Scrappy Clash Weighed In v Watford

NORMALLY the sickening stoppage time leveller from a dead-ball kicks Boro squarely in the gnashers so it was nice to be on the right end for a change. And it was a nice moment of personal redemption for prolific Daniel Ayala scoring it after his dropped clanger almost handed the points to Watford on a mink lined silver platter.
But for all the sudden upsurge of emotions at the death, and for all the guilty giggles at the brass-necked mugging and spawny opportunist theft of a barely deserved point it can’t disguise how poor the second half was. It was a shapeless, chaotic mess. It was clunky. There was plenty of energy but no sense of cohesion. The game was so scrappy it was in great danger of being put on the back of a lorry and weighed in.
Boro were woeful at the back. And not just in the second half. They got caught flat-footed and ball watching in the second minute but the flag went up. They were repeatedly caught out for pace, they were torn apart by routine balls over the top and there were a lot of individual mistakes. Watford will be gutted they didn’t finish Boro off.
That said, for all that the game – quite possibly the last with Mark Venus in charge – shrivelled into an error-strewn, nervous, low-quality lack-lustre Championship affair it must be said Boro’s opening goal was bloody fantastic. It was sublime. It was Brazilian. It was a supremely engineered strike that combined deft skill with imagination and execution. It was a moment of magic.
Marvin Emnes was wonderful as he wriggled along the edge of the box, neatly smuggling the ball between two defenders with a mesmerising sleight of foot then rolled it short to Kei Kamara. He showed great vision to play a geometrically perfect protractor measured diagonal ball between the defence into the path of Rhys Williams who had over-lapped untracked down the right and into the box and the Aussie carried it goalwards and drew a defender with him then cheekily back-heeled it for goal machine Albert Adomah to squeeze a low angled shot inside the near post for his sixth in five games
That’s what I’ll remember from the game, I’ll airbrush the rest out of history.
More later


52 thoughts on “Scrappy Clash Weighed In v Watford

  1. You little rogue Mr Vickers! You were copied up and ready to post! I thought day two of the break was when he should have been installed, leaving it to the afternoon is what made me grumpy with no bodies in sight. Good work. Loose lips sink ships.
    **AV writes: We tried to keep it overnight but it leaked out so we had to go early. .

  2. **AV writes: We tried to keep it overnight but it leaked out so we had to go early. .
    Must be those bloody agents. Oh no wait we love his now, err, yes, great leak thanks. Brilliant timing, couldnt have done it better ourselves!

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