The Mogganaut Rolls Over Revolting Leeds

THE MOGGANAUT rolls on. Battling Boro stood up to a physical Leeds, shrugged off the disruptive arbitary justice of a referee who had lost the plot and finished the opposition off with a sizzling angled shot by Dreadlocked Destroyer Marvin Emnes.
Before the game Leeds fans were revolting over penny-pinching Ken Bates stewardship. A crowd of about 500 gathered outside the main stand and chanted “Bates Out” and at one point zeroed in on the doorman and accused him: “Your suit’s from Matalan.” The anger continued through the game as they vented their spleen at the referee and a string of decisions that had the crowd howling then after the goal again turned on the owner. But they could have little complaint at the result.

Boro only won 1-0 but it was comfortable. And it is no flash in the pan. have now lost just one in 15, haven’t failed to score since early March and have won three away games on the bounce for the first time since 2004. All without spending a penny. The transformation has been incredible.
Not least the transformation in Boro’s ability to go toe-to-toe with the Championship’s bruisers. Not just Leeds, who to be fair were wound up as much by the ineptitude of the ref as by any pre-determined strategy, but also Portsmouth in the opener. A year ago Boro were easily bullied out of those kind of games. Not now. There is a new steely mental strength and a confidence in their ability to keep going and to get a goal.
Ten yellows and three reds tells its own story. It was tetchy, niggly affair that simmered throughout and frequently threatened to boil over, although the referee created as much tension as he diffused with his often erratic decisions. Leeds will feel more aggrieved overall but Boro too weren’t happy either. Tony McMahon was very harshly treated, the foul for his second yellow and then red – “he’s just levelllng it up” was the consensus – was nowhere near as bad as many other fouls from both sides that were ignored but Joe Bennett and Rhys Williams can count themselves lucky their own transgressions went unpunished. They were clearly seen.
It was hard going at times. Leeds had the best of the opening spell and a couple of decent chances – the best an audacious 35 chip from Clayton that had Ikeme back-pedalling to tip over – and Boro were on the back foot.
Then in the spell in the first half where they had an extra man, over eager Boro were in too much of a hurry to get the ball forward and lost their shape and their way, although even then Emnes had a great effort from a twisting header turned over and Justin Hoyte had a stinging effort fumbled onto the woodwork.
But in the second half when they were given the numerical advantage again they were more far calculating in their approach, more patient in their passing as they tried to pick their way through the depleted defence and looked more determined to take the game to Leeds. It was very professional and solid.
The introduction of Julio Arca was a turning point in that respect. With the extra space going forward afforded by the red cards and an under-populated pitch he buzzed about and pushed through some deft killer short passes that carved Leeds open, including sending Emnes surging forward for the goal.
The strike when it came was worth waiting for: an assertive run to the byline in the box, a sublime check inside to lose his man and carve out a space then an unstoppable angled rocket into the far top corner that sparked a jubilant bout of EIOing among the Tees travellers. Rehabilitated Emnes is fast becoming a Boro legend.
There were nail-biting moments towards the end – Nicky Bailey hooked one goalbound looping header off the line, there was a late aerial assault and some scrappy stuff in the box – but Boro held firm and in truth should have made it comfortable with at least one more as McDonald, Martin and then Arca had late chances, the latter well saved.
It has been a productive and encouraging start to the season with a lot of positives even though the team has yet to really click. Emnes apart it has been solid rather than spectacular. That’s no bad thing. Bring on Barnsley.
ALL aboard the #mogganaut. I hope everyone who has made the leap into the twittersphere is enjoying the #borolive experience. Rowdy hashtag Holgate.
TO MARK the passing of 70s small screen giant Robert Robinson and celebrate a more gentle and cerebral dinner party chatterati quiz-show (rather than one packed full of vacant android “celebrities” and badly dressed flavour of the month smutty yoof comedians) we’ve been playing Call My Boro Bluff over on Twitter. Here’s some of those witty definitions we’ve come up with so far. Feel free to join in at #callmyborobluff
Ziege: a secret clause hidden in contract allowing unscrupulous cynical third party in on the scam to rip off your assets.
Digard: something that looks hard-wearing and robust but when used always breaks down and needs repairs.
Fleming: an apologetic gesture, usually a sheepishly raised arm, after a blunder seen by thousands.
Strachan: Scots word, derived from gaelic, meaning ‘surprisingly difficult.’
Slaven: an act of creative pessimism; to actively search for the black lining in the silver cloud of any situation.
Debeve: Having a borrow of someone’s girlfriend and having the best few months of your life.
Shawky: the cheap unwanted extra item a shop tries to sell you insisting it will get the best out of a more expensive buy.
Pallister: Something sold for sound financial reasons then bought back later at a higher price, for sentimental ones.
Ashcroft: a missed opportunity that seems trivial at the time but is later revealed to have disastrous consequences.
Doriva: impersonating a glamorous carnival location when you are really a South Yorkshire pit village
Ricketts: the act of stopping for fast food on the way to and back from work.
Viduka: mysterious and untreatable condition which prevents the sufferer from working during the winter months.
Reiziger: legal loophole that forces an employer to pay full contracted wage in spite of substandard service
McMahon. A flash-less, yet very useful device. Attributes include solidity, accuracy, leadership and love of the Boro.
Lamb: a miscommunication caused by a dodgy fax machine.
Emnes: something which originaly fails to impress but given time begins to prosper!
Afonso: an expensive purchase that initially seems beneficial, but ends up being horrifically overpriced.


98 thoughts on “The Mogganaut Rolls Over Revolting Leeds

  1. Blimey, they’re all coming out of the woodwork today. We’ve even got our pet Manchester United fan posting again.
    I’m not sure how long I’ve been coming to this blog, maybe three or four years. That means I’ve probably seen 30 or 40 posts from Diablo, and every single one of them has said the same thing…that he thinks the League Cup isn’t a proper trophy and therefore we haven’t won anything of note. I think by now we’ve established his view.
    Given there’s been so much talk about comfort on this blog, perhaps we could ask Diablo to step out of his comfort zone and post about something different, or better still, go to a Manchester United blog.

  2. Stop press;
    Leeds win the victor ludorum at Peterborough Regatta.
    Great weekend for them, so I took great pleasure in congratulating them on their success after getting a hiding from the smoggies on Saturday!
    C’mon Boro!

  3. Loved the suggestions by Borocrossthemersey at 8.16pm and angry_pirate at 8.35pm.
    If Leeds fans want to slag a club off, they should use their own blog to do it to THEIR club.
    If there was any lack of comfort towards the end of the game, it was because we conceded a goal well into injury time against Portsmouth last week (and have done it a number of times before) whereas in the last season Leeds seemed often to score very late on in games.
    But there is no point in Leeds fans having false hope by reliving past glories. It’s not what you did in a previous life, when the top division was differently constituted, that matters. It’s what you can do NOW that counts.
    Let’s take Huddersfield Town as an example:
    1922-23 3rd in League
    1923-24 League Champions
    1924-25 League Champions
    1925-26 League Champions (yet again!)
    1926-27 2nd in League
    1927-28 2nd in League
    …and Huddersfield won the FA Cup in 1922 as well as being finalists 4 more times in the years 1923-38.
    In other words, Huddersfield Town were the Manchester United, or Real Madrid, of their times. So the question to ask Leeds fans is this: “Is Huddersfield Town still a Big Club”? If not, when did it lose that status?
    I ask simply because Leeds’ glory years were the 1960s and 70’s (apart from their winning of the “Old First Division” title in 1991-92, in those Pre-Premiership times). We are, of course, now in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century and at some stage those trophy-winning days will be a very distant dream that will pre-date the existence of most of the club’s fans.
    Which brings me back to the central point – supporters of “Big Clubs” cannot stomach the “little clubs” getting an even break, having a referee or linesman making decisions which disrespect” the status of the “bigger” clubs.
    The truth is that we are all in a food chain. Once upon a time Huddersfield were a shark and Leeds a minnow. Later, and for a period, Leeds grew to be a shark, and Liverpool. Now Manchester United gets first bite at the available food supply. Some clubs rise nearer to the surface of the ocean, and then bob back down again.
    Leeds fans just have to get used to the fact that, whilst once a shark, most of their teeth have now long gone. The small fish have become bold enough to swim in the same waters.
    Leeds might hope to grow large and frightening again at some stage. But at the moment their fans have to come to terms with the fact that, for some years, clubs like Stoke City and Fulham have been the “bigger clubs” with first bite at the available food supply. Hey, even Swansea and Norwich can pull rank on Leeds now.
    There’s no point being upset that other clubs can now come onto your “patch” and take your food. It’s what happens in sport. Your turn might come again, or it might not. In which case, when does Leeds cease to be a “Big Club”, but thought of only as a small club in (West) Yorkshire?

  4. Echo early sentiments, the result was Leeds 0 Boro 1
    Boro scored, they didn’t.
    Who cares about words like ‘comfortable’, I have been comfortable all weekend, especially in the knowledge that my Leeds loving next door neighbour is like a bear with a sore head.
    It is great to actually look forward to games again……

  5. Of course, that every man and his dog supporters of other teams like to post into Untypical Boro really demonstrates how much widespread respect there is for the Boro and its following. (Otherwise none of them would bother their shirt about what we think.)
    National media should take note of this, as clearly there are many people out there other than Boro supporters that have a real interest! I for one, have no interest in even looking at the Tetley Bittermen Blog, let alone posting into someone else’s misery.
    Looking forward to seeing how well we do against Barnsley (who I am led to believe, have been scouring e-bay to get hold of biting bananas).
    A clean sheet on Tuesday will be a very healthy thing. I only saw the BBC’s two-minute version of the match on Saturday, so would be interested if anyone who saw the whole game thinks Arca should be in from the start on Tuesday.

  6. Notice the Leeds contribution on this blog dissapated after their Yorkshire puds had bones in and no amount of Tet bitter could stop them from choking.
    The only thing they won on Saturday was the poor discipline stats.
    Great win for the Boro. We are truly showing signs of being a force to be reckoned with this season.
    Hope Robsons story sorted out and there are no lingering problems as he was everywhere before he went off.
    We looked like our finishing team of last season when Arca came on.

  7. Cesc Fabregas undergoes a medical in Barcelona after Arsenal confirm they have reached an “agreement in principle” over the sale of their captain to the Spanish club.
    If Arsenal cannot keep their captain there is a risk we might lose ours, too.
    I don’t want us to sell our captain to any PL club but I do understand if we cannot keep him. His contract is up next summer and he must be our best paid player by far now.
    So fingers crossed Bates will stay (even I heard several messages like “Bates out” last weekend) but if sold for the right price then we can afford a top striker to score us back to the PL. But it’s up to Mogga to decide. Nothing’s gone stop the #mogganut anymore!
    Up the Boro!

  8. Halifaxp said: “You are weeds, you are weeds, you are weeds!”
    Nice to see you back, mate. But perhaps you have been doing a bit too much of gardening at your lot and up in Thirsk? But anyway a nice and comfortable win at Elland Road.
    Also great to see Smallwood singing a new contract extension. We heading into the right direction again. Up the Boro!

  9. After the match on Saturday I had a look at the stats on the beeb website, Boro had more possesion, more shots, more corners, oh and…….more goals, hmmmm that was a comfortable win I thought.
    Good to see Darlo Derek back. I’ve missed his insightful, constructive posts giving balance to us biased Boro fans.
    As for the boys from Leeds, they’ve said it all for themselves.
    Well a good start to the season, I’m set for a comfortable Monday now!

  10. Those poor uncomfortable Leeds fans. So far from their glory days and so near to Ken Bates.
    The 1-0 win was precisely as my EG prediction leaving us a point ahead of schedule.
    It will be interesting to see whether Boro deliver the 3-2 win at Barnsley.

  11. Those poor uncomfortable Leeds fans. So far from their glory days and so near to Ken Bates.
    The 1-0 win was precisely as my EG prediction leaving us a point ahead of schedule.
    It will be interesting to see whether Boro deliver the 3-2 win at Barnsley.

  12. Hi Jarkko (and Eija),
    I have been impressed – as ever – by your dedication to all things Boro all through the off-season. Although I have not been posting, I have been reading whenever I have had a spare moment.
    I look forward to your next visit: you know where we are now and will be as welcome as ever to share our humble roof!

  13. Our win and your blog seem to have ruffled a few feathers, AV. We must be doing something right: Even Diablo has poked his head out to have a go 🙂

  14. In reply to Powmill, Arca should be in the team conditionl on his fitness.
    Once he was on the pitch, we calmed down, held the ball, passed and moved the ball far better, no wonder Mogga was pleased see him res-sign.
    Regarding tomorrow I anticipate Williams been moved to full back because of Mc Mahon and Hoyte’s unavailability and Robson, despite his tantrum on Saturday, moved back to the right of midfield.
    Arca’s inclusion offers some protection for Bennett whose casualness was alarming against Leeds.
    We shall be in the ‘Boro end’ tomorrow and it should be a more convivial experience than the bear pit that is Elland Road

  15. @Jarkko I assume you were a victim of your spell checker.
    I am sick of the bland interviews footballers are forced to give this days for fear of being misquoted. That’s why it would have been great to see Richie Smallwood singing his contract extension instead of just signing it on camera.
    I wonder which style he would have used. Perhaps Recitative with Mogga accompanying on the harpsichord.
    I don’t think it could have been a Rap, so few contracts are written in rhyming couplets.
    **AV writes: I believe when Arca sung his new deal it was an up-tempo rumba number.

  16. Boro scored a great goal on Saturday, Emnes cutting in from the byline and his thunderous shot from a tight angle was great to watch, but the bit I liked best was the superbly weighted and timed pass from Arca, it was a joy to watch.

  17. Oh err Mrs! There’s some ruffled feathers coming from the off-white peacock varieties these days. Do I detect a slight hint of pitch, sorry blog invasion from the more retarded types that worship the Revie kick THEM and win yester- years.
    Well many have said in their own unique way that LUFC are has-been’s and pointed out they’ve won nought since Whitney Houston sang And I will always love you – yes, that long ago – almost 20 years.
    I wonder if AV can even remember that far back?
    Tis obviously a case of the green eyed monster. You give the small town in Europe a huge compliment by splashing your wrath in our direction instead of the usual bile directed at MUFC who it has to be said had forgotten about you sometime ago.
    Still happy days for the Boro and Mogga (One of our own).
    BTW AV you could have been a little sympathetic to ‘paul lufc’ and let run any articles, definitive or not, that may have strayed into his invective, just to show evidence of the serious lack of literary ability and dirth of good manners well known of his creed.
    **AV Writes: No, it was hinting at the naughty stuff. You know. Very pre-Whitney.

  18. Im wondering if Gibbo has seen enough to back Mowbray a little more and dig some cash out for a few solid squad players.
    I think we have seen that over the last 15 games ish that we have a side that can score goals not be bullied as before and if we could tighten up a bit more could flirt with play off’s
    I know times are tight but the first 11 are there or there abouts. We need experienced cover at the back and up-front. Im not talking super stars just people who can come in and do a job. It also would hurt to have some genuine competition for a starting place.
    I just think we will fade as the season continues if we dont reinforce this squad.
    Apart from that loved the games so far and amused about difference in mentality of two sets of fans.
    Boro fans as seen on this blog are first to berate, moan, and roll their eyes at typical Boro. We are self reflecting lot. We alway centre our comments on what Boro can do better. Im proud of that and really havent heard to much whining about a ref etc just as a passing note. That is what makes this blog so good and why so many follow.
    With Leeds its everyones fault but their own it was the ref, Bates, the opposition having the cheek to score one more goal than them.
    Anyway looking forward to Wembley already

  19. A great afernoon, brilliant atmosphere, superb result. Two wins in a row for me now at away games after Sheffield Utd, probably ten years since I’ve enjoyed that.
    The only thing more hilarious than the ref is the reactions of the Leeds fans on here (and some of their forums if you have a chance to search). He created a rod of humongous proportions for his own back with the two early yellow cards, though to be honest did Tony McMahon really need to get up and shove their player? After that it was a matter of time before he evened it up, I suspected it might be Rhys Williams first, but no surprise when it was Tony Mc.
    Bailey was superb again, and Arca really did cut them to shreds after he came on. Leeds may have had nine men, but it was only one man advantage – we all know that isn’t a guarantee of victory yet we pummelled them and should have won by a few.
    Great start to the season, tonight will be tough, Barnsley won’t want to lose again; a point would probably be a good result.

  20. “You give the small town in Europe a huge compliment by splashing your wrath in our direction ”
    Burra playing in Yoorup is ancient history a bit like Elvis dying and the Jairmens invading Poland.
    AV writes: Looking for evidence of Sunlun in Europe is paleontology.

  21. “Looking for evidence of Sunlun in Europe is paleontology”. LOL!
    That must be the version of the subject (Palaeontology) they offer at Leeds Met!!

  22. “Still happy days for the Boro and Mogga (One of our own).”
    I think we have the beginnings of a special award for Boro lads made good.
    The OOOO. Like the OBE etc etc.
    So next time we use his name we can always add OOOO or O4 or whatever,
    So John Hickton (O4)
    Mogga (oooo) etc
    What do you reckon?

  23. Just read every comment, got to say though, “your suit’s from Matalan” wins
    “comfortably” – and when were Leeds Champions of Europe again????…….or was I in the toilet?

  24. Very interesteed to see that one of the ‘red tops’ sports writers state “Downing has everything”, this after just one performance for Liverpool.
    This coming from one of the London press merchants who have done nothing but slag him off over the last 6/7 years.
    Strange how opinions change when a player moves to a bigger club.
    Watch out Stewie you could be going for the player of the year.
    (AV. Liked your reply to Mr Maxwell).

  25. F T Maxwell said:
    “You give the small town in Europe a huge compliment by splashing your wrath in our direction ”
    Burra playing in Yoorup is ancient history a bit like Elvis dying and the Jairmens invading Poland. …..
    *Pedant alert !*
    I am no David Starkey, not by a long chalk, but I would hesitate to call 1977 and 1939 respectively, “Ancient History”

  26. I like the new found infamy this blog has gained! Cracking read anyway but made all the better by the invasion of the Yorkshire puddings, bless ’em.
    More points tonight? Form would suggest so but typical Boro would suggest not.
    Mogga’s Boro is not typical Boro though. Points it is then, at least one anyway.

  27. Mogga describes Oakwell as ‘an honest environment’ is he implying Boro have visited places recently that aren’t so?!
    I’m going for a 2-0 Boro win tonight, you heard it here first………

  28. AV you are a very naughty boy! Winding up the Leeds fans like that! I am hiding this blog from my wife (Leeds fan, went to match with little-un), out of fears for the safety of the lap-top.
    Couldn’t attend due to a shift at the hospital so had to listen to the Brownlee version of the match, and I must say, it didn’t make me feel comfortable! But I will defer to your opinion as you were actually there (the wife thinks the result was decided by the referee of course).
    I am probably in a minority of one, but I’d like to wish both Middlesbrough and Leeds luck this season. The vast majority of Leeds fans are decent, and I’ve witnessed their suffering at first hand (wife and in-laws) over recent seasons. I agree that they do have more than their fair share of idiots as well though. In rampant self- interest, it’ll make my home life a lot happier if we both have good seasons.
    The Bates question is an interesting one, all I would add is that the rank and file fans are being ripped off with Premier League ticket/season ticket prices for Championship/League One games. I remember a few seasons ago, when they were relegated from the Championhip, my wife paid more for her Leeds ticket than I had for a ticket to see us pay Man U at Old Trafford a week previously.
    Anyway, another Brownlee session coming up tonight – can my ticker take it???

  29. “when were Leeds Champions of Europe again????…….or was I in the toilet?”
    You were mate, you live in one!
    **AV writes: Ouch. Searing wit. .

  30. Come on AV don’t let them Leeds fans draw you in – they’re just trying to get the defeat out their cistern.

  31. The Mogganaught cruises on through Barnsley to envious looks from the despairing fans, who had to be helped by a certain scottish defender to ensure they saw their team get at least one goal this season.
    Now lets get a bumper crowd for the Brum game on Sunday. Makes a change from bum games under Strachan.

  32. If the Leeds win was ‘comfortable’ how does one describe the win at Oakwell?
    I am really looking forward to AV’s summary of the match and #mogganaut on here. But first we must finish this blog off in numbers reaching the magic 100th post.
    Up the Boro!

  33. Spare a thought for the disenfranchised AV. It’s bad enough being excluded from the live blog and now you rub it in by playing 70’s word games! Unless I can find a way through the company firewall, then I am destined to forever have my nose pressed to the outside of the Twitter window.

  34. Cracking result at Barnsley!
    However, I can’t help but be a little concerned that we thought that the game was over by half time. We seemed to be be so well on top that I guess we (the supporters) all hoped for expected further goals in the second period.
    Personally, I think that goal difference may play a significant part in deciding important pecking orders come season end. Southampton didn’t seem quite as, dare I say it, COMFORTABLE, and stepped on the gas again after Ipswich bared their own teeth temporarily, and restored their (Saints) three-goal advantage.
    I don’t want to take anything away from Boro’s win because it was genuinely great. But we need to keep our eye on the bigger picture and the longer-term objective, while engaging with the task at hand.
    So when we have superiority, we need to make it stick and take FULL advantage of it.
    (Maybe I’m just too demanding, but it’s attention to such detail that often makes the difference between outcomes).
    Changing the subject……
    Is Twitter the least intuitive software package available in the Universe?
    Am I right to conclude, that to participate in the online twitfest that (I think) replaced the virtual BJ Stand, one has to prefix (or at least include somewhere within the 140 allowable text characters per tweet), “#Borolive”, so that one’s tweet is published in the right place? Is #Borolive the “official”, democratically designated replacement location for the AV aficionados to congregate remotely on matchdays? Because there seemed to be twits, sorry tweets, appearing on #UntypicalBoro, #Mogganaut, #Mogganaught, and probably various other virtual locations.
    Does one’s “tweet”, so punctuated with said hashtag, then also get published elsewhere? If so, where? And is there any way to suppress that latter consequence?
    Maybe I need to get my Twitter coaching badges before I try again!
    PS Did I make the ton? Or are the usual suspects/ culprits sitting COMFORTABLY again?

  35. Gelded Fred (non spelling mistake), no use spitting yer pips from your sour grapes at me auld lad, “champions of Europe?”
    Bayern Munich may beg to differ.
    Ever wondered why we have a statue of Cloughie (non England manager) and not one of Revie (England manager) in our small town in Yorkshire??
    Famous and Infamous…. google it or get somebody with a brain to explain it to you.
    “Marching On Together….to League One I hope”…

  36. The worse thing about all these Leeds can on here (and the plastic Manc) is that you just know they are all Teessiders.
    They were the horrible playground glory-hunters of the early 70s (the Man U fans of their day) who used to have haversacks with the daft (and highly inappropriate) ‘smiley face’ badge on and wear soft sock tags when they played footy in PE.
    **AV writes: Good point, well made… and the ton to boot.

  37. Cynical? Moi?
    You cut me to the bone. I note one of the “missing” posts was pointing out a typo (since corrected).
    **AV writes: Yes true. Mea cupla. I did rule that one offside as I had already spotted the literal and acted on it. Games are won and lost on decisions like that.

  38. “AV, In Match Fixing Storm”…
    In true “Fergie added on time” and “Wenger, I did not see it” fashion, local journo Anthony Vickers could be about to be embroiled in a story that could run and run.
    Sir Henry may well be wondering why his ears are twitching.
    It would appear that since old whatsisname (Eddie something) departed Gazette Towers he has been replaced by a somewhat more cynical and unscrupulous custodian of all things Boro.
    **AV writes: *phrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwww*….. play on!

  39. Vic, never been censored in me life before. ‘Av a word wi’ yersel ref…..
    Will have something for you from the”old days” when our lass gets herself in the loft

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