Pump Up The Volume: Riverside Reshuffle In Pipeline

BORO chiefs are weighing up a radical Riverside reshuffle in a bid to pump up the volume.
After another round of contructive talks between the chairman, the Gazette and a cross section of fans, the club are looking at plans for a summer stadium shake-up to move groups of fans to create another ‘home end’ and boost the matchday atmosphere. Earlier meeting led to a series of cut-price ticket initiatives, with more to come.
Central to the plan would be to move the noisy Red Faction en masse from their current base in the upper tier of the South East corner to a new location behind the South Stand goal. That would make them more visible and audible and create space for more to join them to help give Boro passion at both ends of the ground.
Away fans would switch to the East Stand Upper. There are also plans for a new competitively priced designated East Stand family area and a big screen – but it would mean some season ticket holders will be asked to move.
Full story and proposed stadium map here – plus, in a shock developement, almost entirely positive readers comments . What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Pump Up The Volume: Riverside Reshuffle In Pipeline

  1. Good idea.
    I noticed in comments elsewhere that it would reduce capacity if we got back in to the Premiership. Lets get there and enjoy the debate
    **AV writes: Only by 1000 or so. To be fair, given Teesside’s current economic blight, even in the Premier League I can’t crowds averaging much more than 22-24k. I don’t think the lose of one slice of seats is a problem in the short term.

  2. In principle a big screen is a good idea as is moving the RF to a more prominent area to maximum effect plus moving the away fans to the East side also psychologically makes good sense.
    The only concern I have is the exit route for Home Fans making their way back to Riverside Road but I’m sure a pathway can be created utilising the untarmaced car parking area behind the East Stand. Other than that I give it all a thumbs up.

  3. Seems a good idea to me. I hate the empty seats behind the goal in the South Stand. But if we went up, I’d hope to average about 25-26,000, with maybe 30K for the Manchester United and similar games. It’s still a long way from the sell-outs and people on a waiting list for Red Books, that we had 10 years ago.
    It always seemed strange that, for such a new ground, the Riverside had no screen. Even the small two-line scoreboard was an afterthought. Still, we don’t go for the screen. Might improve the “Matchday Experience” though.
    **AV writes: The proposed new confuguration involves a flexible overspill strip in the South Stand where no season tickets would be sold – where segregation gates etc are already in place – which would take away capacity up to 5,000. Even in the Prem that would probably only be used four or five times a year.

  4. You can add me to the ‘shock development’ of entirely positive comments.
    Some years ago I was in contact with the club about a number of these issues – including a big screen and was told then that such a screen was ‘technically/structurally not feasible’. Really glad an answer has been found.
    Well done to MFC for listening and, we presume, acting.

  5. The fall out of Palace tells us we are going to be in the Championship next year a shame but we cannot expect much more with what we have.

  6. And on a lighter note!
    Only Chelsea and Manchester United to beat and I think we can look forward to another Wembley Stadium visit.
    For a small town in Europe, no problem!
    I’ve put a tenner on it already:)

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