Those ‘Typical Boro’ Moments: Help Shape The Historic List Of Shame

TYPICAL Boro! That ingrained historical tendency to hit the self destruct button whenever opportunity presents itself. That fatal flaw in the club’s DNA that has gifted us institutional failure down the generations. The ability of teams and the club hierarchy to crumble and wilt at the moment of truth. We all know the script. We have been suckled on the resulting cynicism and learned by rote the mantra that “they’ll always let you down, son.”
Now I’m trying to collate the folk-lore heartaches from different eras into one damning list of shame: a comprehensive compilation album of broken dreams. It is part cultural housekeeping and part therapy. And it will help fill the long empty weeks without football stretching out before us. So I need your help in shaping the top 10 – or 20, or 30, we’ll see how far we get – sickening watershed moments when the Boro let us down.

I am ‘crowd-sourcing’. I have mentally drawn up my list of ‘typical Boro moments’ that kicked us in the collective teeth but I am bound to have missed a few. Or got the rankings wrong (like with the recent greatest transfer list). So shout up: influence me. Put up an argument for your particular painful act of historic betrayal and spurned moment of opportunity, on or off the pitch, in colour or in black and white. What was the ultimate “typical Boro” moment – the era-ending defeat to Wolves in 1981 or the collapse against Cardiff with Wembley beckoning? Man City or Orient? The fax-up in signing of Phil Whelan or that of ‘ghost’ transfer Ricardinho? You decide.
So come on, let’s have your top five or 10 ‘ typical Boro’ moments (older more battle scarred and cynical readers may think of more).


35 thoughts on “Those ‘Typical Boro’ Moments: Help Shape The Historic List Of Shame

  1. For me it is the Billy Ashcroft miss against Orient in the FA Cup Quarter Final. This was our chance to hit the big time, and it was blown in spectacular fashion.

  2. Too tired to give a list, but it would be difficult to top the Cardiff debacle. At home, Wembley winking at us invitingly, and a lower division team in our way (how our roles have changed….).
    Best man on the pitch by a mile was Ramsey (16 years old?). He tore our Premier League defence apart.
    If we EVER get to an FA Cup Final again it will be a surprise. But in the unlikely circumstances that such an event should arise in the future, you can bet that one of the Big Boys will be waiting for us – a Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal. Not a Portsmouth or a Barnsley.
    That was a chance for us to go to Wembley, not as underdogs, but with the likelihood of a win. And not just any cup, but THE Cup. The one you dreamed about winning as a lad.
    Snatched out of our hands. Talk about a team not turning up. That was a real shocker. But somehow it all felt so Typical Boro.

  3. 5. FAcup 6 round v Birmingham 1975
    Two 3-0 league wins against Birmingham wasn’t enough to guarantee us a first semi final appearance in History, and after bossing the game at St Andrews we fell to a Solitary Bob Hatton headed goal .
    4. FA Cup Round Six replay v Orient 1978
    Exited to lower league opposition after failing to see them off at ayresome Park
    3. League cup final 1997 v Leicester
    Seconds remaining and we concede a goal after the ball should have been hoofed into the stands which denies us the chance to lift our first Major trophy
    2. THAT Cardiff quarter final
    I still can’t bring myself to talk about it
    1.1974-75. The patently obvious need (spurned)for a quality striker (Bob Latchford) which in this authors opinion would have won us the title that year

  4. AV –
    After 50 years of frustration or as you state heartache. It’s the selling of all of our top players, internationals,the list is endless – we always broke up any decent squad weve had,
    Names from the early 60s like ,Clough,Peacock Day, Holliday through the 70s & 80s with Souness,Johnson,Mills,Armstrong, Hodgson, and the 90s and present day. The list goes on,we all know the names.

  5. 1. First World War (1913-14 our highest ever League finish
    2. Second World War (Finished 4th before the outbreak of hostilities)
    3. April 1986
    4. Three points fiasco
    5. Cardiff in the Cup Quarter Final
    6. Ben Roberts gift/Gian Luca Festa’s disallowed goal in the FA Cup Final and Ravanelli shamefully unfit to start
    6. Appointment of our finest ever Captain as Manager, possibly the most ridiculous Business decision in my living memory
    7. Orient 1978 6th Round
    8. !997 League Cup Final
    9. Hogwarts Badge change in 2007
    10. Yakubu at Wigan and how it signified both the contempt of a so called Professional and the beginning of our fall from grace
    **AV writes: Good list. Does anyone want to add too, take away from or jiggle the order about a bit?

  6. Of course there are the sickeners we all know about. The Cardiff game actually brings a smile to my face as it was a full length body shot of yours truly on the front of the Gazette the next day. The price of fame I suppose.
    My typical Boro moment came at the hands of the unmentionables down by the Trent. Growing up in Nottingham …… Get on with it!….. Spring 1998 and We were top of the league and playing Forest. With a three point cushion and health goal diff over them would today be the day we beat them. They were second in the league but beatable. Sadly Andy Dibble was very beatable too. Going into injury time 3-0 down after a woeful performance we were still top on GD. A fact the Boro fans sang loud and proud to try get something from the day.
    Last kick of the game 4-0 and we were knocked off top spot
    Sickened, gutted , embaressed, angry. That’s being a Boro fan.

  7. Good grief, rather, 50+ years of grief.
    5. August 2009. The worst transfer activity I can remember. The club had alledgedly been moving to a lower cost team when they gambled on clearing everyone out of central midfield. Young out Hoyte in, goals to come from Alves and Mido.
    4. Brum FA Cup in 75.
    3. Buying George Kinnell
    2. No show at Blackburn and stiching up by the FA.
    1. Cardiff

  8. The first signing done and dusted. I think this could change our season!
    Former Chelsea fitness director Bryan English joins Boro. Hope sincerely this we prevent the traditional January swich-off!
    *Fingers crossed* Up the Boro!

  9. Is there a distinction to be made between those all too frequent moments of bitter disappointment, and displays which are genuinely shameful?
    Into the latter category fall those individual performances where the players concerned were clearly not trying or even interested. Boksic at Liverpool, and Yakuba at Wigan come all too readily to mind. After that degree of cynicism both players should have been banished from the club for life.
    And the behaviour of some players at the club during the late 1950s was literally criminal. Some were convicted of match fixing later in their careers, but it was clear to Cloughie at the time, that whilst he was banging them in at one end, his defensive colleagues were doing their darnedest to let them in at the other. Anyone remember Charlton 6 Boro 6 in 1960 ?
    There was also a very popular goalkeeper in the early 50s who, towards the end of his career, was so widely thought to be betting against his own team that he was sent to Coventry by the rest of the lads.
    I have not seen any evidence that the performance against Cadiff, and many of the other disappointments mentioned so far were not shared by the players themselves. The genuine Hall of Shame should be reserved for the genuine rogues, vagabonds and villains who have brought disgrace to the shirt, and betrayed the dreams of the supporters.
    **AV writes: That’s probably straying off the subject a bit. I thin kit would have been ‘typical Boro’ if they had been busted when playing at Ayresome Park rather than Sheffield Wed. I think a lot of football must have reeked of rodent in those days.

  10. 1. League cup final 1997 v Leicester – Emile Heskey equaliser, remember walking out of wembley and kicking every lamp-post on way out.
    2. Three points deducted when Robbo was in charge. Absolute Chalamity, If we had stayed up god knows what would have happened. The team we had then was full of exciting talent, Nuff said.
    3.The Eindhoven final, fantastic achievement in getting there wont ever forget the quarter and semi finals. The final was a huge anticlimax.

  11. Colin Fairlamb 12:30am (on nights?)
    Couldn’t agree moreabout your number one but wasn’t the player that Charlton wouldn’t sign Paul Mariner?
    **AV writes: I think the strikers that Jack Charlton looked at but failed to buy (even though he was told the money was there) were Malcolm McDonald when he was still at Newcastle, Paul Mariner and David Cross.

  12. Mine is making my way to Notts County for a cup qf uder Malcolm Allison. The away end was heaving with 10000 Boro supporters. This was our year. No stopping us. We sang and chanted….and lost 1-0. Well at least thats how I remember it!! Not sure about the year though. Think late 70s early 80s. Any idea AV?
    **AV writes: Jan 1984, FA Cup 5th rd – although they were in Div 1 a Boro were in Div 2 and mid-table (although they had gone six unbeaten going into the game).

  13. My heart-rending choice is not necessarily in the genre of “typical Boro” events as long-time club-followers would interpret them, but in terms of “disappointment effect”, the retraction by Steve Gibson from top-flight levels of financial support for the club ranks right up there as, easily, the single and most negatively far-reaching, top-billing club event for me. (If this offends a purist’s interpretation of “Typical Boro” in the context of this blog thread, then – tough! Because if this is a scab-scratching opportunity, then I’m scratching mine!)
    I accept (because I have to) the personal financial imperatives that lay behind it. And I also can see the other side of that particular coin – i.e. the good times that he brought when he ploughed money in.
    But I certainly didn’t appreciate the inane attempts to try to convince either himself or the Boro following that “this is a Premiership Club”, while he was clearly unable to maintain the major sustainability criterion that would legitimise such a claim.
    The sale of Luke Young at the start of a pivotal season stands out, as does – on the match front – Forever Dormo’s choice of the Cardiff City FA Cup Quarter Final, as gut-wrenching evidence that underpins my single choice of emotional low.
    Rather than this being a blog thread that calls for a reflection on “Typical Boro” moments, I think it will help reinforce the reality of Boro’s real sustainable position in the national football ranks.
    I suspect the “Premier League Years” may be thrown into clearer focus, for more of us, as the era of “Untypical Boro”.
    *AV – takes a bow*

  14. Seriously mate, after wading through the tears of broken dreams from days gone by can we then turn our thoughts to the way the club has risen from the ashes…
    Yes, we’ve faltered and failed, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, stumbled and fallen within feet of the finishing line too many times, but…we’re not alone in this, even in the Championship last season
    Looking forward, we still need reason to hope. Let’s find faith in the resurrections, the impossible comebacks, and in our ability to keep finding gifted young players. 1986, Rioch and Mowbray; Steaua and Basel; a list of Academy graduates as long as you want it.
    Let’s pick ourselves up, accept it’s going to be a rocky ride and re-join the battle.

  15. Anyone remember Crystal Palace at home in the 88/89 Simod cup?
    Having endured two shameful cup exits already that season at the hands of fourth tier opposition. (Thankfully Sutton’s exploits over Coventry diverted the media’s attention away from our home debacle to Grimsby town). Boro were taking on Division 2 Palace in the quarter final and poised for a possible semi final showdown then a subsequent opportunity to make a first ever Wembley appearance.
    Tentatively poised at 1 – 1, Cooper smashed in a peach with only two mins to go and send the Boro fans into Twin Tower utopia. With only seconds remaining it was a foregone conclusion that the side 10th in the top flight would see out time and consolidate our return to the old 1st division with a Wembley appearance.
    We lost 3 – 2 in normal time and were relegated four months later.
    Nice. I was 15 and still haven’t forgiven Boro.
    **AV writes: Scarred at such a tender age. Twas ever thus,

  16. “For me it is the Billy Ashcroft miss against Orient in the FA Cup Quarter Final. This was our chance to hit the big time, and it was blown in spectacular fashion.”
    This can’t be true. Billy was one of our top 40 all time great signings. *chortles*

  17. If you’re looking for typical Boro negative moments then most have already been mentioned. I’ll just add my weight to the tally in case you’re doing some kind of “league table.”.
    Away to Birmingham in the cup. Beat them twice 3-0 in the league. We had to beat Birmingham, Fulham and West Ham to win the cup that year. An opportunity like that only comes about once every 35 years. Which brings me to Cardiff. Nuff said. Put Orient in there as well, and Wolves.
    We won the first leg league cup semi 1-0 against Man City but were 2-0 down in the 2nd leg before I’d found me seat.
    Wembley. A tale of two Boro throw ins. The last one of the game in the League cup final. We give Leicester the ball and they equalise. First one of the game in the F.A Cup Final. We give Chelsea the ball and they score after 42 seconds.
    1975 I think it was. A lot of people don’t realise how close we came to winning the title that year. There was about five games to go and we were one of about four teams still in with a chance. We’re winning 1-0 at home to the eventual champions Derby County. It’s injury time. We have the ball at the back, no pressure on us… and give it away with a sloppy square ball. 1-1…
    One of my personal biggest disappointments was hearing on the radio that George Best wasn’t coming after all.
    But it’s not all negative. I think typical Boro is also that we always come back. We were almost out of business in 1986 and relegated to the third division. But we came back with back to back promotions.
    After the disappointment of the League Cup final we were back at Wembley a couple of months later.
    We were relegated thanks to the three points saga. But bounced straight back up.
    It took us over 100 years to reach our first major final. We then reached 3 inside 12 months.
    Thats all “typical Boro”

  18. The game at Leeds and the Little Fella on his knees on his way out and relegation all on the same day. Obviously there was more than one result that caused that, but what a sad day for us all.
    And Cardiff is up there.

  19. If “Typical Boro” means building hopes and dashing them, then the second half of last season was as typical as any.
    Against a backdrop of cost-cutting and disgruntled chuntering, a young, cheaply assembled team lead by a club icon with strong local ties all around him finds itself in the automatic promotion places with a spot of Premier League big-boy bashing in the cup (well, alright, Sunderland) thrown in as a sneaky-peak at what could follow post promotion.
    And then the worst run in our history.
    As a series of matches though, it was a drawn-out affair that perhaps lacked the punch of the Cardiff quarter. No-one needs to say any more about that debacle.
    Not one for the list but my own personal typical Boro moment of last season was the God-awful display away at Huddersfield in March. Having just battered league-leading Cardiff two days earlier with new boy Sameobi looking a world beater (typical Boro!) that performance was hard to take. Espeically as we were somehow in front with 10 minutes left.
    Equally typical Boro though, was the brilliant win on the telly at Blackburn having just been thrashed at Blackpool. Typical Blackburn. Typical Championship.

  20. FA Cup semi final defeat to Arsenal 1.0 at Old Trafford with a Festa own goal
    FA Cup semi final defeat to West Ham 1.0 at villa park. Chris Riggott had a chance to equalise in dying minutes and missed the ball going by him

  21. Well done to Luke Williams scoring for U20’s yesterday, shame they let it slip.
    Is this the final version of the website? Are all the bells, whistles and hooters working?
    One thing I have noticed is that the number of comments on stories is stil down at low single figures. Is everybody away or like me can’t be hacked to use facebook? Mind you I read but don’t comment so no loss to me other than an appreciation of what a wider audience thinks.
    **AV writes: No, that is just the basic new website. We are all still being slowly trained and integrated with it and there are still loads loads of tweaks to be done and new toys yet to be unveiled once it is fully bedded in.
    The experience in every paper where it has been introduced is that there is a massive initial drop off of people commenting on stories – usually complaining about free speech being gagged and they will never register – but that numbers not only gradually climb back up but that the ‘quality’ increases. Multiple identities are all but eliminated and once people are publicly traceable there are far fewer libellous, offensive and racist comments. Which is a good thing.

  22. I understand about the comments quality and that public traceability improves. But how do you define quality, is it like the people demonstrating to stop someone speaking at a conference in an effort to promote freedom of speech?
    How does that square with your own blog because there is plenty of opportunity for sniping? Do you take on the responsibility for monitoring? Are you Big Brother?
    In the days when we were in the top flight I bumped in to another poster at an away match – I didn’t know him but the tone of our conversation led to us identifying each other.
    He posted under an alias for work reasons. Luckily I can post under my own name, some may find that a shame!
    Is there not the danger that you get pockets of people with similar views. I was talking to a Boro fan who came in to the office who didn’t post on this blog because we were all pedestal polishers! I nearly choked on my coffee.
    **AV writes: Anyone can post so long as they do so under a verifiable account. It can still be a pseudonym so long as it is properly registered. I don’t see how you can get from there to any attempt to suppress free speech.

  23. George Boateng getting injured in the 2004-05 season for eight weeks. Saw us drop from 4th to 9th in the period. Had he been fit, we may have ended even higher then 7th! Even when things seem to be going right they go wrong!

  24. You don’t have to use Facebook to post on here.
    Go on gazette the sport then sport opinion,scroll down and click on AV
    **AV writes: He is talking about commenting on the stories on the revamped Gazette website which demands registration. I let anyone have a go on here provided they manage to get through the #DoyleFilter.

  25. The comment about freedom of speech wasn’t meant to be taken literally! I was just interested in how it actually worked.
    When comments were posted previously on Gazette articles were they totally unchecked? If so, it would seem a risky thing to do. Would they be traceable to an email account?
    Whatever, I prefer this medium. I still think it will be a long time, if ever that the comments numbers return to previous levels. We are talking low single figures compared to over a hundred in some cases.
    I would have expected a big response from the Talking Boro videos.
    ***AV writes: Under the old system they were ‘post-moderated’, ie only checked afterwards, and then often only if something was was flagged up. So yes, it left us legally very exposed, especially out of hours. Under the old system you could make any old e-mail address up so there was no accountability at all. It also allowed multiple IDs and made banning almost impossible.
    This is a system now being applied right across the Trinity network, on nationals and locals. One of the reasons is the tendency towards ‘user generated content’ and using some of the comments for publication (I do it with #borolive tweets for instance) and when you are doing that, especially with controversial news stories, there is a need to know they are traceable, verifiable and if necessary you can follow them up, get in touch for more details.
    I have seen some comments to the effect that the Gazette-Stasi have done it “to silence anti-Mowbray critics” which shows quite an admirable level of paranoia and self-importance. The timetable was rolled out nationally. We have no say in that. Seriously, the powers that be at Canary Wharf really aren’t too bothered about the levels of dissent against the manager of a provincial football club.
    The experience elsewhere, including some big papers with far more traffic then the Gazette, is that after a massive slump and an initial outrage from regular posters, numbers increase, the sometimes poisonous atmosphere improves as libellous and insulting posting drops off because people are less likely to be wilfully offensive if they are identifiable and a wider spectrum of people post.

  26. Joe’s shout on Boateng is a good one. Our midfield imploded during his absence that season.
    It brings to mind Dean Ashton’s Elbow on Mark Schwarzer breaking his cheekbone in the FA Cup semi final. We were well on top in the game until that point and I thought we looked comfortable to go on and win.
    I don’t think (or at least hope) Ashton meant to deliberately break Schwarzer’s cheekbone but he certainly went in to do some damage. What goes round comes around and his own career was finished not long afterwards. Despite Mark playing with a face mask he never really recovered from it until the end of that season and I believe we ultimately as a club paid a very high price.
    Regarding Ian Gill’s take and the comments on the Gazette stories being down, I tend to think that the Facebook requirement is extremely uncomfortable hence the dramatic collapse. Posting under a pseudonym helps individuals when they should perhaps be gainfully employed doing other things but in fairness it can be abused.
    I think the solution lies somewhere along AV’s existing blog lines rather than a forced requirement to join the ranks of sad individuals posting drivel about what they had for breakfast ad nauseum and when their property is free and available to be burgled by posting from Torremolinas/Benidorm/Magaluf etc.
    That said some of the comments were of an extremely poor vintage and of a petty nature so if it clears that up then its a positive, however there is a “conspiracy” suspicion that the timing of it was also fortuitous for the club.
    I tend to think though that even had the Gazette and MFC tried to “engineer” it the complexity and timing of switching over to a new format will have been dictated by Trinity Mirror nationally rather than at a local level.
    By all means request traceability and accountability in whatever format but linking it for what appears to be commercial interests and to a site which attracts controversy of its own is not the answer. Facebook divides peoples opinion for all sorts of reasons, its a bit like forcing Marmite on the Gazette readership and of course it doesn’t just apply to stories on the Boro but right across the local news and topic arena which have all seen a collapse on comments.
    For what its worth I read more of the Gazette on line than in print (despite still having it delivered each evening) primarily because it engaged with and included the community. It gave a voice to the people to take issue with matters affecting their area and was an important barometer for local Politics etc.
    It made the news almost three dimensional. It made local Councillors and other agencies accountable for their actions and carefully prepared statements could be challenged and bluffs could be called with individuals in positions whose behaviour or presentation of facts was slightly “out of sync” with Public Opinion.
    The instant nature of it made it a worthwhile read and even a few returns to the same page to see how the growing opinion was divided or otherwise.
    Since the Facebook induced “comment free” zones I now no longer browse the Gazette on line nowhere near as much. The comments/reactions were almost more valuable than the original catalyst news article itself. I probably only “read” the printed version two or three nights out of six at the very most so my personal intake of what the Gazette produces has dropped quite a bit.
    **AV writes: All those things about the nature of public expression still apply and that is an important part of the role of a free press. Arguably they apply more so because now it can be shown that everyone who posts is a real person.
    Before it was very easy for individuals or a very small like-minded group to create a lot of noise and give the impression of a bandwagon through a cluster of multiple accounts and it was very easy for the powers that be to dismiss such reaction as unrepresentative or even manufactured. That does nothing for democracy.
    As for Facebook, I don’t think anyone is legally obliged to document the minutae of their life, just register. The way I work is a relic and it requires a serious commitment of man hours . Other people are not daft enough to do it.

  27. Nice to see you following a thread I launched on FMTTM !!!!
    I’m flattered !!!!!
    **AV writes: Which thread? I rarely go on there now. Twitter is where its at.

  28. I think the Facebook registration is an excellent idea, I’m registered on Facebook but rarely use it and I certainly dont post what I’ve eaten for breakfast or what bar i’m sat in on the Med. If such a system improves the quality of comments left on newspaper articles then I’m all for it.
    I regularly read via the internet various papers which by some are known as the ‘quality press’, I never cease to be astounded by the outrageous and acidic aggressive comments which are posted. If they were to disapear that would be a huge step forward and may tempt me to comment myself. To date I’ve only ever posted in two places here and one other blog. I’d never post a comment on a newspaper article, nothing to be gained unless you like attracting vitriolic comment.
    I’m with Redcar Red on the top 10, although I’d also rank his no.6 as my no.6. My recollection is Ravanelli did start the cup final but went off injured with his ‘hammy’ after 20 minutes or so to be replaced by Beck, given we were already one nil down I knew we’d lost at that point.
    My no.1 may well be appointing Gareth as manager, I think appointing a completely inexperienced man to manage a club in transition, where the aim was cost cutting and Premiership survival was the worst decision Steve Gibson has ever made by a country mile where Boro are concerned.
    The task he was given would have been a demanding one for an experienced top flight manager, I also think Gareth was very foolish to accept it, it may well have caused permanent long term damage to his managerial career.

  29. What a great opportunity this is to drag up past frustrations, re open old festering wounds and beat the club with a stick before we’ve even kicked a ball this season!
    Should bring the club and us all together ready for the off.
    **AV writes: Well it makes change from being called a ra-ra anyway.

  30. I must be missing something, having read the posts above about having to go on Facebook to comment on the Gazette site.
    I don’t “do” Facebook. I’m not saying I never will, but I don’t presently wish to. The odd post or three to this Blog, and e-mail generally, and Twitter, are enough for me. Hey, if I’m really concerned and want to make an urgent point to someone I know, I can even phone them! Technology!
    I still miss the Virtual BJ Stand by which we kept in touch with away games (and with other supporters). If it had been capable of dealing with a few hundred contributors at any one time, that would be have great, though I think AV would have had no time then to watch the game or do anything else, with having to vet new comments coming in, until giving his “permission” to contribute directly to the site. We could only get about 30 contributors and, when the limit was reached and someone else joined, one of the others get “bumped” off. Good fun, though.
    I don’t access this site through the Gazette site. I’m not sure if others do. I just put “Anthony Vickers Untypical Boro” into any search engine, and the site appears. I then send posts…. Simples.
    Facebook? Will it last as long as telegrams? On the subject of which, where are are telegrams these days? Bring back smoke signals. It works for the Pope.
    **AV writes: The Facebook registration thing is only for those who want to comment directly on a story posted on the Gazette (or any Trinity Mirrot group site). There are no plans for it to be extended beyond that. I got into big trouble for going well above my pay-grade shouting and pointing and threatening things when they tried to impose ‘Captcha’ on this blog. I can’t be doing with all that again.

  31. Having lived in the great Hampshire beer desert for 24 years I am, of course, all too aware that every provincial football club has a history peppered with ‘typical’ moments. In fact, my Pompey following friends would envy something as mildly embarrassing as losing a cup tie to a team one division below, compared to their own jaw-dropping recent history of fake Sheiks, Lithuanian Bankers and Israeli gun runners (allegedly). Honestly, Google it, you’ll be stunned.
    However, you asked the question – so how about the revelation that our Brave New World, the new Ayresome, was to be built with German steel?

  32. The Gazette Stasi, now there is a thought.
    And then transformed in to a chicken run agitator.
    I can just see you fighting your corner against the one size fits all brigade.

  33. Masham Wiggy –
    A bit of therapy is well….theraputic! It’s just a bit of fun though really isn’t it? I don’t think Mogga/Gibbo will be spending too much time checking up on what we’re posting.
    So, our new Hungarian Bailey look a-like is he any good?

  34. Bipolar Boro, a modern twist on “Typical Boro” Simon, I like it!
    Nigel Reeve –
    Apologies for the confusion on my No.6 what I meant by Rav being shamefully unfit to start was the fact that he did start but was unfit and shouldn’t have and was a liability. Regardless of that the key thing is we agreed!
    AV and the “Gypsy curse”, I’d forgotten that one but it seems a few clubs have a similar curse in their history. I suspect it was an ancient equivalent of “Typical Boro/Rovers/City/Utd etc” long before the days of Twitter.
    **AV writes. Absolutely. Every club outside the magic circle feels they are uniquely unlucky/mismanaged and rather than accepted that as the norm they search for some mystic explanation. I used to get regular letters (yes, letters!) asserting Boro would never be successful so long as they had 13 letters in their name.

  35. Wolves 81. Never been a worse defeat that ripped the great out of a club on the verge of greatness. Hodgey Johnson Bailey Wood Spike all gone within months, Neal replaced with Murdoch and some of the worst signings ever seen at the Boro (Heine Otto excepted).
    Amer at the helm and a 3-1 loss home to Spurs first game next season were the sign of the disaster to come. If we’d won, you just know we would have beaten Spurs in the semi…

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