Karanka Key To New Boss Job Model

BORO are poised to name former Real Madrid assistant boss Aitor Karanka as their new manager tomorrow.
The appointment of Jose Mourinho’s one time right hand man – Boro’s first choice target sinc ethe moment the axe fell on Mogga – has yet to be confirmed as there a few bits of housekeeping to be completed. And given Boro’s history there will probably be guards posted around Rockliffe Hall tonight to prevent any last gasp Forlan style hi-jacks.
I’ve already written about 20,000 words – obviously were were given the wink – which I’ll stick up as soon as I can. But for now feel free to read through this from last week about what Boro’s thinking is and chat amongst yourself.


38 thoughts on “Karanka Key To New Boss Job Model

  1. Does does this mean the end of the spirit of 86 and Gibsons dream of a team full of locals/English players?
    I am not sure I fancy a team full of Spanish fairies to battle us out of this league. Its a huge gamble on a foreign assistant manager with no managerial experience and little knowledge of this league.
    I suppose Gibson has tried other type s of managers and this is the next one to try. Working with Real Madrid players will be a lot easier than workign with Boro players. Can we expect another rebuild job?

  2. Over the moon. Perhaps now we can see some positivity from the team. How could fans not be happy?
    Slaven said the next appointment shows us where we’re going. – This most certainly does. I see belief in the team and some signings in Jan and off we go. UTB.

  3. Chat amongst yourself! I have already posted twice on the previous blog about Karanka’s appointment.
    Suffice to say I believe his agent is a certain Jorge Mendes.

  4. Quality appointment.
    This will generate a buzz on Teesside and genuine excitement. The atmosphere at the Leeds game is going to be electric. #uptheboro

  5. Vic,
    I think Gaizka can give an insight on the new manager.
    Not a bad appointment. But we need to know all the other people involved. Head of recruitment, for example.
    I still miss Mogga. And Procter. Real gentlemen. That said I will totally support Karanka and Gibbo the senior. This could still be our season, who knows.
    A former CB taking over as a rookie manager. A new Big Jack, anyone?
    Up the Boro!

  6. Not too impressed with Karanka’s appointment.
    He was merely Mourinho’s go-for for the last few seasons and as that tenure went all wrong in its last season he didn’t stand up to certain issues, specially when Mourinho lost the players and decided to press the self destruct button.
    For that reason he now has a complete lack of respect here in Spain as he was made to look like a clown by Mourinho. If he had stood up to Mou and not put up with his tantrums he would have been given a crack at a far bigger job than the one now with the Boro.
    Still feel Solksjaer is or would have been a far better option due to the fact that he knows English football well, has tasted success both as a player and as a manager and has achieved success in his hometown club in Norway with extremely limited resources and with a very young squad.
    Anyway, hope it all works out.. This appointment is vital. If he has a similar impact to what Pocchetino has achieved at Southampton it will be a masterstroke.

  7. Sweepstake starting NOW. Who will be first to post on this Blog “Karanka OUT!”?
    Feelings? Excitement but with realism…..not expecting to transform miraculously into Real Madrid or even Swansea-light, and then to cut a swathe through to the Championship Title this season. It is nice to have dreams for the future again, even if they have to be grounded in realism.
    From where we are now though, an upwards trajectory isn’t too difficult to imagine.

  8. Pleased to hear it won’t be Venus and hats off to Gibson for going against his principles and appointing a foreign manager.
    Word is its a total clearout in the backroom staff too which is music to my ears. The club had gone stale and predicable,time for a new era,new coaches,new fresh ideas and give the club a lift.
    It will be interesting to see which players he rates and plays. Having worked with Real Madrid youth teams surely it can only benefit our young academy players.
    He may have only been Mourinho’s assistant but Steve McClaren had only been Alex Ferguson’s assistant and he took us to top half Premiership finishes,won the Carling Cup and took us to a UEFA Cup Final.
    Time will tell!!

  9. Certainly an exciting appointment, but not hard to see where it could all go wrong! Let’s hope he hits the ground running.
    Can he speak English?
    **AV writes: Yes he has good English. Apparently with a slight American accent.

  10. and the Guardian tells me yes, he is a fluent English speaker. fascinating if he has actually turned down Palace to come to us.

  11. Bold move by Gibson, which I applaud. Shows the depth of his ambition still burns bright, and if he fought off the attraction of a London Premiership club then Gibson has some pulling power.
    Obviously Karanka has no experience of English football, let alone the frantic Championship, but if he really is a quality coach then he will steer the Boro ship through these troubled waters into the oasis of the Premiership one day soon.
    Hopefully, the fans will give him the time he will need, though I suspect he will need to adapt very quickly to the two games per week pace of English football. Good luck – all our hopes and dreams are with you.

  12. I was worried about getting Mark Venus. The manager of a football club is always the sum of other parts…namely his backroom staff. Some of the parts are still at the club….get rid of them Mr. Gibson and start afresh.
    I’m pleased that Aitor will be bringing in some of his own crew. They’ll surely be hungry and up for the fight because fight is what it’s going to be to dig us out of this deep pit.
    We did extremely well with Schtevie Mac and he’s still been our best manager in terms of success. He came as an unknown quantity and did the business with no prev. managerial experience. I’ll be happy to take another gamble with another top Number 2. I can see some journeyman players going elsewhere.

  13. Karanka in with his own back room staff, excellent at long last an over due clear out of the old guard.
    Of course there will always be the doubters, the ones who will still pine and whine for Cooper and the likes to come back and as was hoped for Mogga save the day in good old Teesside fashion
    The concern that we will depend on “Spanish Fairies” to get Boro out of the Championship is just an unbelievable comment, wonder what Ayala thinks of that.
    I don’t care what it takes or who it takes but this has all the possibility of a most welcome change over for the better.
    Of course there is the cold hard cash he will require to move on some of the Mogganaut signings plus Boro may well dip lower in the league as the transition takes place. More bumps in the road.
    Just what Karanka and his guys will make of Teesside, and this blog, after Real Madrid is another matter

  14. Will Karanka settle in?
    I am taking a different tack, watched a bit of Masterchef and somebody said they didnt normally use hair. A double take and I realised it wasnt Blumenthal being clever and it was a big rabbit.
    My thoughts turned to sharing a house as a student cooking a chicken dinner. Astonished when I made gravy from the giblets and stock, never had gravy before
    Then we were at my best friends and she was devastated on a Sunday when there was no bread sauce. Gobsmacked when I rustled up a home made one.
    My wife still thinks stuffing and pigs in blankets come from M&S.
    Karanka may be able to sort out the back four but will he master gravy and the bits and pieces that go with Christmas dinner?
    Will he understand Yorkshires?
    Parmos he can cope with.
    Important questions for the press conference, I hope AV wont be ducking these major issues. I expect answers

  15. Well…hopefully he’s learned enough to not learn too much from Mourinho.
    He’s the fellow I always turn to when saying “I’d rather be relegated than have a manager like ” — a philosophical antichrist of the truly beautiful game.
    And unproven…but, assuming he’s been briefed on and accepted the… ahem… Championshipness, of our league, He’ll be able to choreograph our collective talents without instilling too much theatricality. Here’s hoping. Still would’ve preferred Solskjaer or Holloway, but I’ll get behind him as long as he gives it his best.
    As for chants…all I can come up with is “Oh Karanka” to the tune of the Canadian national anthem. Anybody want to help me elaborate?

  16. Have’nt been so excited since the appointment of Robbo checking web sites and sky news for information. If this doesn’t bring the crowds back at least for the next few matches then nothing will.
    I knew Mogga from the time he coached junior football at Coatham and he always was Boro through and through. Thanks for the good times and really sorry it didn’t work out…. But the king is gone long live the new king.
    Also thought of another chant to the time of cantare.
    Karanka hoolaaaay
    Karanka hohoholay
    He came to Boro to win
    And ended up being the king
    Karanka hooray repeat

  17. Well the appointment has been made, or at least confirmed (hello the Ayala signing),
    I’d just like to welcome him to the club and wish him well,
    None of us know right now where it will go ,but what I do like,is, its a new set off eyes,he may see things in some kids or out of favour players that could bring a different approach on the field,and after all that’s where it all happens

  18. It is impossible to believe that Mendes and Kenyon are motivated primarily by their interest in the Boro, rather than by their desire to make handsome profits for themselves. And now they have their own man at the helm of our club.
    This does not bode well. Mendes is Karanka’s agent, and it seems likely that many of the players who find their way here will be those in whom Mendes and Kenyon have a material interest. It is a situation in which the possibility of conflicts of interest are bound to arise, and in which the dark arts of the agent will no doubt flourish.
    We had a foretaste of what may happen last Summer when Mendes attempted to foist one of his players, Vitor ,on to the club. Look at the video which appeared in Untypical Boro at the time. The player was a one footed journeyman playing in front of a handful of people in a foreign lower division. Mogga ,rightly , was having none of it, But his refusal to play ball on Vitor and a number of other players recommended to him clearly caused a good deal of irritation amongst the Boro hierarchy. They can be confident that the new man will be more amenable.
    I see that one of the other stories today has it that Mourinho (agent Jorge Mendes) will be offering £60m for Falcao, in whom both Kenyon and Mendes have an interest as agents and third party owners. Big pay dirt. This follows a pattern already set by Mourinho and Mendes. In his first spell as Chelsea manager Jose signed four players represented by his own agent (Ferreira, Carvalho, Tiago,and Maniche). The self-evident potential for conflict of interest here is so obvious that it demands the setting up of firewalls.
    Doesn’t look like there will be any firewalls at the Boro. Expect a consistent flow of players hand picked by Mendes and Kenyon, and ratified by Karanka to ensure a consistent financial return with sell- on clauses to ensure that if someone does well, it will mean big money for Mendes, Kenyon, and his small and secret army of private investors.
    The Spirit of Boro RIP.
    See also Paulista Park’s excellent background piece to the appointment on November 7th.
    Any chance of raising these issues on my behalf at tomorrow’s presser, AV?
    **AV writes: Not publicly – they would be very swiftly knocked back – but privately Gibson has insisted there is no funny business. And third party ownership is illegal in England anyway. Gibson is adamant that neither he nor Boro will be compromised in any way and that there is no obligation to bring in players from a single source. He would never accept that. He wants to find a way to short circuit the market to bring in players that Boro would otherwise not be able to afford and has built relationships (not just with Mendes) to make that possible.

  19. We all sing like Paul Anka,
    ‘cos we have the only Aitor Karanka
    and he takes us to the moon
    That will happen very soon
    Not very happy with the moon part. Perhaps you can use the first part, though.
    Up the Boro!

  20. Brave appointment, I really hope it is a success. Spanish is definately the flavour of the month. I get the feeling Karanka will be more of a head coach with a lot of the managerial responsibilities being handled by someone else. Any news of a director of football moving in to?
    One issue that does concern me is Karanka’s agent is Jorge Mendes. It was Mendes who tried to get some exciting talent into the squad this summer but Mowbray declined. I get the feeling Karanka will not be given that luxury.
    Up the Boro and thank god it wasn’t Megson
    by the way AV do you know if any other candidates were seriously considered?
    **AV writes: Yes, two others. Both high quality Plan Bs. Can’t say as they are both at other clubs. No names, no pack drill. It may come out at a later date though.

  21. On the face of it this seems like it’s a good appointment and could herald the beginning of the end of our five year decline.
    It seems Palace were stalling and Boro needed to make an appointment so Karanka made his decision – I’ve read that our ‘international class’ facilities played a part in the attraction.
    With the news that he’ll also bring his own backroom staff it will certainly give players and fans the feeling on a new fresh start – and I think that is what the club now needs.
    Although it’s Karanka’s first job as head coach/manager he’ll easily command the respect of the players – you don’t get to be the Special One’s number two at Real Madrid unless you can bring something significant to the party.
    The supporters should also give him a decent honeymoon period given what has been endured of late – we can’t expect a sudden change into world beaters but we should get some benefit from a new influx of energy and ideas.
    It actually feels quite exciting and hopefully be the start of a new successful era – it’s been a long journey from Kranky to Karanka. I presume Boro have taken his mobile off him just in case Palace make a late bid.

  22. A mixture of excitement and disappointment was my conclusion last night.
    Excitement at a new manager with different ideas coming to the club, as ex Real may get someone on loan. It will be intriguing to see how changes things around as Real were less adventurous than Barca but dominated everyone else.
    Probably good cop if he worked alongside Jose. Rumour has it he was piggy in the middle in the political struggles at Madrid.
    The disappointment is that I would have liked to have seen an English manager, one of the up and coming tyros. That is based on the fact that if we don’t give our talent a go we have no right to sneer at England or the British game.
    As an aside to our internal matters it was intriguing to note that the FA tried to introduce retrospective discipline on divers but it was vetoed by the Premier and Football Leagues as well as the referees association.
    Press Conference next, anyone know if it is on TV or Radio Tees.

  23. I suppose we have to sit quietly and pretend to work until after the 10:30 press conference now……………..
    andy C – ‘Spanish faries’, Could you be anymore crass?

  24. Fingers crossed and the best of luck to him.
    The whole back room set-up appeared to many to be a cosy earner , regardless of results and many of us have said a clear-out has been needed for many a year.
    First of all we need to get away from the wrong end of the table ,then who knows ?.
    I would like to take issue of the use Spanish Fairies which some have used here, and remind those who have used that derogatory phrase that Spain are world champions, and also boast some of the constantly strongest club sides in the world.
    Good luck Karanka – onwards and upwards !!!!

  25. AV –
    From your article elsewhere it appears that Karanka has already been heavily involved in developing the new model.
    As such it begs the question of why it took so long to recruit him, I guess there were other options available to him and the club.
    **AV writes: Yes, he had plenty of options. And not just Palace. At one point he was going to Chelsea with Mourinho. A few other clubs were interested too. He’s got a young family so Spain was always a possibility. It’s never clear cut.

  26. l think there’s a couple of poster’s here who have downed a bit too much Sangeria – kranaka moya? More like kranaka dear, dear,dear!
    The question is can he bring success back to the Boro and become dear to our hearts? l hope so!
    Personally l called for a paradigm shift and looks like we’ve got one. Now we can look forward to an international team that can compete with the rest.
    Gone are the days when you can field a team full of our own. The zeitgiest is dragging the Boro into an unknown future with one of our own as Chairman leading the way.
    Hats off to you SG- let’s hope you’ve made a decision that creates the success we all crave for.
    Viva la Boro! Viva Karanka!

  27. Fingers crossed and the best of luck to him.
    The whole back room set-up appeared to many to be a cosy earner , regardless of results and many of us have said a clear-out has been needed for many a year.
    First of all we need to get away from the wrong end of the table ,then who knows ?.
    I would like to take issue of the use Spanish Fairies which some have used here, and remind those who have used that derogatory phrase that Spain are world champions, and also boast some of the constantly strongest club sides in the world.
    Good luck Karanka – onwards and upwards !!!!

  28. I was hoping for a Big Jack type of manager (or perhaps clean sheets and results like in the 1970’s). But I am happy what we got now. Karanka.
    The feeling is a bit like signing Robson before the Riverside rollercoaster. Do you agree?
    Up the Boro!

  29. Len –
    I share some of your concerns but I am happy to let things pan out as they will, a lifetime of supporting Boro makes me used to slings and arrows etc.
    Mogga may have irritated the powers that be by not taking certain players but probably not as much as 24 points out of 99 this calendar year nor the first half capitulation at Barnsley. The fact the club invested a substantial sum of money on his players shows he was backed.
    It was time to change, as I have mentioned before John Harvey Jones said if you change you may get it wrong, if you don’t change you have got it wrong.
    The idea of a team of local lads was firmly ditched by Southgate, Strachan did nothing to make it likelier to work but didn’t do much to make it worse. A quick glance at Mogga’s Baggies team shows they didn’t shop at ToysamWe.
    We are where we are, in our democracy of one man one vote that man has voted.
    I can’t see Gibbo selling his soul to the devil, he has invested too much time and money in the club as well as converting the debt to equity.
    As I posted earlier I would have preferred a UK manager but we haven’t gone that route, just got to get behind the team as always. I may have the odd chunter here but that is just like chuntering in the pub.
    Come matchday that is forgotten and I support whoever wears the shirt. No booing.

  30. Any chance that you can estimate how much all of this has cost? i.e compensation for Mogga, Proctor, Pears etc. plus wages for Karanka and his backroom staff.
    **AV writes: Good question. I’ll ask. When Mogga went Steve Gibson said he would pay up his contract in full (we think he was on about £600k a year) and I took it to be as a salary rather than lump sum. I presume any other staff that leave would be on the same basis but nowhere near as much. I’m not sure how much Karanka is costing but sources at the Palace end seem to think they were offering him a fair whack (with bonuses to keep them up) and Boro at least matched it.

  31. £600k for sittin at home on yer butt after havin failed miserably in yer job for over a year or so. Reads like I’m in the wrong job or perhaps l’ve got the wrong mates.
    Maybe that’s the whole point- it ain’t what you know but who you know and where. Perhaps l should start by hanging around the nearest executive toilets to see if l could network with a big nob. ‘Bitter Spartak, bitter!’- Yes, l know but l am gettin on a bit now.

  32. I usually look forward to reading Len Masterman’s comments, they are fair and perceptive, but on this occasion cynicism has got the better of him. As for Andy C well indifference to such asinine comments is the best way forward.
    I welcome the appointment of Karanka, good luck to him and as many have said rightly, let us purge the old guard, they had their chance and blew it. I do not want Venus to be offered anything at the club and as for Mowbray, profound disappointment with him and his tenure here. A better player than manager.
    Still a new era beckons and looking forward to the game at Leeds as I shall be sat behind the new guy as they have swapped the dug out positions at the ground.

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