Rhys Blow Is Window Pain For Boro

BORO suffered what could turn out to be a major window pain as Rhys Williams suffered what looked like a serious Achilles injury.
Rolls Rhys could be up on ramps for quite a while and may need a lot of welding work before he revs up at the Riverside again. And the injury dogged Aussie is facing up to missing out on a second successive World Cup. Everyone is gutted for him.
He limped off on crutches down the tunnel in visible distress and away to a waiting ambulance after Boro’s drab goalless draw with Wigan for more detailed tests on whether the tendon it was twisted, torn or ruptured but the initial prognosis doesn’t look good.
A badly ruptured Achilles can be a more serious injury than a break. Rehabilitation is longer and less certain. It can have far more profound long term effects on fitness too.
And the injury is not just a personal blow for Williams. It could also have put a major dent in Boro’s squad-tweaking calculations as Friday’s transfer window looms and the Countdown music starts to speed up.

There seemed little to worry about as he went down in the centre circle. As a Wigan man dashed past chasing a quick ball forward Rhys turned sharply – too sharply – to set off in pursuit and his studs caught in the turf and that was that. It was freak. There was no contact. But from the moment he crashed to the floor it was clear it was bad one.
He needed lengthy treatment on the pitch with medical staff screening him with stretchers. We initially thought it must be a break, Then he was stretchered off in obvious discomfort and needing gas and air. That’s never a good sign.
Typical Boro. You could almost hear the groan around the Riverside as after the initial wince in sympathy the cynical default kicked in: “That’s the transfer scuppered”. Football fans can be hard-hearted pragmatists at times.
And those who have to make the strategic decisions may share that perspective. Rhys’ mooted move to Swansea – or one of his other suitors lurking in the shadows – was still very much part of the machinations as Boro try to jiggle and fine-tune the squad prior to the window closing. An initial derisory opening offer from Swansea was dismissed out of hand but the injury-ravaged Premier League side were expected to come back in with a more realistic offer before Friday while Celtic and West Ham are also said to be keen.
The exit of one of Boro’s highest earners (£18k per week has been mentioned to me by people who know these things) would have freed up space in the wage bill and raised income – ball-park figures of £1.5m down with add-ons have been talked of – to help fund a move for “a number nine and a number ten.” So that is a major blow to the strategic thinking of the powers that be at Rockliffe.
The possible exit was one that would have ticked a lot of boxes for both Boro and the player. With Daniel Ayala signed up on a real deal and Kenneth Omeruo also on board plus Jonathan Woodgate, Ben Gibson, Nathaniel Chalobah and at a push George Friend Boro are now heavy in central defence, the role that Rhys has played most of his football at over the past year or so.
Incidentally Karanka said after the game that the injury meant that Seb Hines proposed loan move to Birmingham was off although it is hard to see him in the mix.
Boro also have cover at right back – Williams’ best chance of the World Cup slot – as Jozsef Varga appears to be in poll position while Omeruo can play there and with Chalobah added to Dean Whitehead and Grant Leadbitter it is hard to see how Rhys would have found a place in the holding duo either.
So a move would have suited Rhys too. He hasn’t got a guarenteed place or even position at Boro at a crucial time when he needs to be playing if he is to nail down a slot in the Socceroos squad for the World Cup in Brazil.
But Williams won’t be passing a medical anytime soon. His dream has been torpedoed for a second time. He missed out on going to South Africa with Australia in 2010 when his star was in the ascendant after he developed a serious pelvic injury
Karanka admitted he felt deep sympathy for his player and said he suspected after the club’s medical staff’s early assessment that it was a bad one that will leave him touch and go for the trip to Rio. At best.
“He has gone to hospital now,” he told us in hushed tones after the game. “They will check him and we will know more very soon but yes, we must say it looks like a very serious injury for Rhys,” said the Spanish head coach.
“His face and the doctors face were not good. He was crying and I feel sympathy for him.
“It is very bad injury for him and a very important and serious one. I hope he will recover as soon as possible because he had a big chance to play in the World Cup. We do not know if that is now the case but he will hope so and that will be a big incentive for him.”
AS to the purgatory that was the goalless grind, the less said the better. It was low-thrills and lack-lustre far played in a flat atmosphere. There was little tempo, little shape and little sense that the scrappy showdown was ever going to get out of first gear.
Boro probably had the best of the chances as a good move found Curtis Main in space eight yards out but the final ball in to him from Emmanuel Ledesma was just behind him and in trying to re-adjust his step he slipped slightly and scooped over. Lively Muzzy Carayol sent one low effort whistling just wide and then had a diving header deflected behind. Ledesma had decent half chance with a free kick.
But despite that, Wigan were probably the better side. They looked more coherent and had a better shape and looked sharp on the break. They had the edge in possession and and had some good efforts in the second half as McClean put one over, Powell headed a fraction above the bar and then in the most memorable moment of the match – prepare to swoon – Boro’s current BBF and bromantic chant magnet Shay Given made a superb one handed reflex save from a Crainey that shot took a deflection and squirted goalwards.
Wigan are a decent side on a good run and while it wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser it will probably have to go down as a ‘good’ point secured on a poor day. That’s about it. Move on. It was typical Championship fare that has been forgotten already – but it was a game that Boro would probably have lost six months ago.
And while it wasn’t a classic it was another clean sheet. Five out of seven in the league now and four on the bounce at home (for the first time since September 2002) – that steely resolve may not excite but is a very good habit to get into. It is a solid platform for better things to come. And it should be noted that there was no dithering over the ball tonight after Leicester. But there was plenty of Row Z-ing. Not least from Daniel Ayala.
Now, having tweaked things and rewired the mentality at the back, Karanka has to get to work quickly on the sharp end. That will take new faces, Boro need clinical striking options to build on the platform the past month has given them. Everyone knows that not least the boss. And the chairman. Let’s hope between them they can push through the deals they are working on quickly and cleanly before Friday night.


37 thoughts on “Rhys Blow Is Window Pain For Boro

  1. It’s a shame for Williams personally and I have every sympathy with all this injury entails, but we really did want rid of this previously over-rated and over-hyped distinctly average footballer.
    His brainless lunge in the area on Saturday – one of four in recent history I believe – is testament to that. So Typical Boro gypsy curse bad luck strikes again…
    Your piece in the Gazette mentions ‘in-form Wigan’, but what happened to in-form Boro? Notwithstanding the Leicester result which was probably expected, was our undefeated run down to fortuitous curse-evading? Wigan are one place below us, albeit on GD, so surely we should be winning games like this? Or are we simply in a false position?
    I thought we were improving – on this evidence it’s obvious we are not…

  2. How does players insurance work Vic? I’ve heard that it’s a hefty amount but does it pay for wages when injured? How does this situation affect FFP? It’s hardly Fair if they account for wages spent on a long term injury with bona fide sick note!

  3. A few days ago we were discussing should we sell Rhys now our sypathies go out to him. He must have the same genes as Matt Bates.
    Three days left in the window and the call is for strikers. Luckily no one else in the football world is looking for a 25 goal striker who is available.
    Nor are the looking for a Mata on the cheap.

  4. I was on the virtual Bosco Jankovic stand last nght. The injury to Rhys was awful. I really feel for the lad as he is such a nice guy and has come trough the academy.
    Not happy with the result but at least we got a draw.
    Happy with Karanka so far during the window. He makes things happen. Now Juke out on loan, so it will be exciting few days to see who comes in. I am in no doubt that a replacement is already thought of. I hope it is foreign striker, but let’s see.
    Up the Boro!

  5. Hope Rhys makes a quick recovery. And I hope we can still make some moves before the deadline on Friday.
    From a boro fan living in Leicester I look forward to reading your blogs, you do a great job and should be proud!! I thought Joe was well out of order the other day..
    Keep up the good work..
    Fingers crossed for Vossen!!!!! 🙂

  6. Cassandra – I think Wigan have two games in hand. And now spry after their UEFA Cup run. So not an easy match by any measurement.
    Boro are still work in progress. We need two strikers by Friday and Kamara was not yet match fit.
    Up the Boro!
    **AV writes: Wigan were good, very organised and efficient in midfield. Espinoza was the best/most effective player on the pitch. Not a lot of flair but a good shape and well drilled. I think they will get better as the season goes on.
    In contrast Boro looked to be spluttering a bit after a long good run where they have worked hard and been solid but rarely spectacular. They were a long way short of the tempo, zest and spark they showed against Burnley for instance.

  7. This is a big blow for us.
    I feel sorry for Rhys but we needed the transfer money. Also I don’t see the point of loaning Juke. It appears to me that our financial position is pretty desperate.
    Where is the money coming from to get a decent striker?
    **AV writes: The situation isn’t desperate but it is constrained by FFP. Boro are pretty close to the ceilinbg and can’t just keep adding new players (even loan players) to the squad on £10k plus a week, which is what you are talking about to get quality in. The books have to be balanced. All the outgoing loanees – and some of them are on decent money – will help subsidise the wages of new ones.

  8. Dreadful luck for Rhys and the timing couldn’t be worse. He will be distraught.
    On our lack of goals from up top, I just hope that the solution is as “simple” as bringing in a couple of better players, and that Rhys’s non-transfer doesn’t affect our ability to do so. Contemporary versions of Hignett and Fuchs before Saturday?
    I’m still yet to be convinced that our new tactical cautiousness doesn’t play a part in a lack of goals from the forwards.

  9. First of all I wish him as speedy a recovery as possible for him, not sounding good though.
    However, if any of this is true then Karanka has dropped his first ball as our Head Coach imo.
    He’s been little short of messianic regarding his sorting out of the defense but there was no need to play Williams yesterday. Don’t misunderstand, he’s been much improved recently but his mistake for the penalty at Leicester and other options being available, I doubt anybody would have asked any questions.
    Hindsight is, of course, a wonderful thing but with Omeruo now here for three weeks and knocking on the first team door (Gazette’s words, not mine) and Gibson, who was then actually preferred to Omeruo, Williams shouldn’t have been risked.
    Coupled with a few other odd decisions yesterday, Karanka’s judgement disappointed me a bit yesterday, but what do I know?
    Having said all that, if we were balancing part of our incoming dealings on the hope that we might get an inflated panic offer from Swansea/West Ham late on Friday, we were always at risk of having, not for the first time, a disappointing window/deadline day.
    Anyway, in it for ever. In Aitor we trust and UTB.

  10. BerlinBoro has a point. Before the match when I saw Rhys was in the team I said to my son that it looked like Rhys wasn’t being transfered out otherwise he wouldn’t be playing. More often than not if a player is on his way out he isn’t played to make sure injury is avoided. This is all easy in hindsight of course but Karanka has dropped one there, for certain.
    I hope Rhys can make a swift and full recovery, but given his injury record and the very serious nature of the injury (it would seem), then we have to face up to the fact he has a career threatening injury.
    Presumably we will still see a new 9 & 10 coming in though, despite loosing the funds Rhys’ transfer would have brought.
    Last nights result was disapointing as a draw at home always is, but we didnt conceed and we got a result without playing well again. If we are to make a push for the top six we need new impetus which maybe the new strikers when they come will bring.
    **AV writes: I think a player would be sat out if there was a definite offer on the table but when it is just a possibility what do you do? You still have to pick your best team to win the match. You can’t leave people out on the off chance of even strong ‘interest’ firming up into a formal bid. Otherwise you could have a situation where you had to leave out Leadbitter and Carayol too just in case Forest or Brighton decided to beef up their vague inquiries to serious offers.
    Sometimes you are just unlucky.

  11. Like Andy R, I am not convinced that the root of our lack of goals from the centre forward is as simple as the current options being unable to successfully negotiate the logistics of the cows backside/banjo scenario.
    Whoever gets the job of playing up top in our version of 4-2-3-1 is tasked with the job of being our first defender, chasing right across the backline and refusing to allow the opposition back four to settle. Juke and Main have both selflessly carried out their orders in that respect.
    The three behind seem to press a lot less especially if they include Emnes and/or Ledesma although Manny has improved in that respect lately.
    In contrast it seems to me at least, that when Chelsea play this system, the front man busies himself only with the centre backs, staying in a position more likely to yield chances. The three attacking midfielders allow this by closing down a lot more than ours do.
    If either striker was missing four or five good chances a game, like Scott Macdonald last year, then I think it is simply down to them, but by my recollection they have missed one clear chance each in the last couple of games and that has been the story throughout the season.
    If a striker feels that he is going to get one chance per game and that is that then surely the pressure must affect performance?
    I can’t imagine that either Juke or Main would deny that their scoring record this season is unacceptable and there may be strikers capable of taking on the workload asked of them and delivering in front of goal but they attract a premium price. The names offered regularly on here, Sharp, Phillips, Le Fondre, all have their merits (and I wanted us to sign ALF from Rotherham) but I just can’t see them being capable of doing the donkey work required of our lone front man AND getting us 15-20 goals a season without more help from the three behind them and especially the number 10.
    Perhaps that is why Karanka is keen on shopping abroad where there might be a greater familiarity with the requirements of both roles?

  12. Andy R –
    Our strikers have scored a measly seven goals all season. The most prolific with a dizzying four is Kamara. Juke and Emnes each scored one whilst Mogga was in charge
    Kamara scored two under Mogga, one under Venus and one under Karanka but has been absent a good part of the time.
    Main scored one under Karanka.
    As strikers scoring has been a problem for some time I doubt whatever we did would have made much difference. He has started at the back but that was necessary.

  13. I wasn’t bothered by the Leicester result, but now once again my promotion–ometer has swung wildly back into the negative red.
    Pre–match I thought with three months to go to make up five points to scrape into the play–offs was do–able. Now after failing to score at home – and sounding like we couldn’t score if we played till the rain stopped – I’m thinking that seven points is going to be too much of an ask this season. Especially with the way Derby and Reading are banging in the goals.
    Mind you, I reserve the right to post like the most demented ra–ra should we sign a proven barn door destroyer. *sigh.

  14. I agree with what you’re saying about not leaving a player out before an actual firm offer is on the table. However, I think that’s more the case with a situation where the club is somewhat reluctant to sell.
    The situation here, as you appear to imply in your piece, is that we could have stood to gain from selling him i.e. been able to bring in a higher quality or quantity of attacking players, which must be priority.
    Every situation is different and you know a lot more about this one than I do, it just seems that we had more to lose than to gain by playing him.
    **AV writes: But there wasn’t a bid, just the belief that he could come into the mix should a bid arrive. Every club has several players in the same situation right now. Should Blackburn not play Jordan Rhodes? I think in transfer windows most managers just crack on unless a formal process is under way.

  15. An unfortunate turn of events with the injurt and the result but one I think will make Karanka a better manager in the long run. While we’re all stargazing at the playoffs (still a real possibility) we can also think of this part of the season as a great bedding in period for Karanka and his ideas.
    Call me a blue sky thinker but providing we finish within the top 12 (again hopefully top six) then the backroom team will have had half a season to implant their ideas, systems and work ethic onto our key players.
    No one in the dressing room can grumble about being moved on or not being given a fair crack of the whip after six months so it’ll be a case of either putting the effort in to stay here (on decent whack for a Champo player) or be moved on to a club where remuneration is less favourable.
    We have been crying out for an identity for about six years and he is starting to give us one – hard to beat, deadly on the break, well drilled. If we fall off the pace entirely we are faced with a series of dead rubber, pressure off matches that may not be ideal for matchday income or season ticket sales but could just do the trick for refinement while a 6 month recruitment process comes into force.
    I don’t want to spend time speculating on who’s coming and who isn’t so instead lets look forward to a cracking match at Doncaster on Saturday, they’ve just put three past Charlton so have an impetus to beat us and make headway in the battle at the bottom. We need to be on our game and get an early goal to torpedo their enthusiasm- this is not a game for sit back and wait!
    4000 of us at Keepmoat, lets hope they lads on the pitch use our noise in their favour.

  16. Ian –
    I’m not saying our forwards are great and I’m not saying we couldn’t do better.
    What I am saying, is that if you play a lone striker as we have pretty much all season under Mogga and Karanka, then you are more likely to get your goals shared around. It’s harder than ever now because as, wiggy’s mate says, the forwards have a different role and also get fewer chances.
    I have no problem with the formation, but I do think that Juke/Main’s work as first line of defence is quickly and unfairly forgotten when they miss their one chance in a game. A bit like a keeper who plays fantastically well all game but then drops a cross.
    Our play doesn’t make us hugely less likely to score as a team, but I think it does make our forwards less likely to score.
    I think that Leicester and Burnley are the only sides with two strikers in double figures. I think they both play with two up front and there is a bigger onus on them to score the goals.
    I hope we sign a cracking new striker and number ten. I don’t expect them to wrack up 25 goals between them before season’s end with our current set-up. They may only need to score 10-15 though.

  17. I agree with posts about RW but my argument is should he be in the team on merit?
    That’s twice recently he’s lunged in uneccessarily and give a pen away, we got away with the Bolton one and Ben Gibson has done ok when he has played so for me we have scored an og.
    RW has not been the same since his last long lay off and i did read somewhere that he suffers from a long term problem,so it would have been good business to get rid which looks unlikely now and could mean us having to settle for one or two in at the most, instead of two or three.

  18. Shame about Rhys he was just getting back to his old self. Can’t understand why Kamara didnt start . What a waste. Well hope we can sign a new striker before Friday. The guy from Genk looks good so we need to jump now.
    Also, what’s happening with Shay? Have we got him to end of the season yet?
    Come on Boro

  19. I suspect the signing of a scorer by Friday will be crucial to any chance we have of making the top six.
    After one point from six, I wonder whether our recovery and surge up the table has come to an end or merely faltered temporarily? Based on work-rate and combativeness, our tactics are always prone to running out of steam, especially as games come thick & fast.
    In particular, as I’ve said for some time, a team cannot rely for long on MF to get goals. The players know as well as we do that there is a lack of cutting edge that will eventually find them wanting. That must nag away and, once it kicks in, must undermine confidence. All the ingredients were there for us to come to a halt.
    Although I have little confidence in our getting promotion, I think we have a chance of making the play-offs. As Leicester, Cardiff and others have showed, that can be a wonderful springboard for the following season. However, as I’ve said many times, our chances depend on bringing in somebody to convert chances.
    Firstly the new blood would give fresh impetus. It would reassure players that (finally) the club had rectified a problem that dates back many years. It would give the squad confidence that they now have the cutting edge needed to sustain a challenge. Also new players often make the existing ones up their game.
    Secondly it would finally give us a team better balanced back to front. Playing the way we do, there are rarely more than two or three decent chances created and we need a predator to make the most of that. Mogga’s teams used to have bags of possession but couldn’t do anything with it. Game after game, teams just waited until we fizzled out and then made us pay for our impotence. Without a scorer, we risk drifting the same way.
    I would have been happy to see half-a-dozen of the fringe players shipped out, and even grudgingly prepared to see us cash in on one or two of our better players, in order to create the headroom to sign one or two forwards. To my eyes, that is key strengthening that will determine our progress this season and next.
    I said the the Leicester game provided a useful and timely benchmark. In the event it pretty much confirmed what we thought about our progress. We matched them in some departments but, yet again, lacked their incision. When that became evident, our confidence proved fragile and we fell away while they were more durable and unremitting.
    I now think the game at Doncaster will be a telling indicator. Have we run out of steam or can we get the recovery back on the road? Doncaster are fresh from a good win so will be no pushover. If we have a new dangerous forward in the side I fancy us to do well and push on towards the top six.

  20. Andy R
    True. The modern way of playing seems to need a Drogba or van Persie. There are not many of of those about.
    Or you need to be camped in the last third. Even then you have to score, Chelsea had 25 shots against West Ham and didn’t score.
    As I said yesterday, finding a striker on the cheap wont be easy. I suspect it will be a case of hoping a change of scenery will give a dead cat bounce. As in Eric’s article. A fix from which we can kick on

  21. The recent historic stats feature showed (at least to me, but I ain’t no stato)that historically the Boro has achieved what its achieved via a stingy defence…..which is good because even Clough,Slaven and Rav were not enough to get us into the higher scoring table.
    And as far as I have always been concerned, Boro haven’t had a prolific striker ever, not in my lifetime anyway, good ones, but not the sort of goalscorer we have always wanted.
    Our home grown defenders and wingers have consistently been a successful area but we don’t produce strikers, so we need to change that both at the academy and in our recruitment, It would have to make a difference, a difference many cant ever remember!

  22. AV: –
    Any continential planes landed recently or scheduled to be dropping off soon?
    **AV writes: Not today…. but could be one tomorrow.

  23. Poor old Rhys, really feel for the bloke, I hope he can recover from this set back.
    Interesting debate about transfers. It seems that when the transfer window is closed we all hanker after a pointy, shouty centre half (we’ve been telling them for three years this is what we need), but as soon as the window opens we want a 20 goal a season striker.
    Yes, Karanka has tightened up our defence, but with the same defenders that seven or eight weeks ago everyone was saying needed a wholesale clear out. Collective amnesia?
    What’s also interesting is our Chelsea imports. Two weeks, not even in the squad, now he’s made the bench but when we get an injury it’s Gibson who comes on not Chelsea (delighted for Gibson by the way). Today Karanka is saying he may strengthen the defence because of Rhys’ injury. Am I reading too much into this, or does that say something about Chelsea boy?
    **AV writes: I think you will see them very soon.

  24. Cant believe Karanka is thinking about getting in a defender due to RW injury considering the amount of loans allowed and our need for a striker and the financial constraints.
    Surely we have enough cover at the back – and was it ever a possibility that we would get a defender if we sold Rhys.
    Hope this report in Gazette is inaccurate!

  25. Will we be glued to the TV on Friday night clad in Army surplus hazard suits as Jim White Chernobyl’s before our very eyes. Rachel is clearly an android because she sits next to him with impunity.
    Maybe Dara and Brian Cox will do a stargazing live as a supernova is formed in the sky studies, who needs the Large Hadron Accelerator?
    Or will it be tumbleweed or in some fans eyes, even worse, Doyle.
    I don’t think we will be excited, more likely it is what it is.

  26. How long does it take to get a post on here!?
    **AV writes: It depends on how long it takes me to finish the second coat of gloss.

  27. AV –
    You’re at home decorating! Good man, can you give me a quote for my sons bedroom?
    I have it on relaible authority, via the Nunthorpe paper shop that Vossen is packing his bags as we speak and will be eating his first parmo by tomorrow evening……..

  28. I think the reason we have not seen too much of the Chelsea boys is exactly why they are out on loan they are not match fit and ready to take a position in the team.
    I think the boss has got this right.
    We make the mistake of pushing them in to change things and they are not ready and they fade away and go back. I agree AV we will see them soon.
    Oh for a striker – but beware. In the Daily Mail Alves and the gook are in the top ten premier league striker flops. Typical they had to find a place for Gook Lee and we got in for free.

  29. **AV writes: It depends on how long it takes me to finish the second coat of gloss.”
    Writing about the latest performances, you should be a whizz by now !

  30. AV is Graham Dorrans the muted No.10 player maker? Not sure if he brings anymore than Adomah or Carayol but would hopefully pose more of a goal threat in that role behind Kamara/Main/Graham/Vossen/Doyle (delete as appropriate at 11pm tomorrow) than Emnes.
    **AV writes: When I spoke to the chairman today he wasn’t one of the names mentioned. Loads of background on the various balls in the air on tomorrow’s Daedline Day Live blog.

  31. 1817: Sky Sports report MFC interested in signing Graham Dorrans from WBA who is out of contract in the summer, could we be planning to sell Leadbitter ?
    Come on BORO.
    **AV Writes: No plans to sell Leadbitter.

  32. timfromsa –
    Gook Lee was so bad that even for free he’d be overpriced. If he was a footballer…..no, that’s too ridiculous a concept. At least Alves occasionally looked as if he knew what a football was (eg against Man City), though if you take into account how much he cost and how much he was paid….
    Uwe Fuchs, Alan Armstrong, Branca: each in their own way successful and performed the job that was required. Good memories.
    Oh for a Robbie Mustoe, so fit and so reliable and able for year after year to see off foreign imports bought at a much higher price, and probably paid much more. Craig Hignett was relatively cheap and there is no doubt if he was at the club now, he’d score more than anyone else in the squad.
    Despite being in the same division as we were when we signed him, the modern day equivalent of, say, a Merson, would be so far out of Boro’s reach these days as to be laughable. But just imagine if we had a player of that quality for a year. I think he’d score enough goals and make enough goals for others, to put us right up there in the promotion mix.
    On Transfer Deadline Day, musing on transfers that were, with little money in the pot. Dreams….

  33. Hello again chaps! A thought – after the Racing Santander players’ strike, with their players not having been paid for several months, maybe Boro could have a sniff around? Surely playing in England and, amazingly, being paid for your trouble, might make one or two in their squad think about things.
    After all, a chap has to eat (parmos as well as paella, ale as well as Rioja).

  34. Another player gone under mutual agreement tonight Faris Haroun, the clear out continues. It could be an exciting day tomorrow maybe more going than coming in! then we have to wait for the loan window and work out 93 days from the play off final!
    Come on BORO

  35. Another poor game on Tuesday which left us feeling disappointed,only memorable moments were Mains miss and Givens terrific one handed save.
    Have to feel for Rhys,not been my favourite player of late but you wouldn’t wish an injury like that on him and now faces a lengthy time out.
    Unfortunately his expected departure won’t happen now and as one of the high earners is going to affect any incomings in this transfer window and I expect in the summer too as he will be lucky to be 100% then and playing again if as suspected its a ruptured Achilles.
    Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow,as I write Haroun’s contract is terminated (£10k a week)?? If he was supposed to be on that then there must be afew more fringe players we need to get off the clubs books too. No wonder Karanka is shipping them all out on loan!
    I really hope we don’t get Danny Graham,1 goal in a year is not the type of striker we should be bringing in and taking a risk that he will start scoring again. We don’t need any more players low on confidence hoping to regain it,we have just shipped one out,we already have one in Emnes,there is no room for anymore. If we continue to play the lone striker I can’t see him making any difference to what Juke did.
    I hope come 11pm we arnt all disappointed. I am hoping we have Given tied up for the season and one or two strikers. The fans will feel very deflated if all hopes and expectations fizzle out and nothing happens.
    4000 travelling to Donny on Saturday,lets hope the team performs and gives us something to cheer and not do a “typical Boro” and disappoint in front of a large following as has happened so many times in the past.
    So tomorrow we are glued to SSN,Facebook and Twitter waiting for hopefully good news!!
    **AV writes: Surely you be glued to this blog for all the latest news and behind the scenes updates on how we are doing with all those balls in the air.

  36. Deadline day arrives and a perfect opportunity for for AV to watch paint dry.
    Maybe Dorrans, Graham and Doyle, maybe someone out of left field, maybe tumbleweed.
    Meanwhile players continue to leave. As one who has posted that if they are not going to play then move them on be it on loan or permanently it has come as a surprise when it has happened.
    Aitor said he wanted a smaller squad but you dont expect it to happen. I am pleased our own prospects are getting game time, people like Reach, Williams, Smallwood and main have stagnated.
    They will all get better for playing week in and week out. I would like them to be doing it in our team but it is not to be.

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