Deadline Day Live: Here We Go Again…

DEADLINE DAY: multi-media rumour-mongering, Twitter tittle-tattle and viral hysteria plus hours of hypnotic hopeful obsessive gazing at the yellow rolling banner of destiny.
You know the routine. F5. Refresh Vickers’ useless blog. Check club website. F5. Refresh FMTTM in case someone there knows someone who knows Mogga’s brother’s neighbour’s Mam. F5. F5. Fidget through office hours then get home and assume the position in thrall to an exciteable android scoopbot Jim White with beer in hand and five windows open on the laptop as the clock ticks down. FOR GOD’S SAKE MOWBRAY SIGN SOMEONE. Sign a Montenegran full back. Sign a Bulgarian sweeper. Sign Lee Miller…. he’s a goal machine!

Transfer deadline day. You’ve got to love it. You’ve got to live it. We certainly will be at your friendly interactive Gazette. The window slams shut (it is mandatory to use that phraseology) at 11pm tonight and we’ll be rolling along all the way to the bitter end – and beyond – with live updates, insight, analysis, gallows humour, envious glances at our rivals’ shiny new toys and a couple of bitter asides. Who knows, if it goes quiet we may do a few songs.
I’ll be working several keyboards at once wearing a Bacofoil cloak like Rick Wakeman (young people, ask your dad, or possibly granddad), and running the usual anarchic live blog here plus spamming your Twitter timeline with 140 character nuggets of news and speculation so if you don’t follow me on there, now may be a good time to start. Plus, we are contributing to a nationwide Mirror Group liveblog which you can access through the Gazettelive home page if you want to know how much money Man City are spending.
But this is where the real action is. Feel free to chip in with wild rumours, sighting of cars with the number plate M3 SS1 outside the Tontine or a lost looking Chris Morgan in Teesside Park. Posh golfists – sightings of David Craig and his camera team setting up outside Rockcliffe Hall are particularly welcome. Plus obviously, if anyone does know someone who knows Mogga’s brother’s neighbour’s mam, speak up.
7am Update:
Sifting through the papers, websites, RRS feeds, waste-bins etc looking for a lead. We are armed with the black book of agents’ phone numbers, Rothmans (or whatever it is called these days), Soccerbase. We are staring in silent urging at the Boro Batphone, the direct line to the powers that be. When it rings white smoke emerges from the chimney to announce a signing. Either that or it is a complaint. It’s usually a complaint to be fair.
Today’s priorities for Boro….
1) Sign at least one striker and hopefully two – preferably industrious and with a nice touch and a bit of pace and who are seasoned in this league.
The link with Coventry’s Lucas Jutkiewisc is solid, we are told from people at that end who know but people at this end insist there are several lines of inquiry still being pursued.
2) Keep the crown jewels, the spine and the skeleton of a team that could challenge for promotion, if not this year then next. Realistically that mean holding on to Rhys Williams, Joe Bennett and Marvin Emnes.
3) Especially Marvin Emnes. Seven goals in seven games has caught the eyes of people with big money. It is inevitable that there will be at least a nibble. If Boro have any ambition beyond the immediate paying of bills and balancing the books they must resist.
4) If Matthew Bates is to be flogged to Swansea, get it done early and get the cash quickly and decisively spent on a replacement and the strikeforce.
Who realistically – or even unrealistically – do you think Boro should bring in? Or if you fancy, let’s reminisce about previous deadline days. Just think of all those brilliant last gasp signings of the past… Mido, Huth, Riggott, Christie, Doriva, Michael Bloody Ricketts. And what about Ricardinho? Remember him?
9 am update…
Look, except for in the last five minutes when we are clinging on and when I go to the dentists I am not generally nervous, but… Newcastle are really struggling to sign a striker. The beer bellied boycoutters have worked their way through everyone available in France to no available and now they must be getting twitchy. They need a gesture signing to appease the flip flop waving flashmob outside the Strawberry. If they don’t bring in a striker they will be left with the Andy Carroll cash in Mike Ashley’s safe plus two Ameobis and Leon Best.
If you were Alan Pardew wouldn’t you be looking down the Championship hot shot list to see what was available round about now? Wouldn’t you wonder about our hero Mighty Marvin Emnes? The Geordie grapevine has mentioned the Dreadlocked Dynamite. And Peter Beardsley was at the Riverside watching at the Coventry game.
Meanwhile the increasingly chaotic Mackems are also striker light. They have been dealt a blow after £1m-per-foot backstick lamp-post Peter Crouch backed off from playing footsie with under-fire Steve Bruce and is now flirting with football’s newly minted nutter on the bus, Neil Warnock at Queens Park Rangers.
If you were Steve Bruce wouldn’t you be looking down the Championship hot-shot list to see what was available round about now?
I’m not rumour mongering or spreading panic, I’m just sharing my darkness.
Rumours that could affect us… Cardiff want Ben Turner from Coventry and will give the Sky Blues some money, an assorted selection of Charlotte Church/Stereophonics/Max Boyce CDs plus “the Beast,” man mountain striker Jon Parkin. That would encourage them to sell their only real asset Lucas Jutkiewisc ‘ the Jukebox’ with Boro the only team to have made a bif although Birmingham (assets frozen) and his home town Southampton (not much dosh) are interested.
10.30am update…
Latest rumours include…
Sunderland are talking to averageish Celtic barndoor/blunderbuss refusenik and one time Boro target Georgio Samaras. Please yes. That should see them off.
QPR are after Craig Bellamy… forget the CERN particle acellerator and the quest for cold fusion: if scientists can safely harness the potential explosive energy of purest crazium when Warnock and him collide it could power the UK for a century. (Then throw Joey Barton into the mix… stand back, she’s gonna blow.)
Norwich are after heavyweight hitman Yakubu; Bolton “want” David N’Gog; Chris Hughton is ready to offer Newcastle bad boy Nile Ranger (“I’m more gangsta than baller, innit”) a Birmingham lifeline; and Aston Villa want unfeasibly large headed forgotten man Joe Cole (a Liverpool fan tweeted yesterday “Cole leaving Anfield is like a new signing for us”) is heading for Lille on the Eurostar but is said to be talking to Villa en route.
But things at Boro – and Coventry – remain stubbornly quiet.
Deadline Day Things:
Sky Sports News interchangable army of android autocuties.
Jim White’s auto-erotic strangulated screaming.
David Craig in a car-park (preferably in the rain) after dark.
Robbie Keane declaring his childhood devotion to a club near you!
11am update…
SSN are screaming hysterically that Boro have sensationally snubbed Swans bid for skipper. They report a £1m bid has been knocked back. We were whispered yesterday that an offer of £1.5m plus bits was incoming. The cheeky leek munchers are trying it on. Boro have wheeled out on-loan leathery octogenarian gameshow icon Bruce Forsythe to lead the collective shout of “Higher! Higher!”
Meanwhile the South Wales Echo have asked Brendan Rodgers how many players he expects to sign if all goes well today and he replied: “Up to three or maybe four.”
Over at Leicester, Sven quest to sign every player in the Championship goes on with Reading’s flying flanker Jimmy Kebe said to be at the Crisp Bowl talking over a £3m move.
Deadline Day Things:
Harry Redknapp ringing in to SSN to deny he was poised to sign a player “… although everyone knows I’d take him right now if he was available He’s triffic.”
Marcus Bent goes on loan to his 29th club.
Noon update…
Pressure on Boro over Bates eases/Swansea adopt poker face…
Swansea chiefs have confirmed to BBC Wales and local media that they are now in talks with Fulham reserves defender Rafik Halliche AND Watford’s Adrian Mariappa which may mean their interest in Bates wanes, or at least, their resistance to Boro’s price demands increases.
Meanwhile, Peterborough have revealed they have accepted a £2.5m bid for frontman George Boyd from a Premier League club as the traditional top flight scramble for second tier strikers to use as decorative benchwarmers and in the early round of the cups begins.
Elsewhere lumbering Sheffield United striker Daniel Bogdanovic – who destroyed Boro single handedly when he was at Barnsley – is in talks with Blackpool.
And a dubious one (but it’s a cheap laugh so we’ll go with it)… Fulham striker Bobby Zamora has been spotted getting on the train to Newcastle at Kings Cross while jabbering excitedly into his phone about terms, medicals, nightlife etc. Although of course he could be getting off at Stevenage, Peterborough, Doncaster, York or Darlo….
12.30pm update…
Chances of Marvin Emnes being dragged into the vortex by the small screen gravitational pull of Jim White’s excitement are currently difficult to calculate… send for theoretical mathematician: they have simultaneously decreased as sinister striker seeking Wolves have stepped up a move for Celtic’s former Boro target Gary Hooper but also paradoxically increased after Newcastle’s possibly fictional target Papisse Demba Cisse has said he will not be leaving Frieburg.
Meanwhile in the Twittersphere I have been blasted for my own rash deadline day purchases. After revealing I had dipped into my warchest to make a cheeky double swoop on the vending machine for crisps and a Yorkie the know-all knee-jerkers were quickly out, @quizeye rapping “Disappointed to see panic buying by short-sighted @untypicalboro. Can’t see cheese & onion gelling well with raisin & biscuit.” It is what it is.
Elsewhere, a cracking suggestion to democratise deadline day and add a frisson of dramatic tension, from @AndyHa_ “Deadline Day would be more fun if it was conducted like a FA Cup draw. “Carlos Tevez”…” and he’ll join”…”Hull”.”
1pm update…
Nothing Boro related yet but Leicester are getting dangerously close to being ejected from the “eight items or FEWER” queue as Sven’s personal shopper Tord Grip confirms City are in talks with Jermaine Beckford after a £2.5m bid was accepted by Everton and are also still keen on deals for Jimmy Kebe, Andy Johnson and Nikica Jelavic. And anyone else who knows me.
Meanwhile Sunderland and QPR have agreed an “undisclosed” fee (£3.5m plus add-ons) for defender Anton Ferdinand, brother of Man United duck billed skipper and twitterbrand.
And Darlington striker Michael Smith has agreed to sign for Charlton.
New from Sky suggests that Jim White is in the building and having his cyborg circuitry checked ready to be unleashed on the public as the headline act from 8pm.
2pm update…
Nothing from Boro although the first sighting of a “sighting” has been cheekily thrown into the mixer on the Fly Me board, a blok ecalled ‘Torino’ stating emphatically that Jutkiewisc has been seen at Hurworth. Maybe, maybe not but the post lacked crucial detail: what make of car did he drive there from the Bongo in? And what was the reg plate? I’m going for JTKW12C.
More importantly on the Fly Me board there is a rare moment of cultural beauty as songsmith BodySausage captures the salient points of Boro’s recruitment process and namechecks the Gazette’s lgendary Mr Football Eric Paylor while paying homage to Marvin Gaye…. brilliant….

Ooh, I bet you’re wondering how I knew
About our plans to get Haroun
And other things you never knew before.
Between you and me lads
You know I know some more.
It took me by surprise I must say,
When I found out yesterday.
Don’t you know that…
I heard it through the Tontine
Who the Boro want to sign.
Oh I heard it through the Tontine,
Oh and I’m just about to lose my mind.
Boro, Boro yeah.
You know I’m never one to tell a lie,
But this news I can’t hold inside.
Signin’ him would change our lives you see,
The Boro mean that much to me.
My brother’s mate’s dog saw this himself
While Eric Paylor was somewhere else.
And then…
I heard it through the Tontine
Who the Boro want to sign.
Oh I heard it through the Tontine,
Oh and I’m just about to lose my mind.
Boro, Boro yeah.
People say believe half of what you see,
Son, and none of what you hear.
I can’t help bein’ confused
If it’s true then we’ll all cheer
Tony Mowbray’s at the bar
With a world class superstar
Don’t you know…
I heard it through the Tontine
Who the Boro want to sign.
Oh I heard it through the Tontine,
Oh and I’m just about to lose my mind.
Boro, Boro yeah.

Meanwhile Ormondroydesque high rise hitman Peter Crouch has been “seen in Sunderland” amid paper talk of a £10m deal; and Lille bound midfield mega-cranium Joe Cole has repulsed a late bid from Aston Villa. But accepted the chance to model for Corinthian Figures, the manufacturers of collectable big headed inch-high heroes.
3pm update.
Boro’s lack of activity could be down to the gaffer being away from the office. Mogga has been watching a strong Boro second string (Zemmama, Smallwood, Hines, Reach) play against Huddersfield. They are losing 1-0. Yes, he could be talking on his phone but let’s see Jutkiewisc strip down to his shreddies and cough for the medical on th etouchline. Of course we could be buying a Huddersfield player…. let the Jordan Rhodes rumours kick back into life.
The Coventry paper is kicking its heels too. They expect Jutkiewisc (JK? The Jet? Insert own nickname here…) to move but have heard nothing yet.
Meanwhile former Boro man Yakubu is on his way from Everton to Ewood Park for talks with Blackburn; Scott “Scottie” Parker is going from West Ham to Spurs. Now watch that awkward Olympic Park legal stand off get quickly resolved.
And in a move that could throw a spanner in the works – or ensure that Sunderland give Peter Crouch even more money per foot – unhappy occasional striker Asamoah Gyan has handed in a transfer request at the Mackemdome. Let’s hope Steve Bruce doesn’t panic and just grab the nearest available striker. Unless it is Nile Ranger. LOL, as I believe the young people say.
4pm update…
Nothing to report. I’m going to make a quick dash to relocate operations to our Acklamshire district office, pausing only to stop at the offie for a crate of Jutkiewisc Polska Lager Bier and a bag of borscht flavour crisps for the signing celebrations later on.
5pm update….
Nothing. Yet. Not a sausage, not even a Polish smoked one.
Worrying times for neurotic Boro fans… every hour it seems that Newcastle and Sunderland lose a despairing grip on yet another striker. Newcastle are struggling to tie down self proclaimed best striker in Europe Niclas Pink Boots Bendtner and Sunderland have had talks with cloud scraping striker Peter Crouch but he was so impressed he is now heading to Stoke to chat with them while keeping his option open with QPR by phone.
Latest grapevining has Newcastle giving up on trying to find their own foreigners and trying to hi-jack Fulham’s £10m move for Twente’s Brian Ruiz instead and Sunderland making a despairing lunge towards Boro’s Wembley Nemesis Emile Ivanhoe Hesky. Lot of work to do on both of those I would hav ethought.
At some point one of those two will panic and start working through a football Venn diagram with the sub-sets strikers who could do a job; strikers who could be available, strikers we could afford and (crucially) striker we could get here to complete a medical within a couple of hours. Not many people in the small intersection of all those…. Marvin… TURN YOUR PHONE OFF!
Nothing yet from Coventry. Or Swansea. At the end of the day if nothing happens we have 10 days to patch up crocked Scott McDonald and 14 days before the loan window opens.
Elsewhere, LIverpool players … either get practicing your karaoke or lock the golf clubs away, mild mannered Craig Bellamy is on his way back.
And it is good to see the SSN presenters laughing openly at the impending hysterics of Jim White and the possibility of him spontaneously combusting. Unless they are not joking. They are all androids so they may know something about his faulty CPU chips.
7pm update….
Quick round of calls. Nothing. Starting to look less likely that Boro will bring in strike power…. Swansea don’t seem in any rush to up the ante on Bates although there has been no word yet on their talks with Fulham defender Rafik Halliche and Watford defender Adrian Mariappa.
At Coventry there has been nothing to suggest movement on the Jukebox. Coventry sold centre-back Ben Turner to Cardiff but didn’t bring in The Beast as part of the deal, although they have signed Cody McDonald from Norwich. They also have a slice of cash coming their way after Scott Dans went from Palace to Blackburn so their need for cash has been downgraded from ‘desperate’ to ‘keen’ as so less likely to surrender to our advances late on.
As time wears on the priority switches to holding what we have, especially keeping the desperate Geordies and Mackems away from Emnes. Mogga should take him to the pictures… remember to TURN OFF YOUR PHONE MARVIN!
WARNING: One hour till Jim White. Beware unrestrained excitement, lack of hype-filter or quality control and prepare for incessent high pitched Scottish ejaculations. Worse case scenario…. circuit burn-out and jittery Max Headroom style freezing. Possible imolation.
7.30pm update…
Sources at Coventry say they have shut up shop for the night. They are set to put a statement on the club website saying they are happy to sign Jody McDonald and that business is finished for the day so Boro’s interest in the Jukebox will not be followed up. They say they rejected approaches for Jutkiewisc. Those same sources insist though that the Boro interest was genuine and was bubbling throughout the day, the broad outline of a deal had been agreed and that it could possibly be revived in January. The suggestion is that without the arrival of Jon Parkin from Cardiff they weren’t keen to do a quick deal and on Boro’s part, without the mooted sale of Batesy to Swansea they weren’t able to structure the deal with all the cash up front.
I couldn’t find any Jutkiewicz Polska lager in the offie anyway.
And talking of beer… the old Empire/Hogshead/Tavern/House is becoming a new Weatherspoons called the Swatters Carr, reverting to the historic moniker it had when it was Victorian new boys Boro’s changies at the old Linthorpe Road Ground. It is going to have an old Ayresome Park turnstile as a feature. Giz a squeeze mister.
There was some twitter-chatter about a possible Boro related ales and suggestions include: Branco’s Stout (he certainly was); Foggon heavy, ’86 blonde’, Bugler, Hickton’s Rocket, Golden Boy, Pale Wilko’s Mullet, Chickenrunner, Old Slaven’s Offsider, Stephen Pears cider and Old Speckled Hendrie. Feel free to add on here or on twitter via the tag #borobeers.
8pm update…
Geordie Air have put a helicopter on standby as they plan to hijack Fulham’s £10.6m deal for Twente frontman Brian Ruiz. They are going to whick him from Harrods to Greggs.
The AshleyCopter was in action last deadline day too as Newcastle couldn’t get Andy Carroll to Liverpool quickly enough after the £35m bid came in. Have they spent that money yet?
There’s a brief flash of vicarious excitement for Boro fans as it is announced Manchester City’s 14th most expensive player and now fourth best stepover merchant Adam ‘Jinky’ Johnsonovizc is in talks to join Boro’s old boys at Stoke. Doesn’t seem a great fit with Pulis but then again, Tuncay was a great success there. Er…
Latest totally unsubstantiated Boro twitter/forum rumours…. James Beattie, James Vaughan, James Bond, James Last, Martin Waghorn, Martin Peters, Marc Antoine Fortune.
Boooooooooo ….. Stoke fans – the children from The Village of the Damned – react as Sky publicly pours cold water on Jonno link. Pulis was keen but neither City nor the player thought it beneficial… ie he told them to get knotted. Well that one lasted about six minutes.
9.15pm update…
Boro interest in the pantomime seems to have fizzled out completely… unless anyone hears a helicopter landing at Rockcliffe… so we are playing it for laughs now and switching to tins of Schaudenfraude. I mean, you think we’ve had a bad window? Look at Our Friends In The North.
Newcastle cashed in on Andy Carroll to the tune of £35m in January and will go into their next game with their fire power being based on a job lot of Ameobi’s and a gangsta boi they are desperate to get rid of. Six months to act and they are left a couple of hours before the deadline waiting for phantom helicopters to take off from a locked up airfield and bring salvation like a South Pacific cargo cult.
And also in January Sunderland flogged huffy hitman Darren Bent for £24m and after six months of wheeler-dealing and then a week long flurry of snubs they are edging towards the deadline waiting for a hit-and-miss ego to electronically put his signature to a loan deal.
Meanwhile Harry Redknapp must get embarrassed about how easy it is for him to tease the sparkless SSN sychophantodrones and gullibots. They are so grateful for his every quote that they have abandoned all pretence at journalism and just offer the mic in supplication. They don’;t care if he laughs at them. They don’t care if what he says is true. “We turned down I fink it was £30, £35, £40 mil. I don’t really know. No-one tells me a fing guv. Cahill? It never come off, I don’t know why. What? Told him to hold tight till the end of his deal, sign him on a free and there’s a big drink in it for him? Naw mate. That sounds dodgy. Kaka? Never heard of him. ”
9.45pm update…
With the Boro transfer activity over I’ve become hypnotised by the socially inept flocks of supporter sheep gathered as a backdrop behind the SSN reporters. They have all checked in their brains and voluntarily signed up to a co-ordinated cheer-on-command competitive stupidity. It’s that Pavlovian Pigbag effect. These are people with no emotional intelligence. They are reacting to the orchestration of a producer as if they were a X-Factor or pantominme crowd. These are people who NEED post-goal music to let them know how to react.
The Stoke fans are my favourites. They look like they have been rounded up by the idiot police, kettled and held hostage in a darkened room until Stockholm Syndrome kicks in before being allowed in front of the cameras. Now they are cheering their little hearts out so they appear more inanely ecstatic on camera than top flight rival robots at Arsenal, Spurs and QPR.
They are goaded and teased by the equally sparkless SSN drone with the prospect of a big name signing.. .whooooooooooooahhhh … expecting Peter Crouch but it turns out to be Winston Palacios and a brief look of horror flicks through their eyes. They don’t know who he is. Is he any good? Who cares, it is on TV, cheer you pathetic wretch, cheer. And they do. Nervously at first then loudly and with erstaz enthusiasm but with empty souls and dead eyes.
Encouraged by the reaction but failing to spot the slip towards zombieism the faceless SSN mannikin prepares them for the next instalment: “If they are that excited over Winston Palacios wait until these fantastic Stoke fans hear the news that Cameron Jerome has signed.” I kid you not. These people are dead inside.
10pm update…
BORO IN BEAT THE DEADLINE TRANSFER ACTIVITY SHOCKER. Calm down David Craig. Boro fans, don’t form a gormless gurning flash mob outside the Ayresome Gates – it’s only Jonathan Franks going to Oxford on loan until January 1st.
Meanwhile Swansea have taken Fulham stopper Rafik Halliche on loan so unless he is already in South Wales with a pen in his hand it looks like any move for Bates is dead. OK, you can all go to bed now.
11pm update….
Well, flat and empty handed after an anti-climax square eyed evening… but hey, we haven’t been mugged. No big time bullies came storming to snatch away the Dreadlocked Dynamite, Rolls Rhys or Bennetinho. The squad that has gone through an unbeaten August, won race reviews and gone within two minutes on opening day and one slip against Coventry away from top spot is intact. Thin up front but united and organised and motivated. It could be far worse.
And besides, it is not the end of the recruitment story. Mogga has been working on a series of options and while he wanted one striker today (the Jukebox) and had an alternative lined up if circumstances allowed – ie if Swansea had put their money where their mouth was – he has also been preparing the ground for a couple of possible loan deals.
The permanent transfer window closes today but in eight days the domestic loan market opens. Loans done today could have been until January 1st or until the end of the season but from next week short term ’emergency’ 93 day loans are possible. That window is until late November.
And tomorrow Premier League and Championship sides must register their 25 man squads. That will leave a lot of players on the fringes, available and desperate for action, if only to put themselves in the shopwindow before the next frenzy in January. Plenty of sides have signed strikers and some shrewd short term shopping now could Boro’s gap up front with quality.
So don’t be too down-hearted. Ithas been a decent window. Boro managed to get rid of some big earners without too much blood on the floor early on – Boyd and Lita – helping relieve the wage pressure and have brought in what look two excellent frees in Haroun and Martin.
Then at the sharp end, for most people the priorities on deadline day were to hold on to the crown jewels and bring in a striker. The first objective was achieved and given our financial vulnerability that is not to be sniffed at. The second objective? Well, it is not the end of the world. McDonald should be back next week or not much beyond – and then the loan window opens.
Now, everyone who has stuck with this nonsense all day, you’ve earned yourself a pint. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’m knackered. Bye for now.


324 thoughts on “Deadline Day Live: Here We Go Again…

  1. AV is a bit like a cricket captain with a tricky declaration to make. Does he let a poster make a personal landmark score or does he declare looking at the broader picture with a match coming.
    Is someone going to be left thinking what if, the 500 is probably out of reach but a 350 or 400 would be a nice personal figure.
    There is something called a football match coming up after a wilderness couple of weeks, Coops is back into the fold. Wonder if we see Bernie coming back as an offside coach and the club bringing a hairdresser out of retirement to give the players retro haircuts. Cant quite see Hoyte and Robbo sporting Le Bon quiffs.
    One day cricket international, rugby world cup, US open tennis, NFL starting but the centre piece is in the Lancashire hills.
    Will the break prove of benefit or a hindrance? Soon to be revealed.

  2. Great to see Coops back, had the pleasure again of running the Boro 10k on Sunday for the Finlay Cooper Fund, he is a true local hero.

  3. Poor young Franks, spends lots of time injured and goes away to get game time only to dislocate his shoulder. Not even I can blame Rockcliffe for that one!
    It makes you look at Jarkko’s list and realise that players need to be fit. We have Grounds, Gibson, Park and Franks out on loan.
    Hopefully we can bring a couple more in ourselves. Especially up front.
    If we keep enough players fit we will have a decent season simply because we will have a settled team. With the steel now in there allied to the football ability we will be thereabouts at the end of the season.

  4. I do not know what sources Peaeye uses but Big John Hickton did not make his debut on March 7th 1964. Over two years later he debuted on 24th September 1966 and scored the first of his trade mark penalties in a 3-2 win over Workington Town. Arthur Horsfield scored the other two.
    Does anyone remember Brian Jordan signed from Rotheham in the late 1950’s and Bobby Hume signed from Glasgow Ranger in the early 1960s? Both candidates for worst player selection.

  5. I remember Martin Russell! He disappeared for most of the 90-91 season then he suddenly turned up again towards the end wearing Bernie’s No 7 shirt and scored I think. Then went back to Scarborough not long after.
    Allan Johnston scored on his debut didn’t he? Went downhill from there. Anyone remember Ian Johnson, who I think made one appearance away from home (94-95 ish), hit the post in the first 5 mins, we lost 2-0 and he was never seen again.
    **AV writes: Toddy spent £250,000 on Russell. That was a massive outlay in those days. He played six forgettable games at the start of the season then faded. We were told he had gone back to Norn Iron to clear his head because he was struggling with the pressures of playing for a big club. Which was new territory for us. He came back late on played another few games before being shuffled out the back door.

  6. Polite round of applause as Len Masterman passes the 350 mark.
    Ian from Fareham –
    Yes, Hicktonite was first unveiled in the match against Workington. He had joined form Sheff Wednesday because he wasnt getting a chance, he had hoped to play in the cup final but didnt.
    We had been relegated and were in 23rd position after a disappointing start. Things got worse as we went 2-0 down and one of those followed a slip by big John at centre back. It was a Hickton fuelled pen that brought us back in to the game and the season turned around. we climbed the table steadily and reached 5th after a 4-0 away win at Donnie.
    We then stalled and got chuff all until we won at Peterborough in late April. Then it was onwards and upwards and though it wasnt until the last match we got into a promotion spot, winning five and drawing one of our last six games.
    We had a bizarre January with few leagues games but 4 cup matches. That left us playing catch up in the league.

  7. Delaphina Jamaican! Well its sort of close to Europe!
    Could have sworn Rochembach was Portugese!
    I’ll drop Rocky and replace him with……. our new man Martin!
    Not sure about a European goalie though, although Ben Roberts played like he was from San Marino, does that count?

  8. If I can risk bringing some of you back from your quadruple-ton fever induced regression into the deep past… three – two – one – click!
    OK, I believe a huge collective sigh of relief is due as Mogga misses out on the kiss-of-death Manager-of-the-Month award.
    Right, back you all go… one – two – three – can you see Big Jack again?

  9. How about a non-British European Boro 11?
    Lindy Delaphina
    Vladimir Kinder
    Uncle Festa
    Heine Otto
    Are you serious about playing a right winger in goal???

  10. I assume that whoever comes in on loan Mogga’s first choice strikers are going to be Emnes and McDonald. The defence looks pretty settled too – but who will be Mogga’s first choice midfield four if and when he has everyone to pick from?. We seem to have healthy competition for places in that area. Will Rhys Williams get his game for example? Will Tommo walk (or hobble) straight in to the team?
    Anyone brave enough to predict a score for tomorrow’s game?

  11. Ian from Fareham –
    I remember Brian Jordan, centre half, understudy to Brian Phillips he of matching fixing case fame and also Bobby Hume, who I thought was South African but there you go. Other notables of this period were Dennis Windross, Ray Henderson, Ronnie Waldock and of course Joe Livingstone who I had the pleasure of playing against in local leagues ie Joe Walton’s Boys Club on Ormesby Road comes to mind.
    Regarding Martin Russell,much was made of his playmaking abilities but that never happened. Sadly I think it was reported a year or two ago that he died of cancer.
    Phil Whelan and Alan Ramage seem to have slipped under the radar of uselessness.

  12. I’ve just phoned my old man and he agrees with Harry, Lindy was a right winger! I’m embarassed now!! Could of sworn he was a goalie, my only defence is that it was well before my time (weak excuse I know.)
    Okay I’m going for Schwarzer on the basis he has German heritage!

  13. Nigel, my prediction is 1-3 to the Boro with Rhys rested, Matty in the middle and Seb alongside Mick at the Back.
    Emnes and Scotty to score before the break with Wallace pulling one back for the Clarets and Tarmo then coming on at 60 minutes (to give Scotty a break) and to pile drive a Free Kick in from 30 yards out!

  14. I’m afraid I’ll be at Turf Moor tomorrow and I have been a bit of Jonah on my travels lately but to raise spirits I am willing to perform a Boro Haka but I am struggling with the words.
    Ah come on, now come on the Boro, Boro,
    A Parmo! A Parmo!

  15. “I’ve just phoned my old man and he agrees with Harry, Lindy was a right winger! I’m embarassed now!! Could of sworn he was a goalie, my only defence is that it was well before my time (weak excuse I know.)”
    Think you confused Lindy Delapenha with Rolando Ugolini.

  16. My dad used to tell me a story about the day Lindy Delaphena took a penalty and burst the net, a quick thinking Stan Anderson (yes, that one) quickly recovered the ball and placed it for a goal kick, thereby conning the referee that it had gone wide and he didn’t award the goal. Perhaps you can elaborate on that one Len?

  17. The “Clarets looking for their first home win” headline would have had me fearing a typical Boro moment in the last years but is anyone with me in thinking all that is in the past?

  18. AV –
    Apropos of not much really and probably a rushed attempt at the 400th post, I have a feeling that like Hoyte in sight of the goal I will fall flat on my face. but a colleague of mine out here (Brunei), told me that his father in law is a certain George Kinnell, whom I vaguely remember playing for a couple of seasons (late sixties, early seventies) perhaps.
    George apparently a sprightly character in retirement is still proud that the Holgate had their own particular chant for him.
    On his debut and trying to impress he tried an elaborate attempt to bring a high ball down, only to land ignominiously on his back side. The Holgate immediately responded with “Who the ****ing hell are you”
    Mogga thank you for reviving my faith in all things Boro I am back to staying up until midnight and getting up at silly o”clock in the morning to follow the boys. Thank you.
    Incidentally I follow the games on BBC Sport on the web just like in the old days of Ceefax. Not quite into Twitter yet.

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