Albert Puts Bite On The Terriers

IT WAS SCRAPPY as hell but still entertaining as Boro twice came from behind to draw 2-2 at Huddersfield. After months without an away goal that felt like a decent result.
Sluggish starters Boro were behind in the third minute as former Boro slapstick step-over merchant Adam Hammill scored – naturally – then again as one timed mooted transfer target Nahki Wells dipped in a cracking goal but both times Albert Adomah squared it up, first rounding the keeper then lashing home a sizzler down the middle. That’s 11 now.
The positives were that Boro fought back from behind; that after the break changed the tempo and flow of the game by making an attacking tweak (the direct Tomlin for conservative Chalobah) ;that they scored their first away goals in seven games since the 2-0 win at Blackpool on January 11; that Albert looked a lively and influential figure again as he got his first goals of the year and finally appeared to be back on song after a disrupted start to the year; seeing a bunch of kids on the bench; George was good again; and the fans.
The negatives were a very slow and disjointed start; the frequent sloppy balls that conceded possession in dangerous areas; gifting two goals to a limited side that have struggled to score of late; losing that impregnable clean sheet aura with five leaked in two games ;another ineffective show from isolated Danny Graham; and making Adam Hammill look good;
It was low on quality it has to be said as both sides competed to give the ball away more often and in more dangerous areas as the mistakes piled up. All four goals came from woeful individual errors: poor touches, way ward square passes cut out, ill judged and poorly executed backpasses, cheaply conceded throws… it wasn’t one for the purists. But hey, this is a mid-table Championship dead-rubber between ailing sides. It was never going to be El Classico.
Tired now. More later…


16 thoughts on “Albert Puts Bite On The Terriers

  1. The most instructional of games, for me.
    I think much of what is wrong with our team was on display last night, much of it before the game kicked off.
    I watched the shooting practice before the game started. Much of it was very ordinary technically, even if it started off largely accurate. Little venom or power, marginal control, but mostly accurate at least. It got worse and worse. The team left the field having hit the target one shot out of six!
    Ledesma was funniest! After screwing a left-foot shot a yard wide of the left-hand post (seen from behind, that is), he did not hang his head in his hands in shame, but adopted the pose of a surveyor, and did this little mime with his forearm at the vertical and moving horizontally, as if this mathematical computation, this fine-tuning and re calibration of a fine instrument, were the point of the shooting practice! It was worth the ticket price, a wonderful comic expression of “up himself”!!
    Meanwhile, the last ball someone floated in for the the goalkeeper’s catching practice landed a yard into the roof of the net, and the boys trooped off looking happy with themselves and their work, and the wonderful supporters clapped them off. You can be too supportive, folks!
    When the team came out half-asleep, not appearing to expect Huddersfield to be awake either, the inevitable happened. And for the rest of the game, the shooting was abysmal. Even Adomah’s hard-struck goal was straight at the keeper!
    Entertaining, very!
    As was, in a way, Jason Steele’s muck around in his half-time “practice”, where he seemed to spend a disproportionate amount of time kicking easy balls into the empty net, as if he were a striker for the under-seven side! One could have felt he was mocking those who watched this desultoriness.
    If Huddersfield had not been as technically inept as us, that would have been a battering. As it was, the crowd were again the man and woman of the match! Friend kept trying hard and Adomah responded well after a while, but it was the crowd who produced the occasional oomph and desire into the team.

  2. I think we all are disappointed that Boro are not in the play-offs this season. But should we have expected any better after the year 2013 we had?
    At least we can agree that the change of a manager does not correlate to the team’s results. This is a mathematical fact that is proven correct again. There is only a few exceptions to the rule. Perhaps El Tel saved us from relagation, perhaps Steve Mac will get Derby to the play-offs.
    But immediate improvements by changing a manager are very rare if you look into history. Change just gives hope when all the hope is gone.
    The long term success is based on the club and not only the manager. And putting the basics in order takes time. If we decide to have a new manager we must accept that it takes one or two pre-seasons for him to built a successful team. So let’s give Karanka more time. We need at least a whole of next season before we can start to make an opinion on him. A minimum.
    The next summer will also be exciting as to see who will get a transfer embargo or not. There will be a few clubs facing this if they do not get promotion this season. Unfortunately there could be some teams fighting against administration, too.
    So I think the FFP rule will help Boro. Again we have to thank Mr Gibson (just compare Bates at Leeds!). So we must see the positives and if we can keep the defence as it is and we start to defend from the up-front like Manchester City does, who knows what we can can archieve next season.
    There is life after this season. Luckily. Up the Boro!

  3. It seems we can have clean sheets without registering goals but if we score goals we can’t keep clean sheets.
    Though an interesting switch at half-time bringing on Tomlin for Chalobah – did that mean Butterfield dropping back a bit and Tomlin playing as a number 10? Or did Boro even dare to change their shape after the break?
    I feel who Boro have as the two in front of the defence holds the key to Boro being most effective. These are the players who determine both our solidity and the ability to switch play into an attacking force – having a couple of one-dimensional defensive midfielders will leave the team ineffectual and disjointed.
    So did we look less solid with only one defensive midfielder?

  4. I was right with the draw but added bonus of two goals instead of one.
    If we had been able to keep possession better we most likely would have won the game. Too many times the ball was given away needlessly by not looking up,a hopeful punt up the field,miss timed basses,or wrong choices.
    Bad ball retention by both sides created the entertaining game,you never knew which way the game was going to go. I’m sure the lad who scored Huddersfield’s second didn’t mean it,more of a hopeful cross that got lucky.
    Just shows what Albert can do when he is up for it,too many times lately especially at Bournemouth he hasn’t been interested and you can tell in the first fifteen minutes how he is going to play. Same goes for Carayol.
    These players need do it week in week out not just when they feel like it otherwise they become luxuries we can’t afford.
    On to Brighton,another long trip hopefully with a better outcome than Bournemouth and at least a goal.

  5. By the way I noticed yesterday both keepers used water bottles with tops on.
    Saturday it could have been Dimi’s or Rob Greens!!

  6. Relieved relieved relieved.
    Unfortunately at the moment my spirits are so low that I switched off the radio after the Terriers opening goal. Only daring to check the teletext for the latest scores every twenty minutes or so.
    The comments from Maddo and Up the Boro Brownlee at the start didn’t make me feel confident from the start talking about our inability to change formations and sticking to the same style which everybody in the Championship has sussed out and knows how to stifle us.
    For the first time I thought have we made the right choice in Special K? Then when I had the radio off I thought to myself, he has had no real money to spend, he is playing four loan players and the players don’t really believe that they can achieve promotion this year and are going through the motions or even worse thinking about going to the World Cup !
    I think that as soon as we are mathematically safe then he will start tweaking the formation perhaps playing one central mid defensive and one central creative with Tomlin pushing up to support the lone striker.
    It will be interesting to see after the fanfare of our new alliances with Spain if we bring any players in and I don’t mean loan players I mean permanent players who can commit to the Boro.
    Will Varga stay or will he go back? Will Luke Young and Adam Reach stay? Or be moved on? One thing for sure there will be a lot of changes in the playing personnel this summer or perhaps even the management?
    Anyway I’m pleased we bit back against the terriers but we need to find to find some aggressive bark to sniff out some points for the next few games.
    Fat Bob

  7. Never Give Up on Boro –
    Have you noticed how much the managers drink water during the match? I remember Steve Mac having a drink all the time.
    So it must have been ‘Arry! Or his dog.
    Up the Boro!

  8. Fat Bob –
    I was discussing with John what is the equivalent to hiding behind the sofa if you are listening on the radio. I suppose it is watching teletext updates with the radio turned down.
    The second half personnel were more to my liking. If you have someone like Tomlin in what we now call the no 10 role that makes sense. As I have belaboured before it is only a striker playing off the main front man.

  9. It is pleasing to see more positive posts and including some later posts on AV last article a bit of realization that AK has not had any time, money or pre seasons to mould a team into what he wants them to play.
    I cannot understand where fans and commentators (like Brownlee) are calling for him to abandon 4-2-3-1 system when the team have not or can not adapt/play it, if it was a team of players that AK had brought in himself then agreed something (system or manager) should change.
    During this summer AK will have a limited amount of maneuver with ins/outs depending on bids for players not out of contract, as no funds will be forth coming for the ones out of contract, only a small amount of room on the wage bill (FFP). Next summer there is a lot of higher paied players out of contract, therefore a lot more room to build.
    If the team/club is moving forward ( and I don’t mean automatic promotion but top 10)next season and we can see a style of play developing then I would want to see Steve Gibson extend AK’s contract before his last year.
    In MFC’s financial situation and FFP it will take time (and patience from fans)to build a team/squad capable of gaining promotion, it most probably will not be next season but as long as we are moving towards that goal there is no reason to give up hope.
    Come on BORO

  10. Jarkko –
    Yes but the offending bottle top next to where keepers drink as opposed to the outfield players who drink from sports cap bottles. Anyway the bottle top story seems very far fetched I wondered if it was maybe a sprinkler head??
    Suppose we will never know the real reason,they will be blaming the gypsy curse next ha!!

  11. Hopefully the article about last years losses will deter some from saying
    1. Gibbo should stuff his hand in his pocket and invest.
    2. Gibbo doesn’t want us to get promoted.

  12. Today’s article were it is reported that MFC reported a loss of £14m and a wage bill of £18.5m with a turnover of £14.21m for the season 12/13 (last season)might make some posters on here wake up and be a bit more realistic as to what Steve Gibson and AK can do in the summer.
    They have to have reduced the deficit to £8m this season (the first real year of FFP)to avoid sanctions/transfer bans/fines/points ?????
    It is a time when we need fans to support the club through the bad period and not just through the good times (Premiership/Cup Finals etc) and attend matches rather than listen on the radio or read newspaper reports then criticize the club for not spending vasts amount of money they don’t have.
    Support your local team !
    Come on BORO
    **AV writes: Some say the club should spend big – AND cut ticket prices.

  13. A good result last night, a draw away is always good. Two goals scored was nice to see also.
    I don’t quite understand the reports that Karanka wants to buy Graham though. He’s either the wrong man in which case we don’t want him or his lack of impact is down to the formation/style in which case play someone cheaper there who tries hard ie Main.

  14. I’m presuming the club have taken steps since June 2013 to stay within FFP limits (e.g. departures of higher earners like McDonald, McManus and Hoyte) otherwise I’m sure Tomlin wouldn’t have been converted from a loan to a permanent move when he was.
    Karanka will probably be already working with Steve Gibson and Neil Bausor to work out what kind of kitty can be established for the summer.
    Perhaps he’s already thinking whether he can manage without a few saleable assets next season – such as benched Steele, Rhys (take it easy with the recovery otherwise I won’t be able to sell you if you break down) Williams, Forest target Leadbitter and loanees Juke and Emnes.
    That could certainly give him something to play with after the new FFP restrictions kick in. That might leave enough to bring in two or three quality players to add to the five loan players allowed – Leeds may even need to sell their prize striker this time round.
    Add to that our current new look defence plus Adomah, Carayol, Tomlin and Butterfield and hopefully we can make a decent go of it next season – maybe…

  15. Are we still paying for October’s lynching? The wages we must still be paying Mogga, Venus, Pears, and Proctor have been well worth the investment for the soaring rise up the table from 16th to 15th, the utterly negative sterile football, the showcasing of other teams players, and the uninterpretable post match babble.

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