Boro Revival Routs Brummies

COMFORTABLE. Unbeaten run extended. One defeat in 17, won eight out of nine and but for last minute leak against Portsmouth would be joint top. Goals coming from all around the midfield. Hitting from behind with confidence. Two subs, two goals. Sizzling net-buster of a shot from Martin. Haroun looks lively. Patient passing. Excellent movement. A couple of bits of luck. Great atmosphere. Back up to third. Fantastic.
More later …


62 thoughts on “Boro Revival Routs Brummies

  1. From the Evening Telegraph website;
    Peterborough United fans are advised to buy a ticket ahead of Wednesday’s Carling Cup tie against Middlesbrough to avoid the prospect of long queues at the London Road turnstiles.
    The club have reduced normal adult admission prices by £5 to £20 (seats) and £15 (terrace). Concession prices have also been lowered to £11 and £8.
    Tickets are on sale now at the London Road Box Office.
    I must have dreamt the prices I quoted before. The article I read previously is no longer there.
    Bloody local rags!

  2. I just wanted to put my thoughts into the ‘do Boro need a target-man’ debate.
    I am very ‘pro’ target-man if not as a nailed on starter then certainly a option from the bench.
    As a southern based Boro fan I attended countless away games last season where Boro’s CFs inability to hold the ball when under pressure was seen almost weekly.
    Also a 6ft+ CF is a different option to the CFs we have (all two of them ha) who in physical battles could come on and ‘mix it up’ or even a tip of a 4-3-3 with Emnes and Skippy off him.
    I find it interesting that Mogga says he does want one or use one in his sides? unless i am mistaken he had Ishmael Miller, Roman Bednar and Diomansy Kamara at his free scoring WBA? Al 6ft plus and played well with Phillips and Gera. He also had Samaras at Celtic.
    Ok I am not telling Mogga what to do with Boro’s clearly now limited funds but i think Boro have missed a target-man for five years … not one since Viduka (i do not count ‘Captain parmo’ Mido….aaahhh!!).
    I also look at last seasons top scorers in the Champo – Bechio, Graham and Holt all target-men who can play a bit and all cost there clubs under £500k.
    How about getting in a ‘seasoned champo veteran’ like Steve Howard surplus at Leicester and probably 100k or even a free or the ‘Beast’ parkin from Cardiff?…neither pretty but always do a job when i see them play against us.
    I have read every name going so far from Jason Scotland to Rob Hulse (again)
    One who maybe worth a ‘punt’ but not a target-man is the lad from Rotherham Adam Le Fondre. He has banged them in for a few seasons and only has a year left on his deal and wants to ‘try himself’ in the champo/prem. He fits the bill for me, a good age at 24 and wanting to better himself at a higher level also available at around £300k.
    Anyhow just a thought. I am in no position to tell Mowbray who to buy as he seems to be doing OK without my advice ha.
    I am off to Posh tonight so looking forward to another Boro win.

  3. I actually backed Jack Charlton’s team to go up in the close season with a local bookie in Brotton.
    My memory says I got 6-1 but I might be wrong. The bookie paid out early as well when it was obvious we were going up.
    Shame I was a student at the time and could only afford a £2 punt!

  4. Don’t want to appear pedantic but I think you’ll find that Souness was bought by Stan Anderson for £25,000 and we played Villa January 12, 1974, a date etched in my memory as it was the day I got married.
    I was really annoyed with the cock up (not getting married) but when she chose the date, I knew that something else was happening that day but just couldn’t remember what it was, so told her to go ahead. It was when I was asked by one of my Villa mates where we would be meeting up I realised.
    I remember them coming to the reception after the game, laughing because Rioch scored in the last minute to equalise.
    They did say that we were the better team though but only after finding out the drinks were free.

  5. So we are playing tonight in what is seemingly becoming the Johnstone’s Paint League Cup.
    Those Premier League ‘giants’ Norwich made 11 changes and promptly lost 4-0 at home to MK Dons, likewise ‘established’ PL big boys Swansea made nine changes and lost 3-1 to Shrewsbury – also fellow ‘heavyweights’ QPR made only eight changes but still lost at home 2-0 to Rochdale.
    Later, QPR manager Neil Warnock said he’s glad that they’re out as nobody takes the Leaue Cup seriously anymore – talk about bringing the game into disrepute.
    So should Boro bother risking injuries to key players given how lowly the competition is now regarded? I used to understand the genuine big boys playing their youngsters and squad members as generally they were pretty decent players – plus they had the Champions League to distract them.
    But do these newly promoted teams think their fans are already bored of success? They’ll be more than likely be back in the Championship within a couple of years and hoping for a run in the cup.
    **AV writes: I don’t think Prem sides should be allowed to enter the knockout trophy for members of the Football League.
    When the PL split the argument was that it was needed to keep them in because drawing them guarenteed a bums on seats bonanza … but then it was home/away legs and the opposition were pretty sure to play a strong side so you were set for a pay day. Now it is away to Fulham resrves in front of 4,652 in a one-off.
    The Football League needs to get a grip on this for the integrity and future viability of it’s own competition.
    With now PL sides in (and I don’t think there would be much protest from above) it would suddenly be a very real prospect of Wembley and a trophy for the rest.

  6. All cup runs are good as they help to generate a winning mentality. Boro are on a winning streak now and should cash in on a weak competition. More bums on seats and a weekend in London? Yes please sir, can we some more?

  7. The last forward to leave us to try his luck at Carlisle ended up doing pretty well for himself. No-one complained at the time, but plenty complained later when he came good. Good luck to You Lee.

  8. There are many reasons for the devaluation of the League Cup.
    For a start, it’s silly for the PL teams to come in at the 2nd round. It should be 3rd or 4th round if you’re going to include them.
    I would actually make the PL teams join at the 3rd round in an “all PL” ties format – where all the PL teams play another team from the PL. If they want to both play their ressies then fine – it doesn’t impact any of the other League teams.
    The winners could then join at round 4 when hopefully they are slightly more focussed on the prospect of a potential win.
    In truth though, it’s the abomination of a European competition – the Europa League – which is a major part of the problem. A lot of the middling to low PL sides don’t want to be in it because of the endless two legged games and never-ending low rent league stage. And allowing losers from the Champions League to drop in is rubbish.
    My solution? Bring back a genuine Cup Winners Cup for the winners of the League and FA Cup to go into. Old school, two legs midweek action.
    The “Europa League” could be for the second tier teams based upon league place and fair play – not from the cups. If they still want to do a group format then fair enough, but at least there will be less teams.
    Oh, and don’t allow Champions League rejects the chance to drop in – if you’re out then you’re out.
    Pipe dreams though ey?

  9. I think you’re right AV – it should be the League Cup for members of the League only – PL reserve teams not welcome.
    The Ronseal League Cup – It does exactly what it says on the tin!

  10. I suppose every one has noticed that we are now back where we started after the sacking of Gareth Southgate, the only difference is we are a much poorer team financially than at that stage due to the mercurial ginger idiot Strachan.
    With goals coming from all around the park we look set for a bright future under Mogga, even if we are paupers in the money stakes. Keep it up lads, and we may yet prove the pundits wrong about our season, as I saw one had the Boro finishing in 20th place was his prediction.
    I had the pleasure of being at the Juninho game on a recent trip to England and really enjoyed the atmophere. The only blot was an young lady sitting near me who kept standing up and inciting all her men friends around her to stand up also to the obvious annoyance of all around her.
    This young lady was a disgrace to the faithfull lady supporters of the Boro. I hope she sees this and mends her ways.

  11. Percypieblocks –
    Thanks for correcting my hazy memory re the Souness transfer.
    Can’t help wondering what would have happened if Stan Anderson had stayed as manager??
    As I said it last posting – previous season we were just a couple of places off promotion spot – with Souness signed anyway (as you point out) and Millsy coming good etc. How much of the following season was really down to Big Jack???

  12. “My solution? Bring back a genuine Cup Winners Cup for the winners of the League and FA Cup to go into. Old school, two legs midweek action.
    The “Europa League” could be for the second tier teams based upon league place and fair play – not from the cups.”
    Cup Winners Cup stopped being effective when too many teams were winning the double.
    Agree with statement Europa League should become a straight knockout compo though.

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