typical Boro’ is rooted. I thought Karanka’s demand for continued excellence had maybe put paid to that, but the occasional reverting to old habits is inevitable I guess.

    I also don’t have a problem with the manager stating in public the players performed poorly when they did. What else is he supposed to say, surely we don’t want to revert to Mclarenesque ‘magnificence’ do we? Honesty leads to respect in my opinion. As for not criticising the goalkeeper, that’s because keepers are a special case, they play under a constant spotlight where every mistake is magnified and so maintaining a keepers confidence is paramount. Karanka’s attitude to his keepers has nothing to do with nationality, he has criticised Ayala in the past has he not? He simply realises the importance of applying the correct psychology with his keepers.

    We lost on Saturday because the players were below par, not because of dodgy tactics or poor selection. Karanka was right to state the performance was not acceptable, most fans I believe appreciate that honesty. There will be other days when we will perform poorly, that doesn’t mean it is to be accepted. To accept below par performances makes them okay and so they happen more often. Zero tolerance is the route to success.

  27. In my reply To RR, I said that it was not AK’s fault, unless you count Ormeruo.

    But as Len alluded to, their midfield overran ours. Repeating myself, maybe against teams like Ipswich, we should have had Whitehead in there also, to make it three.

  28. Well gents, this is my last day at work, tomorrow will be spent doing all those last minute Christmas things.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and a special thanks to AV , blogmeister supreme.

    Here’s hoping for a big big crowd on Boxing Day and a Boro performance to match.

  29. Nothing much to add on the Ipswich game. It goes into the “didn’t turn up” bin along with Wolves away and probably Sheff Wed at home.

    I’d expect another three of those before the end of the season. Nothing to worry about there. It’s the nature if a tough 46 game campaign with Championship footballers, even if ours are generally pretty good.

    Happy Christmas to all and many thanks in particular to you, AV. Another fantastic year on the blog. Your efforts are always greatly appreciated (to the point of reliance these days!).

    We’ll smash Forest by the way.

  30. I’ve resisted putting a comment in about the Ipswich game as I as well as everyone else was so disappointed. I agree with AV that after the Derby match and the other great performances we thought we were on the cusp of something truly great. We were brought down to earth with a bump and it’s given everyone including the players and management a stark reality check. So we move on and remind ourselves that there is still a lot to play for and hey we would have taken this position at the start of the season.

    Let’s hope the game on Boxing Day proves a great advert for the Boro and we keep a lot of the crowd for the rest of the season.

    Merry Xmas to all our bloggers and to you and Mrs AV who must be driven to distraction at times with all the hours and constant attention you pay to this blog. For that we thank you.


  31. Leaving for the airport shortly. Already got my ticket for boxing day.

    Season Greetings to all, and as always thanks for those specials posts: RR, Ian, Len, PP and all the others too many to mention. But the BIGGEST thank you to you AV. Fantastic threads throughout the year.

  32. Thoughts from Derby:

    Rams fans still think they will get promoted, based on similar beliefs that we espouse that as the season progresses class will tell and the bigger squads will prevail. Bit bothered about Bournemouth et al because they keep winning. (as an aside, someone said it is in our own hands, that only applies if you already have the points and others have to beat you, as it stands we have to rely on teams above us dropping points as well as winning ourselves)

    They are a bit bothered that they are playing as they are. I suggested that to some extent they had been found out, there was no tempo to their game. Andy agreed but said part of that was a loss of a little bit of belief amongst the players, the confidence to zip the ball about wasn’t there and they were being pressurised.

    Andy thinks Forest are poor, I am not so sure, there are a lot of clubs at a similar level, it will be who strings a couple of decent runs together at the right time.

    The best team they have faced from this division was Norwich, to be fair Norwich played well but caught Derby after Boro and Boro Lite had done a job on them.

    Derby will be active in the transfer window, that is where Schteve will earn his money. Maybe some Dutch or German guys.

    That concludes the letter from Derby

    Talking of Boro Lite, I caught some of the match against Stoke. It reminded me a bit like us and Ipswich but Chelsea handled the situation better as well as getting the early goal.

    I am not saying there is the gulf between us and Ipswich that exists between Chelsea and Stoke. Jose handled the situation by having a more defensive midfield, as has been suggested before maybe Whitehead with Leadbitter would have been better against the Tractor Boys. Possibly not and we have to take it on the chin.

    Complements of the season to everyone, I am sure there will be the odd post before Santa arrives

  33. You can’t expect any team to play consistently well every game – not even Chelsea or Man City manage that with their multi-million pound players so why should Boro? So losing to Ipswich was not the end of the world as long as it was a one-off.

    Besides in some ways I agree with Mick McCarthy saying perhaps Ipswich should get some credit for playing well and stopping Boro playing their game – much in the same way as Boro stopped Derby playing their game.

    I guess we’ll see how Boro perform on Boxing Day and hopefully they won’t start alarm bells ringing about seasonal slumps and instead get back on track

    BTW I fell asleep watching MOTD and was actually woken up by the dulcet tones of Mogga on the FLS – I guess that must be a first as it’s not the first voice I’d program into my morning call alarm.

  34. Listened to the last podcast again, with hindsight tripe supper is apt but you can only speak as you see it, I think we have all taken a breath after the Ipswich game.

    Some comments stick in the mind, not word perfect but you get the gist, ‘we don’t fear anyone’, ‘no one has outwitted Karanka yet’.

    As it is the festive season I hope the ghosts of Christmas past don’t visit us repeating the immortal words ‘Karanka doesn’t do typical Boro’.

    The fates have a nasty habit of blows to the tender parts but onwards and upwards

  35. For those who don’t “do” Twitter: Steve Agnew has been appointed Boro Assistant Head Coach. Why didn’t I think of that?

    Not one of the “five most likely” listed elsewhere, but he ticks the boxes as they say. Has been assistant to Steve Bruce at Hull for a while, he has experience at 49 years and having been at several clubs, he is local and is an “old boy”. A safe pair of hands and also safe in front of a microphone. I expect players to listen to him.

    It is true that he has been known to wander down to the “Murdered Magpie” for a quiet pint and a discussion about the weekend’s results . I hope that continues.

    Really good news!

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