Lukas Me Now: Unwanted Juke is Premier bound

LUKAS Jutkiewicz didn’t make the flight to Marbella with Boro. He has been at Burnley today talking over personal terms and taking a medical instead pending a transfer that should be tied up before close of play today.

The Gazette understands the deal will include a hefty up-front fee with built in appearance and performance add-ons and bonuses that could mean Boro get between £2 to £2.25m… which is a great bit of business for a player who was surplus to requirements.

Here’s something I did over the weekend about why Juke is still a frontman in demand despite never really fitting in at the Riverside.

SIX  MONTHS ago, when Lukas Jutkiewicz was first linked with a move away from Teesside, a queue of volunteer taxi-drivers quickly formed outside the Riverside.

Those would-be chauffeurs eager to usher him out of Boro back then will be staggered to see the striker now set his Satnav for the dream destination of the Premier League.

They were pretty surprised to watch the goals fly in during a successful loan spell at Bolton last term too.  He cracked in seven goals in 20 games for Wanderers to spark a sudden surge in interest.

Cash-strapped Bolton were desperate to take him to the Reebok but can’t come close to Boro’s price tag.  But his net-busting purple patch attracted new suitors too – Wolves were keen but never firmed up their interest with a serious bid and Boro weren’t th eremotest bit interested in a suggested cash plus swap deal involving Kevin Doyle. Derby made a bid – believed to be £1m – that fell short of Boro’s price-tag… but Premier League Burnley finally made their move today after a couple of week’s playing footsie.

The newly-promoted top-flight outfit have made a bid that with add-ons and bonuses could be worth between £2m and £2.2m to Boro which represents decent business for a player that looked a forlorn figure on the bench back in January.

The only other formal bid came from Steve McClaren. That technocrat functional coaches like Sean Dyche and former boss McClaren both covet an ungainly hitman with a distinctly average second-tier strike rate has left plenty of Boro supporters scratching their heads and crying: “But he’s been useless at Boro.”

As Tony Mowbray’s reign ended in a face-palm flurry of missed sitters from the frontman, the consensus among Boro fans was Jutkiewicz was not up to scratch in the Championship let alone the higher level.

He was a bit of a handful with his back to goal and was willing to pick up bruises for the team, but when he turned he was easily brushed aside, a big lad who was bullied off the ball by even limited central defenders.

He would make promising runs into the box only to stumble and shin it high or wide.

And he lacked the mobility or first touch to link up with Mowbray’s fluid but mono-paced midfield and their windscreen-wiper passing. Mowbray’s last game in charge was a chaotic defeat at rock-bottom Barnsley most memorable for the way a fragile defence were torn apart in a shameful first half.

But before the Oakwell implosion Jutkiewicz was through on goal in a perfect position but somehow blazed wide. It was a familiar sight.

The arrival of Aitor Karanka saw Jutkiewicz, a £1.2m buy from Coventry in January 2011, pushed down the pecking order. The targetman couldn’t play the way Karanka wanted, as a spearhead in a 4-2-3-1 system that demanded constant mobility to close down opposing defenders and an instinct to drop deep to link with midfield.

With the best will in the world the new shape and tempo didn’t suit the Jutkiewicz skill-set.

Karanka tried Kei Kamara up front instead, then enigmatic Marvin Emnes and finally former Darlington striker Curtis Main, who offered energy and relentless enthusiasm in harrying full-backs but lacked a cutting edge. Under the Spanish supremo Jutkiewicz made just five starts and came off the bench four times in three frustrating months before a January loan move to Bolton that liberated him.

At Bolton Jutkiewicz was playing as part of a system that suited him. He was the bustling big man in penalty box pairing with either Jermaine Beckford or Joe Mason in the nippy role feeding off the knockdowns. And the goals flowed as Jutkiewicz not only started to score but was claiming assists with obvious glee.

That was a role Boro fans rarely saw him play as even before Karanka, Mowbray favoured him in a lone role in either a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-3. He was never played to his strengths.

Coaches and scouts know that, hence the interest now. But fans only see the statistics: at Boro he got 15 goals in 70 appearances, a distinctly average strike rate of one every four and a half games. Given there was a hot streak of 10 in 21 games during the first half of Mowbray’s first full season the rest of the stats look pretty sparse.

But he brings to the party some key skills that many coaches value. Especially in the attritional Championship. You can see why Bolton want him. And at a push Derby, who will to grind out results at times next term if they are to repeat or better the play-offs.

But Burnley? Could Jutkiewicz flourish at that level. Is he good enough? Dyche clearly thinks so.  Sometimes it isn’t about how good you are on a technical level but how suitable a fit you are on a tactical one.

Burnley play with two up front and last term Danny Ings and Sam Vokes terrorised the division, both breaking the 20-goal barrier. But they had no cover up front at all and if they are to survive in the Premier League they must address that.

They have targeted £6m-rated Watford man Troy Deeney to shadow Ings – himself coveted by bigger clubs – and you could see that Jutkiewicz would be a neat fit in the more robust Vokes role.  And Vokes is still struggling back to fitness after doing a cruciate in March so Burnley need someone to play in his role until he is back and who would be willing to drop back to the bench afterwards.

And they will also have one eye on the future. If Clarets chiefs are being realistic they will make contingency plans for relegation and the following years’ promotion push powered by parachute payments.  In a year from now Jutkiewicz could be leading the line in a renewed Championship campaign.

For Boro the exit of Jutkiewicz is good business. Not only have they made a profit on a player who looked surplus to requirements but will have also freed up some wages. He could well play pay for Kike.

With the exit of Marvin Emnes to Swansea too Boro have unloaded two strikers that did not fit Karanka’s system, brought in one that the boss feels should and freed up space in the squad and the wage-bill to completely reshape the front line.



44 thoughts on “Lukas Me Now: Unwanted Juke is Premier bound

  1. Great piece of business, assuming it’s all going through (I may be on the trabant of optimism mostly but when that train of pessimism stops at my station I get as tempted to get on as any other TTTeessider).

    Having said that I wish Juke all the best, I never thought he was a bad lad at all. AV has drawn out the key elements of why it didn’t work out but I think he could do well in a place where the system works with him, not against him.

    I noticed in the UTube clips benefiting Mr Kike that he seemed able to play with his back to goal and do that wondrous thing of turning, shooting and hitting the target. If he can do that thing when the sun ain’t shining, the pitch is heavy, and the must from the crowds breath is fogging the ground then I’ll be happy.

    Good luck Juke!

  2. £2m for a player who has never hit a consistent run of form for us is great business. As was the Emnes deal.

    As I’ve said about Juke before, there’s a good player in there somewhere. We haven’t seen the best of him. You’re probably right, AV, in that we perhaps never played a style suitable for him. That then leads to loss of confidence which is reciprocated in the stands and it develops into a destructive cycle of underachievement.

    At some stage in his career I expect Juke will come good but I don’t think it would ever have been with us so to sell him at a profit is terrific business. Pat on the back for Bauser if that was his work.

  3. A fee in the region of £2M is tremendous for a player of such limited ability. To his credit, he never rocked the boat but his finishing and trampoline-like touches when running with the ball were clear indications that he wasn’t the man to fire us to promotion.

    I’m staggered that he’s gone to a higher level.

  4. Good luck to the lad, he was a real grafter on the field but he always looked short of quality infront of goal, cant believe he has gone to a higher level. Played in the right system he should score goals but he was never going to fit into the system AK plays.

    Is there any news on Clayton anyone?

    **AV writes: Well he’s away with Huddersfield in Portugal this week so probably nothing immediate but Boro have told us they are preparing a second bid. That may evolve towards the end of the week.

  5. Juke to the Premier League. …albeit to the probable Premier whipping boys, is a deal almost but not quite as staggering as the real life Football Manager cheat that was Ronnie O’Brien to Juventus.

    Excellent work by Bausor and Co to get £2m+ for him. Plus, the added bonus is that we don’t have to face him next season hence one less goal conceded in the old inevitability “typical Boro” fashion.

  6. Good news for Boro and Juke, I hope he flourishes at Burnley. He always gave us 100 per cent effort.
    So, looking ahead hopefully Clayton is on his way, who is the other striker, Vossen or Graham or that bloke AV knows A N Other?

  7. Is Bart brouns ‘our man’ in Ghenk? New bloggers and a touch of European culture, it just gets better.

  8. Lorient want £8m for Alliardiere,

    Remember the Sunderland game when they couldn’t handle Juke? He may surprise a few people in the Prem, defenders don’t batter you as much and he may get more free kicks around the opposition box. We’ll see

  9. Great piece of business if all goes through.

    I think Mogga used to say that the opposition managers used to praise Juke after every game they played against us. So he was – and still is – a highly rated striker. I think Karanka was very clever in sending him out on loan to Bolton – both the player and the club benefited in a great way.

    Every week the Karanka band wagon seem to be picking up space. Jump on board, PaulistaPark and Len. You will like it. Up the Boro!

  10. Awesome piece of business, I remember him coming from Coventry and he was banging in the goals in a squad that was limited, I had high hopes. Despite being in his preferred position, we weren’t geared around his skill-set and it hasn’t worked out.

    Again, I don’t know why but I can’t see this type if mistake being made with Karanka in charge. He seems clear on the system and the players he needs to slot in. I guess we’ll find out with Kike…

    Good luck Juke, I have no doubt you’ll be a success. Now let’s use the money for a marauding right back that can whip in a good cross or a creative midfielder, preferably one that can take corners/dead balls so I don’t have to watch Leadbitter put another poor ball in…!

  11. I can see why other clubs want him. On his day he’s a handful. Always put in a shift for Boro. Unfortunately, he’s the kind of player who needs someone to play off him, as when he’s won a battle for the ball, he needs someone to lay it off or flick it on to. He never got the support from midfield that he needed at Boro, just doesn’t fit our system. I’m sure he’ll do OK at Burnley.

    Having said that I think we got a great deal for an unwanted player. What’s going on, transfer business in early July and selling an unwanted player for a profit – untypical Boro indeed!

  12. This is great business. He was a bench-warmer at best here and has never done it week in, week out at Boro. To get serious cash for him is a masterstroke. Good work by Boro.

    How will the doom & gloomers cope? This will ruin their mental universe. They will have to either admit that Boro’s powers that be have done something effectively and got a great price or argue that Juke was a fantastic player and we’ve let him go on the cheap. Either way they will look daft. They’ll be used to that.

    So far Boro have done well this summer. Now we need a right back and another good one up front (I’m got going to demand Vossen because I’ve never seen the bloke play) plus maybe Clayton in & Whitehead out and we will be good to go.

  13. LOL. Not knocking Juke who has alawys put a shift in for Boro and been battered about a bit in the cause but we have got top dollar for an average Championship striker and one that we didn’t even want. Can’t argue with that.

    As “daylight robbery” deals go it it is right up there with the £4m we got for non defending ful back Joe Bennett, the £3m for injury prone walking mistake David Wheater and the still funny £2.5m for Brad “butter-fingers” Jones.

  14. All’s well that ends well as the old saying goes. A good deal all round for Juke, For Boro and for Burnley. The lad tried but was a fish out of water in a lone striker system.

    As a Boro fan he exasperated rather than angered me. He always put in the effort but spent a lot of his time hitting the ball high wide and handsome as he grasped desperately and uncomposed onto half chances and the rest of his time he spent on his backside being bundled over yet amazingly finding free kicks awarded against him ad infinitum. I wish him well at least he played rather than sulked his way out.

    The right back slot will be an interesting one. Varga done OK for me at this level and whilst never the quickest down the flanks made the opposition aware they were in a game. Granted he tended to get beat a few times but usually managed to pull off a sublime toe poke tackle to rescue the situation at the last minute. I would happily see him back as part of the 23 man squad but obviously AK has his sights set on a particular style of RB rather than any type of RB even if he is competent like Varga.

    I imagine the “athleticism” of Hoyte, the “never say die” spirit of McMahon, the resoluteness of Craggs and the marauding ability of a right sided version of French Frank being assembled in a Rockcliffe laboratory right now. OK maybe scrap the “athleticism” bit and add a little dollop of a right sided, right minded Ziege and we are good to go!

    Problem is we need two of them as we simply have none bar the untried Atkinson. LB I don’t think is such an issue as Halliday could maybe make a last play for it or Gibson could fill in when required. Carayol’s loss is another concern although perhaps the time has come for Reach to prove himself. I’d be content to see a LB signed and George pushed upfield.

    I’m still intrigued by the Clayton link, we are overstocked in the middle. I haven’t seen enough of Clayton to decide his merits but if he comes then I’m expecting some movement there and I keep thinking Leadbitter to Forest for £4m which perhaps would make the Terrier link fall into place leaving some dosh for a “Vossenesque” type signing.

    Interesting and intriguing times but overall I suspect that there is a very detailed and complex game plan where only exact fits will do. Makes a change from some of the last ditch makeweighting we have been subjected to in the past.

  15. I worry about Adam Clayton because, whilst he was great for U2, he must be late forties early fifties now. Is he really the answer for our midfield?

  16. A good bit of business for both player and the Boro, and probably Burnley too. Well done MFC. I wish him well.

    Juke never seemed a good fit it seemed a requirement that he was shoe-horned into the wrong system and expected to perform as he had before at Coventry. No doubt the loan to Bolton was a masterstroke where he built up confidence, scored goals and relaxed a little to stop him rushing and snatching at chances. A confidence rebuild you could say.

    The excitement and anticipation for next season is building up. The Boro seem to have plan at last not a flight of fancy. UTB

    Coincidentally, we’re off to Murcia on Thursday for a long weekend.


  17. Like many I wish Juke the best.

    His best games were playing alongside Scottie or Marvin but there was never a settled run. I am afraid Mogga didnt believe in settled formations.

    When I say alongside I mean in proximity. Even when he played with Scottie if the opposition had full backs who made runs and crossed the ball when they were in junior school it was split strikers.

    If he played up front on his own he lacked the pace and touch to make that role work, as mentioned above he was forever knocked over and penalised. You suspect that if someone had tried to rob him at knife point but escaped he would be charged with leaving the scene of the crime.

  18. Wish him good luck with Burnley, if they manage to stay up it’ll be one of footballs happier stories. I did like the Juke, and hoped he’d develop into the player we thought we’d bought, but he always looked ungainly to me, as if he was only going in any one direction on average…..a shame, but a great bit of business for the club.

  19. I still don’t understand the amount of people who felt that Jutkiewicz had been banging in the goals for Coventry. He’d scored a few goals for them, quite a few of which were penalties, but never got into double figures for them in a season and yet statistically had more shots than every other player in the division.

    When he came to the Boro he did the exact same thing. Constantly shooting when he had better options and frustratingly hogging the ball and trying to take on the whole opposition himself. When he wasn’t on the ball he was always looking for a physical battle with the defenders. I mean, he went looking for it and almost always came off second best when he really should be exploiting space and forcing them to challenge him. I lost count of the number of times I watched him grapple with the opposition when it looked easier to have scored.

    That said, I think there could be a half decent striker in there if someone can coach him into better decision making and use him in the right way. Good luck to him – another of our unwanted players who is off to the Premier League!

  20. We worry about our squad and there are Blackpool with eight contracted players and no goal keeper and less than a month to kick off.

    **AV writes: That is an annual event for them now. Since relegation they have been giving 12 month contracts so every summer they are rummaging around for a team. They don’t pay agents. They have a strict wage structure and a take-it-or-leave it stances on wage talks. They have no debt and a rebuilt ground and the chairman has no intention of putting any money in chasing the Premier League (the last promotion was a fluke). All their fans are amazed they didn’t go down last year and are betting on relegation this.

  21. Great bit of business by MFC offloading Juke for that money.

    Strange that two players who couldn’t find the net for us have both gone to Premiership teams

    Personally I think both will struggle. If they couldn’t score against likes of Charlton Doncaster and Barnsley how are they going to score against Arsenal Man City Liverpool and the rest??

    Don’t envy players at their training camp n Marbella, hard work in the heat. It’s tiring enough laid in the Sun here in Majorca. Tried to persuade the daughter to go to Marbella and take in the friendlies but she was having none of it and we ended up here.

  22. I think it may also be true of Blackpool that not only is the Chairman not putting money but in fact he’s making a healthy profit from the parachute payments.

    John –

    I agree with you entirely re: Juke, Coventry fans told us on this blog not to expect him to score goals, with us his strike rate was 1 in 4, 1 in 3 at best and actually his strike rate at Bolton was no better than 1 in 3. He had a purple patch at Bolton when he seemed to score every week, but if my memory is good he hardly scored at all in Bolton’s last ten games.

    He’s got a blinding move , he’ll be on prem wages for at least a year and then he’ll be a well paid Championship striker again. He may even be a Prem player for a couple of seasons but I suspect he’ll need Massimo’s blanket and hot water bottle to keep him warm while sat on the bench.

    Len made a good point about not being able to get excited about Kike and the pending season, it was a fair challenge to make.

    My view is that it isn’t the signing of Kike which has galvanised the excitement, after all we’ve just signed a Spanish second division striker who averages 1 in 3. The excitement I think comes from the very good end of season run in, the fact that we can all see Karanka has a very clear game plan and that the guy oozes confidence and self belief. He is in short a leader and leaders galvanise people.

    He may just have the X Factor we need to hit the top six. I’ll be a tad more excited if we sign Clayton, who seems to be a very good Championship player and a tad more excited if Vossen comes good. Seeing Omerou back will again be a big plus as he seems to be a class act.

    The season seems to be shaping up to have considerable potential.

    **AV writes: People sneer at one in three as if that was a bad average. In the Championship one in three is more than respectable. Score more than that and people stick a nought on your pricetag. McDonald got one in three and he was regarded as the Messiah because he ran around a lot and pointed a bit. One in three over a season is 14 goals. That’s not bad.

    1. AV, I agree that i in 3 is not bad, but that’s all it is. There seem to be a few Championship strikers around who score 1 in 3, hardly strong credentials to become a Premiership striker?

  23. Unless I’m mistaken, Kike scored 23 goals last season. That would mean he played 69 games last year for a 1 in 3 average??

    Lets put a positive spin on it and just take last seasons average which must be more like 1 in 2. He’s developed to become what he achieved last year, lets not cloud the issue by including his learning curve.

    Difficult to type with these foam hands on….

    1. Mardy –

      1 in 3 from Kike this coming season will be fine if he also ends up with 15 assists to his name allowing the No. 10 to score a similar amount also. We’ll then need a winger/midfielder to score 10-ish plus a few more from other players and if all that happens we’ll be contenders.

      If Kike reproduces his goal scoring rate of 1 in 2 from last season then that I suggest will make us top two contenders.

  24. Probably the most crucial thing about Kike is that he pays the same role in Spain that Karanka wants him to play.

    It may or may not work out, that is the risk you take. Mogga brought Miller to the club based on the experience of him scoring every blue moon and he continued that at the Boro.

    Strachan brought in Boyd because he had scored a shed load in the Scottish premiership, I wont even mention Alves or Mido. Damn!

    Aliadioveragain didn’t score anywhere and kept that going.

    Diego Forlan scored shed loads before he was poached by ManU but he scored at Athletico.

    It is all a bit of a gamble.

  25. Sky are reporting interest in Adomah from Forest, an offer made apparently, and possibly Premiership interest. I would have thought he would be an integral part of the plans this season. Or maybe it’s just rumours and stirring to unsettle him.

    **AV writes: Yes, Boro have told them to bugger off. Story on Gazette website.

  26. Interesting to know whether Enrique, Garcia, both or Kike will appear on the shirt… at a pound a pop parents will be sweating!
    AV, Not being able to see the first few words because of “Enter your comment here” is annoying…..

  27. AV – Have you struck out on your own as there does not appear to be a link from the EG to your blog. In the past when you wrote an article a link would appear at the bottom of the MFC page, to date the only link is the very first one you put on in June (i.e. “Look a new Blog”) or am I seriously missing something.

    Your advice would be appreciated.

    Come on BORO

    **AV writes: There will be a button of some sort at some point. That sounds really vague doesn’t. I am currently running a stand alone operation, although to be fair, it was always only ever semi-detached. But there is nothing sinister. Basically I was told that Moveable Type (the old platform) was being switched off imminently. It is obsolete, bits fall off all the time and technical support for it is being withdrawn. So my priority was to get out quickly and save my eight years of archives. Hence the moonlight flit to here. I’ll tweak the layout and try to restore my link to the mothership later but for now I’m just glad to have found a new home.

  28. Plenty happening today then.

    It’s confirmed that Kike has completed his move to the Boro, and the Juke likewise with his move to Burnley. There is also the supposed move from Forest in making an offer from Adomah.

    Good news all round with the first two as it will keep all concerned happy. We have our No 1 target and the Juke has his move, while the chairman has made a profit on him.

    The Adomah link is lacking details. I would suspect that his price would be in excess of £2M. After all, we only got him for £1M as his contract was running down and his previous employers were wary of losing him for nothing if they didn’t take a deal. As far as I can see though, we hold all the cards there. We are not desperate to get funds in after selling our two non-scoring strikers already this summer. Also, he has a couple of years left on his contract, so no panic there.

    In short, the offer would need to be massive to tempt us to sell, especially considering that he is our only right winger. I suspect that at least one midfielder will depart this summer, especially if a deal for Clayton is completed. Smallwood, Butterfield and Whitehead are a lot more likely to be the potential departees though.

    Leaving one Championship club for another would not really make sense to me. If however one of the as yet un-named PL clubs were to come into the reckoning then things change significantly. They can raise the wage stakes and make the offer ‘too good to turn down’ for both club and player.

    Going from us to Forest ? I just can’t really see the point !

    Have you or Phil got any word from the club about this Adomah link yet Vic?

    **AV writes: Yes. Story on Gazette website. Forest made a £1.75m bid. Boro have dismissed it out of hand. They told them to bugger off and not bother coming back with a second offer. A very senior club source was adamant that Adomah is not for sale.

    You have to say, Forest seem to be addicted to making strategic bids for opposition teams’ key players. In every transfer window they make about 30 bids that they never follow up. I don’t know if they are trying to rattle rival or to persuade their own fans that they are ambitious. I think January’s spendaholic speculation unsettled their existing squad. I think all that £3m for Leadbitter, £4m for Ings, £3 for Martin, £3m for Tripper stuff (with nothing to show for it) undermined the dressing room. I think it cost them promotion. And Davies his job.

  29. Ah, scratch that last bit. I have just seen the story pop up on the site.

    £1.75M ? Cheeky gets !!

    They must have thought they were making a bid on a well know internet auction site for one of his replica kits, not the International winger who scored 13 goals off the wing last season, and just graced a World Cup….

  30. Another new blogger. Getting crowded isn’t it? Loved reading it for the intelligent comments from your regulars.

    One of the Original Ayresome Angels back after 30 year exile due to being penniless and raising a family. Got season ticket last year and intend to stay the course whatever happens. Think Karanka is the man to take us back to the promised land.

  31. Whilst there is a flourish of new bloggers appearing, I thought I’d better sign up to the new site which looks very neat and tidy and is a vast improvement to the old “hot lead”.

    This isn’t actually my first post as I did once join in the theme of comic books/magazines from the past. That was a while back and might have been started by Jarkko coming over and looking to have a Beano at the local pub. Others thought it was fine and Dandy. You can tell where this thread went…….

    I’m a blown away Middlesbrough lad having lived in a few different places, but settled in Western Canada 35 years ago. I must have seen my first footie match at Ayresome Park with my cousins back in about 1952. We lived in the West Lane area, so it wasn’t a long walk to the match. We saw the latter days of Mannion and lots of great names from that era, including that dynamic pair of Brian Clough and Alan Peacock. I got autographs of lots of those players, but the book was stolen by someone who rented our house while I went to work overseas. Rotten scoundrel, or words to that effect. (Left it in the loft thinking it would be safe.)

    I think Steve Gibson has done a sterling job with the club, so very much different to the days when I was a regular attendee, and he’s absolutely right to get the young’uns involved and fired up. Once it’s in your blood, it’s part of your DNA and you carry it with you forever, witness all the expats that lurk or post here.

    I may still continue to lurk, as I pretty much get my main entertainment from reading this blog, but perhaps now that I’ve taken the plunge, I’ll find the environment pleasantly warm.

    **AV writes: Of course you will. Welcome aboard. You are one of us now.

      1. Nigel –

        No, I’m not, but my memory goes back that far and I did bump into one or two guys over the years who were involved in the newspaper business. They seemed to be happy to be part of their union, that’s for sure.

  32. With all the new bloggers it is like the virtual rebirth of the Ayresome Angels as this element of the supporters is blooming.

    Vicker’s Valiants?

    The bit about Forest putting in bids for everyone reminded me of Spurs a few years ago. Their fans complained that they were always in for some top target but never got them, the fans thought it was window dressing to appease them.

  33. A Forest fan at work apologised to me for his club continually unsettling or players.

    I told him not worry, none of them are unsettled.

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