Brittle Boro Lacking Teeth And Belief

*SIGH* [expletive deleted] Oh well….there’s always next year.
Two more self-inflicted wounds at the back. Another timid display lacking teeth and belief by a team visibly wilting. Another brittle, simmering atmosphere teetering on the brink. Another couple of very costly very poor decisions swinging the odds against us. But we can’t keep blaming bad luck, poor finishing, individual errors. Whatever the position in the table, the unity of the club – on and off the pitch – is more important in the wider scheme of things and it is that which is currently fracturing under the pressure.
Crunch time for the season. And the project. Yes, Boro have been on a bad run but it was still a very disappointing gate given the price, the high stakes and the fact that the last home game – Leeds – was great entertainment with a fantastic atmosphere. Gates like that will make it very hard to press pricing arguments on a cash strapped club.
There is a real shroud of gloom around the club now. You watch, Boro will beat Chelsea on Wednsday now. Typical.
More later….


65 thoughts on “Brittle Boro Lacking Teeth And Belief

  1. Very kind of Les Miserables to loan us Sammi Ameobi.
    What I’ve seen of him is that he very raw but also exciting, could be a good loan signing. At least we will have somebody to blame if we fail to get into the play offs.
    Myself I’d have thought a right back might have been the prefered option but hey.

  2. We are fortunate it’s the 2nd half of the season that has started the way it has. Imagine if it was the 1st half of the season and the fall-out from that!
    Very disappointing on Saturday!

  3. The first half summed up our recent form quite nicely I thought – well on top in terms of possession, shaded the number of shots, and went in 2-0 down thanks to some wasteful efforts and poor luck.
    Our second half was much improved, and so if we could play like that for the full 90, we should be able to drag ourselves back into contention for the play-offs. The ability of the players and staff is there, we just need a little more fortune and confidence.
    As for the anti-Mowbray sentiments, I don’t get them at all. Look at what we’ve had – Southgate took a safe, mid-table Premiership side, and amidst major overhaul, cost-cutting and inexperienced decisions, we dropped down a division.
    Strachan then took this well-prepared Championship side, and expensively dismantled them into relegation battlers. Mowbray, amidst further cost-cutting, has dragged them back up to being play-off outsiders. How is that not progress? How can we criticise him for (so far) replicating last seasons performance on a smaller budget?
    RE: Ameobi – we’re not scoring enough goals. Signing a striker on loan seems like a good idea to me.

  4. Ian G at 12.52 –
    5 excellent points and I’d add a 6th, – has achieved more for a lot less and deserves some support and loyalty from the fan base in a difficult period.

  5. Werdermouth @ 3.04PM :
    It’s not! So be sure. Be very sure!
    These days, you’ve got to be a big boy to play with the big boys. Funny that – the principle works at club AND at squad levels, it seems!

  6. Ok AV , I’ll take Bobby Murdoch and Willie Maddren out of the equation as regards to worst management in 40 years
    What hurts most is the squad Moggas put together was good enough to finish in the top two . We outplayed Cardiff on their own patch , won at Watford and Brighton . At home we should have beaten Leicester and made Hull look like relegation fodder. We went top of the league in the middle of a supposed injury
    crisis ,
    I feel sorry for Rhys , everybody knows his best position is centre half , but Mogga refuses to play him there . Remember Millwall had lost five on the the bounce and 5-1 to Peterborough in the previous game , yet he starts with no recognised wide men and the most defensive midfield he could have picked .
    I want Mogga to succeed more than any manager I can remember but unfortunately I think he’s lost the plot

  7. Mowbray has lost the plot, or we should have got Billy Davies or anyone else!!
    Well I definitely don’t in any way profess to be as clued up as some but give me a break; Mowbray’s appointment was and is a master stroke. What has been achieved since the ginger nut left is nothing short of incredible given the resources and cash flow issues.
    Of course now all sorts of experts with all the knowledge are saying how they knew it wouldn’t work out, Mowbray was a bad choice!! Boro always stumble in January. Well like others I am a 50+ year supporter and know only too well the ups and downs.
    Boro have hit a slump, last season they did the same but really who actually thought they would make the play offs after the mini re-build? This season we all, AV INCLUDED, expect at the least to make the play offs and as the saying go’s it’s not over until it’s over.
    So let’s keep calm, as tough as that can be, and watch the Chelsea game unfold. I’m overseas so it’ll be through one eye as the nerves hit. Then it’s back to nitty gritty.
    Hope Ameobi doesn’t do well, or score goals – what will the doom mongerers have to say then……..
    **AV writes: Watch out for later in the day when all the people who ran Steve McClaren out of town in a pitchfork waving boofest (after reaching the UEFA Cup final!!) queue up to demand we bring him back.

  8. Masham Wiggy –
    Fair shout on th sixth point.
    I would say dont confuse my support for Mogga with my view he does create some of his own problems.
    I wont reiterate my previously posted views.
    Anyone seen Adam Reach?
    **AV writes: Reach should be back in the squad for Saturday. Had a 90 minutes run out in the ressies after two weeks out with an ankle knock. Or, storming out , depending on where you stand on the truth/conspiracy spectrum

  9. Where are people getting the idea we haven’t scored enough goals?
    We have scored 52 goals,Cardiff have only scored three more, Hull have scored six less and look where they are. Only four teams have scored more goals than Boro. 52 goals scored should take us to a comfortable play off position or better!
    The problem has been in defence 52 conceded only five teams conceded more and they are at the bottom end of the table.
    Doesn’t take a genius to work out where the problem lies,remember all the terrible defensive mistakes that have cost us points, excluding Jason Steele. If it wasn’t for him the goals against tally would be a lot higher.

  10. Good point NeverGiveUpOnBoro but it doesn’t alter the fact that Boro are currently having problems scoring this year with only seven goals from goals games – though admittedly conceding 19 goals during this period hasn’t really helped.
    I can’t believe Sammy Ameobi has been brought in to score goals as he has yet to score a first team goal – would any team ever decided to get a striker in on loan who has never scored?
    Talking of post-Christmas slumps, I see Steve Van Claren has left FC Twente following a long winless run – will the Mogga-beaters now be demanding for the return of the Messiah? No No No No!
    BTW Richard I think it must be time for you to give us one of your insightful posts about the current situation.

  11. Losing seven games out of nine is not a good rerason for sacking a manager, no matter who he is or which team he is managing.
    Any reasonable person who has within their gift the ability to hire and fire football managers wouldn’t look at results over a period of a few weeks or a couple of months. Managers should be judged on what they achieve over seasons, ours has stopped us being relegated to league one, got us into play off contention and stopped the club going bankrupt (again) by slashing the wage bill.
    Mogga is the right man for the job, form is temporary, the team will recover from the current rut. We may not make the top six this year but we’ll get there eventually.
    Phil from norton –
    If you think Mogga is so bad, why didnt you say so when we were second? We had the same manager with the same ability at that point didn’t we?
    And by the way, were Maddren and Murdoch the worst managers Boro ever had? How would they have performed if they’d had the millions to spend that Robson or McClaren had? They both managed a club which was in near terminal decline, its hardly surprising they failed. If memory serves me Maddren put together a large part of the team Rioch got promoted with.
    I have no idea what the lad from up the A19 is like, but I can see why Mooga wanted a winger. Against Millwall there was little width, with Friend being the only player to get down the flanks and whe nhe did we scored and almost got a second.
    Carayol isn’t up to speed yet after his injury, so we’re short of wingers. It cost us the game on Saturday, arguably. Bringing in a winger might just help, nothing to loose. As for the academy players, presumably Mogga doesn’t see a winger amongst them who is good enough/mature enough to try at this stage.
    Mogga is doing an excellent job, I hope he’s still Boro manager in ten years time.

  12. I hope our new centre Forward Keiron Dyer is fit for tomorrow,or what chance will we have?
    My Prediction: Boro 1 Chelsea 5
    **AV writes: I’m going for a gritty 0-0 with Torres missing a last minute penalty.

  13. Is Mogga the best man for the job? Do we have options? Or does Steve Gibson have options? Do we have options about our chairman? That is, effectively, the same question as, do we have options on whether Mogga may be the best man for the job?
    We don’t, really, of course! It’s a parlour game we bloggers play.
    Contrariwise, Mogga and Gibbo do need to deal with the realities of our painful transition from employers of Juninho, Boksic, Branca, Viduka and Ravanelli to being an unfashionable club in a less wealthy area of Britain during a time of recession.
    Mogga has agreed to work under these circumstances, which is in itself a strong reason why he is the right man. His eyes have been open from Day One. We need a manager with his eyes open and also one who is not too concerned to let others, including bloggers, tell him what to do.
    He has seen that there has been an uneasy mix of players whose careers are on the way up alongside players who may have believed themselves to be elite performers but may now feel demeaned by their current situation. In and amongst are those who are scratching out a few last performances from their frail physiques. Such a squad may disappoint supporters who equate reward with good performances, but surely Teessiders are used to harsher realities, and to looking them squarely in the face? We should be used to that by now!
    We have looked weak, irresolute and not very skilful in six out of the last seven games. Millwall, for example, looked as if they wanted to beat us quite a lot, so they did. Ipswich and Birmingham and Leeds away all beat us because they wanted it more. Burnley were less feisty and let us draw. In short, the players have let us and themselves down, individually and collectively. They have not looked as if they cared enough.
    Our reactions to adversity as supporters are too volatile, too extreme, irrational hope swinging into equally irrational despair.
    We have recently expected too much from such as Woodgate, Jutkiewitz, Rolls Rhys, Friend, Reach, Luke Williams and McEachran. We have perhaps at times expected too little from (or have undervalued) players such as Steele, Hoyte and McDonald. Mogga can drive us mad by his belief in such players as Haroun and Emnes, but he does see far more of them than we do, and I, for one, find it hard to believe his judgments on teams and set-ups are less balanced than my own.
    That said, it has been boring recently, and I have wondered why so many of us still bother. At Burnley, for example, one of our most stalwart fans wore dark glasses after a recent eye operation but attended nevertheless. Another sat and suffered with acute tummy ache, seeing little of the game, but was there for the club, caring passionately about the Boro. Another will attend the Chelsea game despite a foot operation yesterday.
    Mogga understands this irrational love for the club, and so does Gibbo, and they are by virtue of that understanding, the right people to take the club forward.
    This summer, big wages will be lost from our books and I hope some greater sense of common purpose and desire will be the result. We need a team of players whose careers are like Swansea’s players, all on the way up. I, for one, will always support that kind of team and such a team will respond hungrily to supporters like the three above mentioned.
    **AV writes: What he said, too ^^^^^
    After the inital spleen venting and demands for blood I thing there is some morning after measure and sanity starting to spread now. That’s Boro.

  14. AV –
    I hope your are wrong with your prediction against Chelsea. We do not need another match to confuse things. However, I think we will get a result. Typical Boro.

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