Small Screen Party Poopers Switch Play-Off Prospects Back On

TYPICAL Boro! Leave it until the last game of the season to deliver a fiesty explosion of hope and excitement after a season of home-o-phobic freezing and frustration why don’t you? Twist the knife and shatter our dreams against Doncaster and dump morale on rock bottom before delivering the performance of the season when all seems lost. What a cruel and perverse team, torturing us and dragging out the agony.
As usual Boro, the team through the Looking Glass, do everything the wrong way round. Stumble to relegated Rovers after failing to deal with the expectations of being favourites, then when it all looks hopeless, take apart the rampant side that battered Boro down at their place and who were coming here as a formality. As at Cardiff last term, we are at our best as party poppers when we are underdogs.
And on telly too. Fantastic. Mission Impossible is back on. I’m still buzzing.

What a brilliant game. Some excellent football in flashes against a background of spirit and industry, real bottle in battling from behind, a deserved leveller from dynamic NIcky Bailey and an exquisite free-kick winner made all the sweeter because of the cheating refusal of the Southampton wall to retreat. That said, the referee was weak all game. Hines should have gone. Jutkiewicz was battered all over but got nowt. We had what looked a good goal ruled out.
But what made it a fantastic game was the atmosphere (despite the best attempts of a cack-handed incongruous PA with Me Mark Page at his worse. It felt like he had forgotten his CDs but found an old 80 mix tape under the seat in his car.) It helped that there were 3,000 away fans arrogantly along for an open topped bus parade just asking to be taken down a peg but Boro fans were brilliant throughout. They never turned on the team when they went behind in Keystone Kops fashion after a minute, they chanted and sung and urged the team on for the full 90 and showed versatility and humour (counting out the yards as the ref failed to push the wall back was funny) and hostility and passion and reminded each other exactly what being at a game was supposed to be about: a unity of team and fans sparking off each other with a common aim. It was great.
So, its back on. We go to Watford needing to win and needing Cardiff to lose at Palace to snatch a play-off place. That can happen,. Easy Or not. Who can say in this crazy division? We can argue all week about how we may have had it wrapped up weeks ago and apportion blame. Or we can enjoy it, get excited by it and build ourselves up to get behind the team at Watford and give it our best shot. Nothing to lose. Let’s go for it.
More later…


54 thoughts on “Small Screen Party Poopers Switch Play-Off Prospects Back On

  1. Prompted by the train of thought in PeaspudinPerth now in China’s last (sorry PP) ‘most recent’ post, – if Boro gain promotion, it’ll be vying for the best day in Steve Gibson’s life. I can already feel the tension easing all the way from the English Channel!
    There will be NO return to the heady days of the early-mid naughties on Teesside. Not in this millennium – assuming the rules of participation remain as they are currently free-market constituted.
    There may be some redress of imbalance if and when the antipodean mafia’s grip on government and the TV addicted masses is considerably less of a determinant. Although moving in the right, sorry, correct direction, it’s not going to happen overnight. I suspect a good few more scalps will have to be surgically removed before the cancer of excess is once again under control.
    When that happens, Boro and others might be able to compete in sporting terms, rather than it being an ongoing battle of the wallets or, more accurately, the most robust lines of credit!

  2. To Ian Gill at 5.53 pm yesterday:
    commentators are quite correct to talk about “Camp Nou” (or, to give it its full name, “L’Estadi Camp Nou”). It means “New Ground” in Catalan (“nou” being the adjective meaning “new”) & Catalan, in common with most Mediterranean languages, generally puts adjectives *after* the nouns they qualify, so anyone who refers to “the Nou Camp” is getting his/her linguistic knickers in a complete twist & your logic about “Road Hutton” etc is wide of the mark! 😉

  3. London based Boro fan –
    In this country we have called it Nou Camp for many, many years. As such, and as we are British, Johnny Foreigner should get their house in order and sort their language out. It isnt our fault they have a silly way of sortng their adjectives and nouns.
    NOU CAMP it is.
    AV writes: Either way, they are not going to Bayern Munchen.

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