Pug Ugly: Winning MIngers Leaves Bubbling Boro Sitting Pretty

WINNING ugly is part of the skills set for success in the Championship. It is nice to think that you can get to the exit door playing free-flowing, pundit-pleasing football but with flawed players and unpredictable opposition the ones that make it through this division’s war of attrition are those that can grind it out when they don’t play well.
Boro are starting to do that. The lipstick-on-a-pig, pug ugly 1-0 victory over the Valiants was far from polished: it was low-thrills, littered with mistakes and Charlton will feel gutted to have what looked a good goal ruled out (Church bundled it home but I don’t think it was dangerous or foul play, he had every right to go for it) and then had a good effort saved superbly at the death by bromantic Boro’s new squeeze Shay.
It took Boro’s current run to five wins and a draw from the last six in the league. Five clean sheets in that. And 16 points from 18. That’s not bad. But it was real minger. And to be fair, the 2-0 win at Blackpool had plenty of slap on but still looked well ropey. And the 2-0 at Millwall wouldn’t win many beauty contests either. Not even in Deptford.
Luckily all those three poor performances came against poor sides and there were moments of individual quality that decided games that were largely lack-lustre. If Boro are to continue the run and continue the climb then they will have to be better more often and leave less to chance against the limited sides. And they will have to be better still if they are to get something from Leicester next week.
But hey, three points, another win, the revival is still bubbling. Have a drink, enjoy it.


24 thoughts on “Pug Ugly: Winning MIngers Leaves Bubbling Boro Sitting Pretty

  1. It wasn’t great today but Boro won again and kept a clean sheet.
    Charlton hardly threatened at all in the first half, and Ledesma’s shot for our goal was good but wasn’t a clear cut opportunity, more a speculative shot that bounced awkwardly in front of the keeper.
    Nevertheless we were the better team at half time and were deservedly ahead, I thought we would get more in the second half.
    The second half was a bit more scrappy. We missed a sitter straight after the break and as time went on they grew stronger and stronger. We got nothing off the referee and it felt like they got all the 50 50 decisions for a while.
    I felt their disallowed goal was a foul on Given, I haven’t seen the replay but my memory says he was taken out by their player and to award the goal would have been unfair. I didn’t see the red card fowl clearly either, but as is often the case Charlton threw the kitchen sink at us after that.
    We had several gilt edged chances this game. Carayol had at least three shots, Emnes hit the side netting. How we missed in the third minute of extra time is a mystery, it was three on one, to be fair their keeper did well, I thought he looked vulnerable throughout until then.
    We sat back like the bad old days at the end with key stone cops defending. Given’s save was awesome but it was preceded by a bad punch, there were bad decisions everywhere just before it, but the way he held on to a full power shot and undoubtedly saved the game lifts him to hero status in my eyes. If anything can be done to keep him at least until the end of the season it should be done, he is making a huge positive influence in our team.
    I am starting to believe again. I have regained my Boro self esteem, my interactions with rival championship supporters have regained the initiative. It is good to be a Boro fan again! Keep it going lads! COB!

  2. Yes, winning ugly is a necessary trait to get out of this league, but not every game surely?
    Sooner or later the luck will run out, but I like Special K’s assessment of this Quasimodo of a match and I really hope he can galvanise such a mixed ability team into some commanding performances in order to win at least a few games convincingly – starting with the urbane Foxes please…

  3. Winning ugly is one thing but think botoxed Bride of Frankenstein with halitosis.
    Our Iberian inspired resurrection continues but not without anxieties. Our midfield and defence took 10 minutes to wake up. Whitehead gifted Kermorgant in the opening minutes but he done a Juke fortunately for us and missed an opportunity. Speaking of Juke his appearance as a sub took our attacking threat from dire to diarrheoa. He is clearly a square peg in a formation that plays to everything and anything but his strengths.
    We scored a long range fortuitous Manu strike aided by a debutant keeper fumbling his lines. Charlton pushed and scrapped, we clearly thought they would roll over and play dead, a rude awakening if ever we needed one. This was a game to forget and looked a real throw back to the worst of 2013.
    Given saved us in the end from the Typical Boro dying seconds equaliser and bear in mind that Church had an equaliser ruled out beforehand for bundling Given over. I’ve seen them given and I’ve seen them ruled out. Thankfully this time it was ruled a foul in our favour. The Gods looked favourably upon us today and we need to learn and move on.
    Whitehead had a few wobbles early on but put a decent shift in with commitment at the fore despite his high wide and handsome chance to put us two up in the second half. Varga and Friend were the best players in red shirts up to Given’s last second two points save. It wasn’t entertaining nor was it remotely VFM but three points are three points.
    What the game did illustrate was the woeful dearth of productivity, effectiveness and skill up front. Whether it was Main, Emnes or Juke it was all poor. Emnes scrapped and battled sideways but gone was the magic. Curtis defended from the front and closed down but in possession he looked more like the Shrewsbury cast off. A rocket shot he may possess but control and the ability to beat a man he has not. As an attacking threat we were toothless.
    When the Juke came on he looked slow, lethargic, overweight and struggled. In fairness to him I think he needs to play with old fashioned orthodox wingers and an old fashioned number 8 or number 10 sniffing for knock downs alongside. That is clearly not Karanka’s way and I’m surprised he received any game time at all unless it was a forlorn hope that he might fluke a goal and boost his saleability this January.
    I was convinced that Juke was actually going to be subbed for Kei but Carayol was taken off instead. Muzzy illustrated exactly what Aitor meant last week when he said he needs to do it for 90 minutes. His first half was quiet and it was only in the last 30 minutes that he started to look a threat. His display wasn’t his finest moment for Boro but it was more of a threat than Juke’s cameo effort.
    If we can get Albert back and Kei fit for Leicester then we may see a big improvement. If not then expect a spanking from the Foxes and a big reality check. Hopefully today’s woeful performance will have brought a few back down to earth. A potent striker or two are clearly needed along with arranging Ayala and Given to stay at least until the end of the season and preferably longer.
    With supposed interest in perhaps Rhys and Grant then our financials may be sorely tested especially as Aitor now has cover courtesy of Jose in both those positions. A cash injection from the sale of one or both may yield more than we lose assuming of course we can get a striker that fits in with the game plan.
    I don’t think Doyle or Danny Graham fit that model so hopefully we are looking further afield. The Soriano link/rumour is one that I think may be more fortuitous for us if true.
    **AV writes: Can’t see it. Red Bull are bankrolling his club, he’s being paid a fortune, they are through to the serious bit of the Europa League and unless they implode big style they will be in the Champions League next season.

  4. Better a poor performance and less than entrancing game, but one that nets three points, than an entertaining 90 minutes that ends in defeat. We are making progress. Let’s enjoy THAT rather than each individual match. Time for that later…. (maybe).

  5. Another awful game but another welcome three points.
    Five wins out of the last six looks impressive on paper but I’m afraid the performances are not and we shouldn’t get carried away and Karanka most certainly isn’t. He said if we play like that at Leicester next week then we will get beat for sure.
    Defence has improved 100% but the strikers are woeful: Main ,Juke, Emnes have two goals between them all season! Reports are we are keeping a close watch on prolific Danny Graham who has managed only one goal in a year. Do we really need another non scoring forward to add to these three?? I think not,if he wasnt an ex player would we even be talking about him?
    Despite our strikers failings we are third top scorers largely due to the midfield, Adomah,Carayol and Ledesma, I hope Adomahs injury isn’t too serious and he’s back for Leicester next week,a game which is going to be a huge test to see how far we have come. Derby were on a good run until they went there and were well beaten 4-1.
    Shay Given’s wonder save (which wasnt deemed good enough to be shown by the BBC) saved the three points for us,although it was his poor punch to the Charlton player that nearly cost us the points.
    Not long left in the transfer window to wheel and deal. Who will stay and who will go? Swansea reportedly after Rhys, do we sell? He’s recaptured a bit of form in the last three games but we have Woodgate, Gibson, Ayala if we extend his loan and the new Chelsea lad so selling him would generate cash and cut the wage bill as one of the higher earners.
    Same goes for Leadbitter for the same reasons. Can’t see us offloading any of the strikers,who goes looking to buy a non scoring striker? Except maybe Boro (Danny Graham).
    Karanka has steadied the ship tightened up the defence and made us harder to beat but to improve and take us to the next level we are still a few players short in the obvious positions. The best I’m hoping for is a point at Leicester next week and we don’t get turned over!

  6. Another three points and it does seem like the AK mantra of it being hard to get into the team but easy to be dropped is firmly in place. He did say that any player coming in on loan would be better than the current squad but where as with other managers you would expect them to be picked immediately it’s two games now.
    I reckon the Leicester game is when they will play at some point, andthat’s what I’ll be pleased with from that encounter….1 point.
    Results went our way yesterday and it’s 9th, have to say I didn’t think the upturn would happen so soon with AK.

  7. Ugly wins are certainly one of the themes under Karanka. Forty-five minutes against Reading seems to be the only longish-spell of good play that we’ve had but we keep adding to the points tally and at a good rate.
    I was working yesterday so cannot really comment with any confidence on this game, but from reports I see no evidence to change my opinion that tactically we are killing games.
    No-one will complain while we keep winning (and who knows, this recipe may be very succesful) but as an oddball who doesn’t put results above all else when it comes to following my team, it doesn’t sit all that well with me.
    That said, I am enjoying looking at the league table a lot more these days. If we get something from the King Power Stadium then the play-offs are on as a genuine target rather than just a hope.

  8. Praise is being heaped on Given for his effect on the team.
    I dont know what else was expected, he has always been a top goalkeeper. 450 league games plus 125 international appearances. We were mugged often enough by Toon not to be surprised. He has done exactly what it says on the tin.
    I cant understand why people expect Steele to be as good so soon in his career.
    But defending is not just about the keeper. He is only one part of a team. Huge vacant areas at full back, confusion at centre back, midfield leaving the opposition to have crossing practice, all these contribute to defensive malaise.
    An ugly win is nothing to be sneezed at, it is not our moral duty to play badly and lose. Teams that do well often have games where they play ugly. Even ManU and Arsenal do it though the relative ugliness is tempered by the quality of the players available.
    Leicester have played well and ugly so far this season. They could easily have been three down yesterday but weren’t. They won late on.
    Take the lessons out of the game and move on. Lets hope Adomah is fit and Kamara is able to start.

  9. A win is a win, and yes a big test will be next Saturday against Leicester.
    However apart from Given and Ayala this is still Mr Mowbray’s team, so some credit must go to AK for the improvement, despite a couple of posters on here being in denial to the fact.
    Interesting to see the BBC´s website this morning linking Williams with Swansea. Would that give us the room AV to bring in a forward who may just score a few goals. I think the three being used at the moment have had enough chances, but have pretty much failed in that area.
    As for our link to Chelsea, you have to forget the past and move on. If it is going to help the Boro in these financial times, then so be it.
    Chelsea have this season approximately 23/24 players out on loan. Next season get in early and hopefully get some of the really good ones.

  10. A small step backwards yesterday but hopefully we are back to our best in the next game at Leicester.
    At Leicester it is the two form teams of the division. But we could do Typical Boro there. Hopefully – this is Champioship so anything could happen.
    Up the Boro!

  11. Unusually, I find myself disagreeing with Redcar Red: ‘a real throw back to the worst of 2013’. Nah – you didn’t watch the same dross I did then.
    I agree that, in terms of performance and style (or lack of it), it bore many similarities. But we won. We kept a clean sheet, despite them threatening towards the end. Hell, WE WON. There’s the big difference, which was the thrust of AV’s article. We won ugly, we won while playing poorly (again).
    As we’ve highlighted, it’s a fabulous habit. I watched far too many games under TM in which we bossed games, played lovely-looking football, dominated possession – but then lost.
    Other than Given, these are the same players that Mogga had. What AK is achieving with them is in stark contrast to what his predecessor achieved, above all in defence. Yes it’s early days and fragile – but it’s a stunning and quick transformation nevertheless.
    Even if he’d brought in four or five new players and achieved this improvement it would have been impressive. To do it with almost the same squad that had resoundingly failed is beyond anybody’s expectations.
    While some of the players are revealing their previously unrealised potential, and showing they might be better players than we’d thought, on whole AK is simply getting the best out of a limited bunch. Doing what Mogga singularly failed to do.
    If AK goes on to show good judgement in importing bargain players, which TM mostly failed to do and we’ve lacked since Lennie Lawrence, he’ll have pretty much the full skill set for a promotion manager.
    Yesterday we won with an element of luck. That’s another essential ingredient for success. One of the old-time managers (was it Shankly?) said something like: ‘if you can’t be good, be lucky’. It seems to me that AK is good and, when that doesn’t work, he’s also lucky.
    Having said that, we’ll need to be both good and lucky to get a result at Leicester. That will be our benchmark and reality check on this improvement. Even if we lose, if we put on a good show and stretch them (say, a 0-1) that will be encouraging.

  12. There is no doubt the level of entertainment has sharply decreased under AK compared to Mogga, but who cares about entertainment? I’d rather we won every week playing like that thanks.
    And I don’t think it was a lucky win. We worked hard and deserved the victory.

  13. You heard it first here, Williams agent being asked to find him a club and the car leasing company being told both Williams and Venus will not need their car lease renewing. Williams is gone, and no he wasn’t one of our own
    **AV writes: Heard it here first? Hasn’t it been rippling through cyberspace for days?

  14. Borophil –
    I’m not really complaining – I’m enjoying the results as much as anyone – but, even though I can’t go to that many games, I do care about entertainment and the style of play.
    I think if results are all that matter then over a season you’re always going to be disappointed supporting a middling club. I accepted a long time ago that Boro will never be a top club fighting for league titles, and that our ceiling was the top ten of the Premier League with the odd cup and foray in Europe.
    I don’t expect to us to ever win half our games in one season at the top level, so results have to be balanced against other factors of which entertainment and style ranks highly for me.
    Concerns over style tend to go out of the window when you’ve been struggling, and are minimised when you’re flying, so it’s not a big deal at the moment especially in the second tier when we just want to get up.
    Long term though, I don’t want us to become a boring, grind of a side to watch, low on goals, low on flair and low on interest treading water in the bottom half of the Premier League. I don’t want to support the next Norwich City.
    I want to support the Swansea model that we commented on about a year ago – winning football rooted in sound technique but based on sustainable finances.
    That can all wait though, and who knows, maybe Karanka is simply getting us highly competitive first and will then expand. Or maybe the less structured attacking side of the game just takes longer to coach and bed in.

  15. SSN have now picked up the Rhys to Swansea story. I hope the deal is in excess of £2m and far in advance of “…..valued at over £1million by Boro….”.
    I can’t remember how long ago he signed an extension and he is a current international with a good chance of going to the World Cup (despite recent form which has now improved).
    You can’t get a League 1 prospect (Wells) for (just) over £1 million these days and Swansea are desperate so I hope we have driven a hard bargain.
    AV is the player driving this? No one could deny him a chance to get back into the PL in a World Cup year but is this as a result of his treatment by the club (stripped of captaincy by Venus) and his recent boo boy status with the fans?
    If it goes through it would be good to see the money go towards completing the Vossen deal or getting another quality no.10 through the door who could rival Albert in the goal scoring charts.
    Also it appears Bennett is well down the pecking order at Villa with the arrival of Bertrand – could be a chance to get some temporary cover in at LB for a small contribution to his wages. Wouldn’t take long for him to settle back in at the club if called on as understudy to George. I appreciate he (like George) is generally deemed to be better going forward but surely AK could work his defensive magic in his game.
    **AV writes: My understanding is that all parties came to an understanding in the summer that if an acceptable offer came in then he could go. Given the torrid year he had just endured it is fair enough that he needed a fresh start and the club were getting frustrated that they couldn’t get the best out of him often enough.
    And – as always – there was a financial dimension. If Boro could shed one of their big earners and bring in a fee it may have helped fund the move for Vossen or Becchio . I understand he was very close to joining Bolton on deadline day but a complex chain broke down.

  16. Fee for Williams is a reported 1.5m well below alleged bids for him a season or two back.
    As for having Joe Bennett back,no thanks. That was the best bit of business Boro have ever done getting £4m for him,he couldn’t defend and couldn’t cross a ball to save his life.
    Villa fans were not very complimentary about him on their fans pages,said he wasn’t good enough for a pub team.
    We need to move forward not keep shouting for the return of ex players such as Bennett,Bates,Wheater ad Graham who never set the pace alight when they were here. Karanka wil have his own idea which players he wants and they won’t be the likes of any of these who can’t get a game at their own clubs.

  17. The thought of Joe Bennett returning fills me with dread and despair. He was mediocre at best when he was here and got skinned on a regular basis. It was Mogga’s best bit of business restoring him from Strachan’s gulag and then poking out Villa’s eyes for the thick end of £4M…..thanks but no thanks. Friend is light years ahead of him in class, skill, ability and all round competence especially over the last few weeks.
    The Rhys to Swansea story seems to be gaining legs and indeed could mean he is gone by Monday teatime. If he goes I wish him well, I think a fresh start could invigorate him and I’m glad that he would have left on a high as I’m sure that’s how he would have wanted to be remembered. I don’t think it should be for anything less than £2m, he still has the potential to play at the top of his game and become an established Premier player.
    Swansea are desperate for bodies, he ticks a lot of boxes in terms of flexibility and as has been recently proven by Karanka a decent coach can get the best out of him and Laudrup fits that bill. January is a desperate transfer time for some clubs and if Rhys helps keep the Swans up then a few million now is peanuts in the scheme of things.
    If the Rhys money means we can sign Ayala and afford Given permanently then its a good deal for Boro.
    Moving on to the subject of a Striker!
    AV wrote regarding Soriano above: “Can’t see it. Red Bull are bankrolling his club.”
    That’s a fair point but Salzburg only paid £700K for Soriano two years ago and he is their current captain so hardly mega bucks. Red Bull also seem to have a very high attrition rate of coaches and ultimately the Austrian league is never going to be the pinnacle of a players career.
    Their European dream was snuffed out last time round by a side from Luxembourg, hardly a career path with a bright future. To me the Austrian Budesliga is equivalent to the Scottish Prem with Red Bull Salzburg being of a Motherwell/Hibs type level.
    **AV writes: If he is at that level why would Boro be interested? Could he make the big step up? We know how badly the Great Jockification turned out.
    Salzburg are are in the latter stages of the Europa League this season and look nailed on for the Champions League next season. And he is on 1.5m Euros a year. Don’t make out he is playing for the FJK Dog and Duck. That’s not a bad level he’s at. It will be very hard work to persuade him to swap that for the glamour of the Premier League… even assuming we can afford him.
    With the opportunity to play in England for a Spanish Coach and at 28 years old it would be a good move for him. As we know once a Player’s head has been turned and an agent has the opportunity to earn some money then stranger things have happened. A move to the Riverside could see him in the Premiership within two years or even sooner if he does the business with or without Boro but hopefully with.
    Wages, well that may present an issue but with Austrian match attendances around 12,000 I wouldn’t have thought that Austrian wages are beyond a Championship club unless of course Red Bull are just pouring money in for the sake of it but if so that brings me back to how much they originally paid for him.
    Its only wishful thinking on my part but I think he would fit our style of play and actually score goals. Just imagine it a Striker who comes in and gets 10 goals between now and the end of the Season! Then again the spectre of Alves and Ricketts still looms large in the background.

  18. **AV writes: Heard it here first? Hasn’t it been rippling through cyberspace for days?
    Rumors AV only rumours what i presented are cold hard truths!
    Who do think will take up part of the wage bill, a Spanish or Belgian talking forward
    **AV writes: I think we can forget the Belgian. Cardiff are in and can pay a hell of lot more plus offer Premier League football (for now).

  19. AndyR –
    I dont think Karanka is negative, what we are getting is the consequence of doing what he can to improve what we have.
    The passing has not been good over the last couple of games. If you dont pass to your own player, you dont keep the ball and hence dont play well.
    What we have done is stop being porous at the back. We will be come more fluid but the the passing will have to improve.
    We will have to step up our performance at Leicester on Saturday. Having Adomah and Kamara it are what we probably need to help penetration.
    Oddly MFC highlights dont feature Given’s ave of our misses prior to that.

  20. Couldn’t agree more with Ian about the Given vs Steele debate. There is no “versus” anywhere other than in the minds of those who want to use Given as a way of booing Steele in code.
    An acquaintance of mine is a coach to the young keepers at Carrington and I asked for his opinion on the “star jumps” that seem to vex some contributors so. He thought, admittedly without seeing any evidence, that this sounded like the old adage of the keeper “making himself big” in a one on one, exactly what he would expect his charges to do.
    We don’t know whether Given employs the same technique as I can’t remember him being faced with the problem whereas for Steele it was happening a couple of times a game. To some extent that does I’m sure reflect on Given’s influence on the back four but surely more on the manager’s instruction as referred to in interviews by Friend.
    Given was lauded by his wonder save at the death on Saturday, but had it been Steele I think that the reaction from some would be that he should have cut the cross out in the first place and was only cleaning up his own mess. Very selective interpretation to suit their own pre-drawn conclusions.
    Anyone can see that at this moment, Given is the better keeper and I think everyone including me would be delighted if a way can be found to retain him until the end of the season, but if that is impossible, destroying the confidence of one of our own players, one rated very highly outside of the club as his international record shows, is counter-productive in the very least.

  21. It’s never going to be easy to play artistic free-flowing football that also produces enough points to gain promotion with second tier players.
    I think it’s possible if you have confident players who expect to win but Boro have just come off a horrendous run of form in 2013 that left the players and fans alike with all confidence gone.
    Karanka has now shown that the same players can compete and win games – but it’s early days and his style of play is not yet automatically ingrained in the players so he’s still ensuring they get the basics right first.
    Hopefully, the signing of a proven goal scorer will help in the process – this may be funded by Rhys’s sale. I’m sure £2m can be squeezed out of Swansea plus the usual add-ons for appearances etc – though he may well be back in the Championship with them next season.
    I hope not too much of the Rhys cash is used to fund the purchase of Ayala as we still have five centre-backs – whereas our current short-list of strikers don’t even have Barn d’Or in their sights.
    **AV writes: Barn d’Or…. very good. I’ll be using that one.

  22. I can’t see any correlation between the forthcoming result at Leicester and Boro making the play offs. Why would the result at Leicester be any sort of barometer for how succesful we’ll be between now and the end of the season.
    If we win at Leicester will we be nailed on for a top six finish? No, we won’t, we’ll still be where we are now. Needing to average two points a game for the remainder of the season. If we loose at Leicester we will know that we’ve been beaten away by the best team in the division, it won’t tell us we’re not good enough to make the top six.
    A win would be a big boost, which may help us maintain our momentum, but if we loose I can’t see how that can be seen as a set back. Form is what counts not any one single result.
    Regarding Rhys, it seems like sensible business if he’s decided he wants to move and Karanka needs the cash to rebuild. He’s got to be worth £3m though.
    I’m in the ‘no thanks’ camp where Joe Bennett is concerned, he was poor at Boro and as others have said selling him for £4m was a master stroke by Mogga. I don’t think bringing Danny Graham back is a good idea either, his form has been poor for a long time now and just because he’d be at Championship level for us doesn’t mean he’d automatically get it back. As an ex-academy player they’d be a huge weight of expectation on his shoulders which wouldn’t help.

  23. A couple of things I forgot to add to my previous post.
    Watched a bit of MOTD2 last night. Hansen was talking about Swansea and the way they kept playing especially at the back. Balls played across their own area, taking ages before playing the ball forward.
    The other teams had sussed them out and were pressing them in their own half. This led to passes being intercepted and players robbed in their own half. The conclusion was that unless they changed could be in trouble.
    Sound familiar?
    The other bit was a chat with my colleague. He came back from Australia as I went away for a week and we have been chewing the cud. It sounds like Leicester are quick up front so that is food for thought, they gave Derby a real drubbing. 4-1 is a bit of a pasting but we all know that scores can be misleading. In this case it was a drubbing.
    He also mentioned talking to an old police inspector and they got on to the days of hooligans. Sadly we got the accolade as the hardest mob the police came up against. It was put down to the fact they were such a close knit group of fans, they all knew each other and lived closer together than other mobs.
    **AV writes: Don’t … you’ll have the faty and fifty old hoolies all misty eyed.

  24. Another great ugly win with a clean sheet everything on planet Boro is good at the moment.
    Given made a great save on Saturday and has made a huge improvement in the control of our rear end. I feel if Steele is still part of the plan then he should be in against some of the lower teams with Given giving him the once over. This would surely improve his weak areas.
    Big ask next weekend but their bubble also has to burst sometime.

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