Sammy Sizzler Puts Revival On Menu

GIVE the parmo a miss tonight: Humble pie is on the menu. For the legions of defeatists who verbalised their own crisis of faith rather than see the reality of the league table as they pronounced the season over. And a sheepish serving too for the pre-emptive lynchmob who gathered to denounce useless Geordie reject Sammy Ameobi before they had even seem him play. And save a slice for those who wrote off Kieron Dyer as a zimmer-framed waster too.
The Toon-tainted twosome got the goals that fired Boro to what could be a galvanising victory over table-topping Cardiff. And they both played well. Ameobi – who’s arrival caused a lot of chuntering because he knocked Adam Reach down the pecking order – had a superb debut. Not only did he score a cracking goal after a neat Sammy shimmy stepover shuffle in the box but he several times ripped Cardiff open with some mesmerising footwork. Once, after drag-backing and dancing away through a bewildered posse twice, impressed Dyer ran over to shake his hand.
He could be the spark of lock-picking magic that could kick-start the season. Game on. We have 11 games to go, we are one point off the play-offs with a couple of the teams above us stuttering – yes, Leicester, I’m looking at you – and there’s everything still to play for.
Boro were superb in the first half; solid at the back – Big Mick was superb – and quick on the break, using both flanks well to stretch play and getting to the by-line and putting the ball in the box qjuickly. A goal up and with Cardiff forced to come out their early season prowess on the break returned. They had the league leaders rattled early, were ruthless in pressing home their advantage and could easily have had another goal to wrap the game up.
Obviiously this is Boro so it was never going to be simple. Cardiiff piled on the pressure in the second half and there was a frantic finale as they threw every forward and started to play rush goalie. It was enthralling, nail-biting stuff. My heart rate has only just returned to normal. But dogged Boro held on.
Job done. Three precious points. A good display – and after the decent fist against Chelsea in midweek, a perfromance that suggests Boro are back on an upwards curve – even if seven points in five games is hardly spectacular.
Well it is March. Time to push on. Yes, Boro have to make it count and do it over the next 11 games and yes, there’s a still a long way to go yet – but at least you can enjoy your Saturday night and watch the Football League Show for the first time this year.
More later…


56 thoughts on “Sammy Sizzler Puts Revival On Menu

  1. I see Andy R thinks we may have an unchanged team tonight? Unlike Cardiff whose team is about to change to the ‘Cardiff Dragons’! lol..
    Actually Andy, I bet you Woody plays tonight, owe you a pint if I’m wrong!

  2. Just got back in to the office and whilst I was out there was a report on radio 5 of an unexploded bomb close to the Sheffield Wednesday ground. Shortly afterwards a Wednesday fan had sent in a text to the radio station that it was the only chance they had of going up.
    Made me chuckle.

  3. I would not ransome my credibility by responding to a post about swallows but I have seen far too many spring chicken runners on here.
    Now, where’s my coat?

  4. Surely now, all the those(including you AV) who think the play-offs is still within the realms of possibility can see we have lost one or two many games.
    It has to be beyond us now unless one or more teams go into self destruct as spectacularly as we did!!! I just can’t see that happening, given current form.
    **AV writes: “Within the realms of possibility”…. its two points not the Grand Canyon. If fans are writing that off, can they really blame the players for giving up? Boro have made it very difficult for themselves and the odds are swinging away but nevertheless it is still there to play for. There are teams below us who haven’t given up hope of the play-offs.

  5. Given last night’s result (Woodgate of course not there to add class and control to the defence and thus instill confidence throughout the team – even Mogga is voicing his frustration now)I would like to suggest fellow contributors hum, whistle or sing a well know Lady Gaga chorus.
    All together now – Ra ra ra ra rahhh! Ra ra ra ra rahhh! Then if you may, you can imagine the scrape of an old record needle as it’s rapidly moved across vinylso that Lady Gara is replaced by a dirge (one of your own choice of course).
    It comes as something of a blow to the solar-plexus to at one point beat the league
    leaders and then slump to an away defeat to a team hovering above the relegation spot, in the last five minutes of play.
    As previously mentioned, even Mogga is now displaying signs of frustration and annoyance. The obligated risk of signing up quality but injury prone players has and is not working. those left to fill the gaps are prone to such individual lapses of judgement I wonder if they are not suffering from some form of neurological deficiency. Is the solution simply to add extra vitamin D into the diet? Thoughts on an e-postcard please.

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