Deja Vu Defeat Shows Gulf In Class

CRUELLY deflected own goal… penalty… poor defending… Gary O’Neil… Steve McClaren… there was more than a hint of deja vu at Loftus Road.
All we needed was a sending off and Boro would have ticked off all the boxes on the mandatory matchday check list. And a draw. But even a draw was way beyond Tony Mowbray’s side on a very bad day at the office

It was no day to fall short in any area. Misfiring Boro were given a stark footballing lesson by Harry Reknapp’s champions elect on a day when the vast gulf in class was all too painfully obvious.
They were dismantled at the back with embarrassing ease as Rangers dominant midfield passed through them crisply and clinically and flowed forward with a fluid swagger.
Boro’s defence was creaky and unorganised with Ben Gibson – making his league debut – looking the best of a bad bunch. Woody was struggling while both full-backs were pulled out of shape.
Barton, O’Neil, Faurlin and Kranjcar were streets ahead of Boro whose attempts to press them quickly looked laboured and lack-lustre.
And the toothless team never looked like breeching a water-tight defence determined to clock up a club record seventh successive clean sheet. There was to be no ‘typical Boro’ coupon-busting moment, teasing us and setting us up for a fall in the coming home games.
Green never had to make a save. He collected a couple of tame efforts but nothing that troubled his place in the QPR record books.
Kamara was isolated in a flaccid first half. Even after the changes in the second half with Jutkiewicz also thrown up front it was little better. Boro had more possession but it was ragged and urgent lacked conviction or cutting edge.
After the game Redknapp was gushing in his praise for his side – ‘triffic’ – but they will not have had an easier game all term. Boro made it easy for them to strut around and spray passes about.
The relentless pressure is now mounting on Mogga. Two home games in a week are looming against sides that he will be expected to win. It is a very big week.
More later.


53 thoughts on “Deja Vu Defeat Shows Gulf In Class

  1. Nigel
    My understanding was the naughty step was free but you get your own personal Stasi agent, er, steward, telling you to sit down and shut up.

  2. Nigel –
    Don’t get me wrong I know full well that PDC is not the polished article as far as football management goes but he did keep Sunderland up, they are still on the Premier Gravy train and the history books will always reflect that.
    MON went after an 8 game run of 5 defeats and 3 draws, leaving them 1 point above the relegation zone with 7 games remaining in the season. Di Canio managed to get two wins and one of them a very unlikely away win against Newcastle. His suit ruining knee slide is legendary. Like him or loathe him he achieved the club’s goal at the time albeit a short term goal (how I wish Gibbo had done a similar thing when we were sliding out of the Prem).
    Who knows what would have happened had Di Canio stayed. Indeed who knows what will happen now that he has gone.
    Onto tonight and lets hope for 3 points and Mogga putting us on track to replace the Mackems come May!

  3. I am completeley baffled over the support for Mowbray. Under 13000 for the game against Huddersfield ,the only way he is taking the club is down He should have gone after the A Stanley game and he should be shown the door now ,not at the end of the season.
    If Gibson,does not sack Mowbray ,then for me it shows he has no ambitions for the club. I still find it amazing,GS was sacked when the club were 2nd and yet this buffoon is allowed season after season not to produce the goods.
    Isn’t is funny that GS is now England u21 manager and GST is now Scotland manager. If TM were to go ,he would finish up on thr scrap heap ,he is pure rubbish.
    On a final note ,i reckon it will be the all time lowest crowd at the Riverside against Yeovil today,what an electric atmosphere it will be.Yes what a marvellous job TM is doing ha ha ha !!!!!!!!.

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