Notes From The Sunlounger

RIGHT, what with taking part in the Gazette’s Great Leap Forward to digital first (more of which later), training, drunken awards beanos in the big city and family stuff, its all been very quiet on here the last week.
And next week I am out of the office and lazing around in the garden (weather permitting) so it will be pretty downbeat then too. Why not, if the entire football goes on holiday for a fortnight then that’s me. I’m part of that world. Ish. On the fringes.

But while I’m taking time out to chill and refresh the batteries, I’ll still be dipping in every day and publishing your comments. If you are looking for something to chat about there is this nice bit I did on our main World Cup interest Kenneth Omeruo in which he says he loves Boro, we’ve helped him onto the plane to Brazil and he would love to come back next season plus the regular waffleathon that is Talking Boro… 10 parts over two weeks this year, updated daily on the website starting here. and in paper.
It pretty much covers all the highlights of the season – Mogga out, Karanka in, defensive improvement, lack of teeth, super support – and I think at one point I may even have told people to put a daft quid on promotion because we were “going to walk this league next year.”
Feel free to abuse me as the deluded ra-ra in chief or comment on anything said.
Then there is Boro winning the Under-17 European Championships. Well, England, but if West Ham can claim the 1966 World Cup then I think we are entitled to claim this after two Boro Young Guns came away from the final with winners medals. First team squad members Ben Gibson and Luke Williams also have winners’ medals from 2010. We’ve smashed this.
Berwick Hills defender Dael Fry and Peterlee-born midfielder Callum Cooke have become Gazette back page regulars over the past week as we’ve been phoning them every few days. They seem levelled headed lads and very focussed and they are more than holding their own in a group dominated by Premier League starlets.
You can read Dael insisting England would win here and Cookie outlining how the lessons learned in the tournament can help them him step up and follow Gibbo and Luke into the first team here. Let’s hope they succeed.
‘s next generation claiming continental glory:two of our Young Guns won the Dael Fry


25 thoughts on “Notes From The Sunlounger

  1. Just seen you on Karanka video, I was impressed, you never took your eyes off the biscuits once.
    Good Hols;
    **AV writes: Well I was sat next to Big Jeff Winter. If I wasn’t on my toes biscuitwise then I’d have been left with crumbs come the half-time whistle.

  2. My son has informed me that Boro must get automatic promotion next season as he mustn’t be distracted by play-ofs while doing his GCSE’s. So my daft quid is on automatic promotion too.

  3. I hope YOU put your £ on,howeverIi am glad of your comments after reading the ‘experts’ opinions for for next season in the Evening Gazette. I thought I was the only person in the Boro that fancied us to go up automatically.

  4. My daft quid (or dollar for me) is staying in my pocket. There’s a reason why bookies always drive flash cars.
    Well done to the two Boro youngsters who helped Ingerlund to win some trophy or other. They don’t look very happy though. Go on lads, it won’t hurt you to smile a bit. You never know, it may not get any better for you…ask Bruno Pilates. Hopefully they can kick-on and follow Ben Gibson’s example instead.

  5. I am fairly confident about next season.
    As a long time advocate of having a recognisable shape to the team I can only be pleased we have developed a style. I wasn’t overly bothered about what shape the team played in as long as there was something to fall back when things were not going so well.
    Obviously there needs to be a plan B but having a plan A is the basis of moving forward.
    Progress would be Ledesma, Carayol and Adomah being more consistent. It wouldn’t need to be at their best every game, just more of them and less disappearing would make a huge difference.
    A few weeks back I expressed the view that Tomlin may be our new flying pig, aka Alan Foggon. If he has truly bought in to Aitor’s ways he will be pivotal to our season.
    Even a dozen extra goals across those four would have made a huge difference to our fortunes.
    Throw in a decent striker – Benzema is out of contract at Real and a trip to specsavers (other opticians are available) for the officials and we will be close
    Fine lines

  6. Too quiet. Not any transfer gossip yet even we all know that two full backs and a striker is needed. But the tranfer window will open around June 7th.
    At least one can order the new kit tomorrow. Red home and black/blue striped away – so no big surprices I think. I am tempted to buy now as I hope the 2014/15 season will be massive. Play-offs surely?
    At least we have the World Cup to look forward to. I hope Albert makes the cut and we have some interest in how Omeruo is doing in Brazil.
    Shall we hear anything on Juke and Emnes before the window opens, AV?
    Up the Boro!
    **AV writes: I wouldn’t expect to much to happen in next few weeks. Football je on collective holiday, some in Dubaï, some in Acklam.

  7. This FFP thing AV,I know you can spend a percentage of income plus owner investment. Does that mean (silly ?)if you have say 10,000 walk ups to a game that can be used,, seems daft if your last three games of the season are the biggest gates.
    Reminder to everyone the more season tickets more investment.
    AV writes: Basically you are allowed revenue plus £5m from owner plus £3m losses that owner converts to equity, ie writes off. The second two are fixed. The only réal variable is income and in this division that comes down to gate money – and some people demand lower prices AND big spending!

  8. I believe Tomlin will really blossom next season. While at Posh he seriously let himself down collecting yellow cards for fun. Not one so far with us, I think.
    If AK has been able to turn him round we could have a big ever present goal scoring asset.
    As I mentioned previously, if Posh didn’t get promotion, Britt Assombalonga could be worth a look. I watched the first Posh playoff game and he was their best player, although his goal was offside.
    There was one little cameo where he was up against two burly centrebacks in the area, he did a bit of a soft shoe shuffle causing one guy to unbalance, fall against his oppo and they both ended up in a heap with no foul given.
    He is still a young lad but he is fast and strong and I think he could give Championship defenders a hard time. As usual though, money is always the problem.

  9. Shame for my Derby friends, I feel for them but at least I have another match to go to.
    As I walked past the local veg shop the Forest fan who runs it waved at me with a big smile on his face.
    I know a few people from Burton who have gone for long weekend. They are Derby fans but also support Burton Albion.
    It may sound a bit like a Darlo or Pools fan supporting Boro but because they were a team outside the league it is like a Sythonia fan supporting Boro.

  10. Watcing the Champpions League final, I think the commertator over here mentined the few Real Madrid players who have won the trophy three times. I think Aitor Karanka was one of the few. Can anyone confirm this as I didn’t found it in Wikipedia, for example.
    I was supporting Athletico, though, as they are a smalller club and do co-op with Boro. Luke Williams was three for a month last year if I remember correctly.
    Up the Boro!

  11. From the gt Sunlounger…
    Up early to watch Orient v Roherham. Not much skill but lots of effort ,good game. Richie was steady and looked the part.
    Gonna be in the eighties today,so out the back to clean up dog crap,then cut Lawn, front and back ,a bit of tidy up around, over to store for some cool refreshments,back to house to sit on deck and quench ones thirst, listen to some favourite tunes,and admire the work Ive Dome.

  12. Good grief it’s quiet. I can’t stand it. Somebody start a rumour. A rumour about a rumour would do. Anything.
    I see Cardiff have signed Macheda. Wigan, Watford and Bolton have strengthened too. Meanwhile Boro have realeased lots of players and the loanees have gone home.
    I need to something to feed by end-of-season mild optimism.

  13. Watched part 6 of talking Boro and was surprised by the short list of players the panel would definitely keep.
    From the sound of it most places are up for grabs but the players coming in would have to be better than those going out.
    I like that idea because in the past it has been a bit like rummaging through the remnants box for the sake of it
    Gary Monk’s comments about Emnes are interesting. Many have struggled to get the best out of Marvin, hopefully he will meet the targets set for him and make a success out of a move to Swansea.
    A gifted player, lets hope he doesn’t have a bright future behind him.

  14. I wonder if a “Deal” could be struck to bring Frank Lampard to The Riverside, to help nurture the Chelsea youngsters?
    **AV writes: What, at £150k a week? Good luck with that.

  15. Really enjoying the Talking Boro series, AV! Big Jeff can certainly shift those biscuits!
    Can you confirm that the fixtures come out on 18th June? Can’t wait. We’ve got some interesting trips ahead of us – Wolves, Rotherham, Brentford, Fulham, Cardiff, Norwich. Those last two are a nightmare to get to.
    Norwich is a zillion miles from anywhere, and there are no dual carriageways for 100 miles after you leave the A1, with all the main roads clogged with tractors and juggernauts.
    No doubt the FA will give us them and Cardiff away on Tuesday nights, and inevitably Forest will also be away midweek, cos it always is!
    Whilst personally sorry for Schteve and his young Derby side, I am rather glad to see the back of QPR, as that would have meant yet another trip to the Smoke.
    However, I also really hope that they still get clobbered with a very heavy fine for massively exceeding the FFP rules.
    It would be absolutely typical if the FA let them off with it. I’m still furious about the way West Ham got off after the Tevez business, and then there’s Sunland, escaping with a fine for fielding an ineligible player for a mere 4 games!!
    Ironic, n’est- ce pas, that they don’t seem keen to take points off Premier sides these days. Now when was the last time they actually did that? Remind me……..
    **AV writes: Yes, fixtures soon. Excited. Forest is away on a Tuesday in Sept, home on a Tuesday in Feb under a 1962 FA bylaw.

  16. Lampard to Boro. Is that Dave Lampard who works in our local garage?
    Watched the latest video about our lone striker. We need the next Drogba willing to play for £4k a week. A job for Mr Gill of the Gary variety.
    I suspect it may be Danny if we can make the sums work.

  17. Deal, was in inverted commas AV. It is also in Chelsea’s interest if their youngsters come good.

  18. Watching the Talking Boro videos, Big Jeff Winter is the kind of forward that Boro needs.
    While AV stares intensely but passively at the biscuits, Jeff acts clinically and gets himself outside half a dozen. That’s the kind of decisive conversion rate we’ve missed for years.

  19. AV –
    As a trinity mirror employee I am seeking some basic marketing logic to the sponsorship of the talking boro video clips.
    Unless the target audience are cross dressers or female fans I cannot grasp the link to hairy arsed fans like myself.
    If you come up with the answer you never go to the site by that route you should hang your head in shame.
    No doubt this will disappeare like many posts. Maybe the idea is to have the response to the ill fated facelessbook main site.
    Maybe you wish to be invited to the ghost blog awards ceremony?
    I now it isnt your fault but who can we shout at? As was said there is sound unless someone can hear it.
    **AV writes: As you know I have little influence or knowledge of the Bird under the bonnet but I believe the advertising is ‘smart’ and is tailored to your previous browsing activity.
    If you want to shout at our social media editor I’m dire there is a ‘contact us’ button.

  20. Thank God we have Talking Boro videos to look forward to! I feel like NikeBoro and come to these pages every day hoping to read something about new players or how close we are loaning Graham back.
    I do feel very optimistic about next season. We do need a few fullbacks and a striker but there is no great need to change all players. I will be happy if we keep Juke if Bolton does not have money, but we do need also another striker. Danny Graham is a possibility and we might get money by selling Emnes to Swansea.
    The cover we need for a right back is obvious and we need a left back to press George. But these should not cost a fortune. So we really need only a decent striker to be successfull next season.
    I do hope we keep Smallwood as he had a succesfull loan at Rotherham. If so, we could even sell one of the midfielders. Also Reach had a succesfull loan. And then there are the chances to get one or two of the Chelsea youngsters back.
    The central defence is looking good as well. First we have a good system to play, then we have Gibson emerging, Rhys Williams is fit for the pre-season, Ayala is fully fit and we can still get 20 to 30 games from Woody. Any two of these four are good enough for the division.
    And the biggest positive is that we do not need to reduce the salary roll as much as before. We have interest for two of our strikers who where not regulars and some other players not playing regularly were released recently.
    So we have room to deal and bring in a striker. And remember we have Lee Tomlin to play off a decent striker.
    Well, just waiting for the transfer window to open. I think we have a solid system to play and work on. Up the Boro!

  21. AV – Cheers, that explains it.
    My wife is useless at computers but she seems to be able to master the sites of M&S, Sahara, Next etc. (other clothes related shopping sites are available).
    Back to Boro and like many I am intrigued about who stays and who goes. One minute you think it is a clear out, the next that it will be a little bit of tweaking.
    If Steele stays then he and Dimi would be fighting for the starting spot, Ripley probably out on loan.
    I dont know that left back is our biggest priority but we do need cover. Right back is a definite need. Maybe Varga will come back, will Williams make it his own berth but I have a feeling he could end up never nailing down a position.
    Central defenders look ok.
    Centrally Leadbitter, Whitehead, Smallwood are solid and Buterfield offers a bit more going forward.
    Creatively Ledesma, Carayol, Ledesma are good but not consistent. It may well be time for Reach to make his mark.
    Tomlin looks to be a real asset and to fill that role in the middle of the three, a role that also may suit Williams
    Up front is a bit of a guessing game. Juke, Emnes, Main, Williams, Kamara offer as any questions as answers. Graham? Doyle?
    Head scratching time.

  22. I’m worried. I’m feeling optimistic about next season. This is an alien mood and we haven’t even signed anybody yet and don’t have anybody that can score well into double figures.
    If this continues, next thing you know, I’ll be confident – where’s that going to lead? An optimistic, confident Boro supporter – now there’s a tautology.
    I can’t help but think I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin’. It’s the hope that gets you in the end.
    **AV writes: You’re allowed to be as confident ad you like in the summer. No one will hold it against you. After all, as it stands we are joint top…. or bottom depending on perspective.

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