Derby Dynamite From The Video Vault

THE BLOG that scours through YouTube so you don’t have to: Part XII
With the FA Cup clash derby tension bubbling up nicely now, thoughts naturally turn to classic Tees-Wear encounters of the past. The memories come flooding back of all those time Boro have beaten Sunderland. There’s loads of them. It was routine in the 90s.
There are some important moments in terrace folklore to be relived as part of the big match build: Bernie up on the Holgate fence in a quick-fire celebration, a Parky worldy, Emerson cracking home a rocket shot at Roker, Jamie Pollock stuffed some Mackem chanting straight back down their throats with a late winner. So to get you in the mood for the big match, here’s some footage of derby clashes of the past. Enjoy.

The last time Boro and Sunderland met in the FA Cup a double dose of Hicktonite back in January 1975 at a muddy Ayresome Park dispatched the Mackems (although that term wasn’t common currency then… when did it first become the accepted shorthand?)
There was a crowd of 39,400 in Ayresome that day. Boro wore an away kit and Big John scored two second half spot-kicks to seal it, one of them a deceptively short run up.

Brucie’s Babes were back in Division two and slipping towards danger afer four defeats in six when they conjured up a spectacular 3-0 win over promotion chasing Sunderland in January 1990. Peter Davenport played well – no, he did, really, in fact it probably helped us shift him on to them soon after – and got the opener then Bernie popped in his obligatory goal before Gary Parkinson sealed it with a last minute screamer. This one is about five minutes in so you’ll have to fast forward through some Paul Frost flannel.

Carbon monoxide sniffer Bernie Slaven must still be laughing at how easy it was to slot home a record fastest ever Tees-Wear derby opener after just 17 seconds in a 2-1 win in September1991. Their defence crumbed before Roger tames had even set the scene.
A poor back-pass under no pressure from lumbering lower league was compounded by a
defender Kevin Ball was compounded by some comedy keeping to fumble into the path of the Holgate’s favourite fenceclimber. You can see him chuckling as he slots it home.

The Holgate were chanting ‘Terry Butcher On The Dole’ in October 1993 as Lennie Lawrence’s side – still in the chase for a swift promotion back to the Premier League – battered the disintegrating Mackem basement battlers 4-1. Craig Hignett, John Hendrie and Paul Wilkinson all netted in a rampant first half before Wilko sealed it late on.

Bryan Robson’s promotion bandwagon was just starting to gather momentum as Boro came storming from behind to secure a 2-2 draw with relegation bound Sunderland in September 1994. The old new Ryan Giggs Alan More clawed one back then Big Nige rammed home a second two minutes later.

And because we don’t just beat them at home, here’s a couple of away day classics.
First Jamie Pollock responds to an hour long “ugly bastard” barracking by trundling home a tongue lolling winner from the edge of the box that had Boro fans at Roker serenading him ironically with the same gleeful chant in March 1995.

Here’s AWOL hero Emerson leathering home a Soul-Glow Samba sizzler in the last derby clash at Roker Park.

Just to show it was no fluke, our permed predator unleashed another rocket again the next year in the first derby encounter at the Stadium of Light.

And just to round it off, here’s new boys Chris Riggott and Malcolm Christie making themselves instant heroes with the goals in a 3-1 win in 2003.

Unfortunately there is no footage available yet of Curtis Main’s fairytale winner tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “Derby Dynamite From The Video Vault

  1. Whats wrong with Obechge? Seems its mystery injury to me. All very quiet and how did it happen?
    **AV writes; Thigh strain done in training. Back in training, probably two weeks.

  2. I don’t know about you lot but, on the assumption I get away from work in time, I’m taking my boots with me to the Riverside tomorrow. With all the injuries to the Boro squad, there must be a fighting chance I’ll get a game. Surely on the Bench, at least?
    Let’s hope it’s a good one. Mind you, with the forecast suggesting a heavy frost tonight, I hope the undersoil heating is on.

  3. Ian – We are a bit light on posts, is it because of the frost, is the interwebby thingy frozen?
    Forever, I think you’ve every chance of getting a game, my son and I were arguing last night about the line up and I couldn’t think of more than two fit midfielders!
    Assuming Williams and Arca play in the middle who else have we got, is Smallwood fit? Perhaps we could try Conor Ripley on the wing!

  4. AV –
    Any chance of some clarification over ticket sales. MFC website says 23,500 so far, does that figure include the 4,200 already sold by the Mackems?
    I suggested to JP a gate of around 28,000, any more views from your end?
    **AV writes: This morning the ticket sales had nudged just over 25,000. With a nice sunny morning to fool people into a false sense of security weather-wise and with a bit of workplace buzz and some excited fans egging each other on we could get a dinner time surge north of 26,000.

  5. Just hoping for the same commitment and pashion as shown at the New Joker Park.
    Obviously I’m hoping for a win but I think the team we put out will decide that.
    Was hoping (again) that Mogga may have pulled a loanee in time for the game but nevermind. Onwards and upwards.
    **AV writes: A loanee wouldn’t be eligible. You have to be registered before the first game to be included in the replay. Hence Wayne Bridge can’t play for them.

  6. AV –
    Thanks for that, when I first saw the figure of 21,300 a couple of days ago I thought that was in addition to the 4,200 from up the A19. Clearly I was wrong but comapared to other cup gates 26,000 for a televised midweek match wouldnt be bad.
    Brum/Wolves only got 14,000. Forest got 18,500 for the home tie against Leicester, the replay got 16,200.
    Nigel –
    We also have problems with suspensions. Both Arca and Thommo have finished theirs and are available. If paired together they are not immovable objects but objects that dont move very quickly.
    I am not maligning the players because they are what they are, they cant change their physiology. Pairing them together just doesnt work.
    I cant see Robbo missing this one unless he is chained to his seat by medical staff.
    I wouldnt be surprised if we dont see McMahon and Hoyte playing to try and shackle McClean, just like it appears we tried to do with Zaha.
    Juke will play up front and maybe Mains will join him. In discussions with JP he suggested 451 with Main on the bench.
    We have Williams, Thommo, Arca, probably Robbo, Smallwood and Martin available. Through Hoyte/McMahon in to the equation and it is possible to see a midfield. I cant see Haroun of M&S being risked from what Mogga has already said.
    Mogga may even revert to 352 as earlier in the season.
    It is easy to see us falling back in to five at the back and having to resist some pressure with no release options.
    We will know soon enough.
    **AV writes: The vibes at Hurworth yesterday were that Robbo probably wouldn’t play and that Haroun and Emnes would only be risked in an emergency.

  7. Good warm up material AV.
    My favorite memory of this fixture is the 1975 FA cup game. Tremendous stuff. I was in the Holgate right behind the goal and the image of the ball sticking in the mud and Bobby Murdoch charging (well you know what I mean) in on the ball will stay with me forever.
    It was good to see Ayresome Park packed in the MOTD clip you linked. Its a shame the Riverside won’t be so packed tonight. I’ve managed to get some satelite equipment in place to be able to see ITV London instead of being stuck with the “Midsomer Murders” that STV are putting out this evening.
    AV do you have any idea why ITV are not broadcasting the FA Cup in Scotland? There are a lot of people up here that are interested in English football.
    **AV writes: It will probably to do with the legalities of broadcast rights.

  8. Ian –
    the figure includes the tickets sold to machems according to BoroOfficial tweeting.
    Thanks you very much for all the sympathy shown for my recent loss of mom. This is why the blog is so special!
    Dormo –
    you won’t need any number on the shirt if you get to the field. We will notice you because of your pace – and I am sure you will do for two midfielders at least! Knowing your preferences for food and drinks….
    Does it go to penalties tonight? 1-1 FT and aet with Boro winning 3-2 on penalties. Up the Boro!

  9. Powmill – I like your description of Murdoch ‘charging in on the ball’, made me chuckle. He was a great player though even when past his best.
    Ian – I’m sure you’re right that its one of Arca or Tommo, my guess is Arca will play. Can’t see Martin playing, Mogga doesn’t seem to fancy him much. Fingers crossed that Robbo makes it, I cant see why a broken hand is an issue we’re not asking him to play in goal. lol.
    Interesting comments on Main from his ex-boss, maybe he (Main) realises the importance of discipline now and is learning to channel his ‘anger’ into energy for playing football. Players who can do that can be very potent.

  10. I’ve just perused the FA’s FA CUP web site and under the upcoming fixtures for Saturday 18th February it has Sunderland AFC v Arsenal ….
    We’ll see about that then. COB

  11. Does anyone else remember the Homepride v Wunderloaf face-off before a Sunderland v Boro match at Roker Park in the late 70s or the early 80s?
    There was an announcement shortly before kick-off that a camera crew was present to film an advert for Homepride and that if the Fulwell end would chant Homepride well enough for the cameras, Sunderland would get some sponsorship money.
    Amazingly, the Mackems obediently started chanting “Homepride”. It was only a few seconds before the away end started an equally load chant of “Wonderloaf”.
    A surreal moment of terrace inventiveness.

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