Meet The New Shirt…

NEW ‘retro’ Boro kit launched. For my mind it is more an echo of the 1983-84 Stephen Bell/Heine Otto/Paul Sugrue era than it is of George Camsell. It is straight out that season’s Subutteo catalogue on a page marked Boro/Charlton/Wrexham/Denmark.

Here’s the moody arty publicity picture…
vic boro kit.jpg
There is a dash of the 1965/66 Stan Anderson/Dicky Rooks shoulder yoke in there too but that was a relegation season so we won’t talk about that.
Hmmmm. Design-minded people have a had a bit of a snipe on my twitter as apparently the green logo on red is a spectral no-no and the white coming down the sleeves so far give it a baseball leisure shirt or Sunday League look but at the end of the day the shirt doesn’t matter so long as the team wearing it is winning and playing well.
If it is a promotion shirt then it becomes iconic. That’s the iron rule of nostalgia. Look at the Heritage Hampers shirt. That one looked like it was knocked up on Brucie’s kitchen table by Owen McGee with a packet of crayons from Doggy Market but it is now permalinked to our memories of a football fairytale.
I’m sure it will sell shedloads and the kids running round Acklam will all be in uniform within the week and once the #Mogganaut gathers momentum next season it will be ubitiquitous on Teesside and visible at grounds across the Championship.
I do think the club have missed a trick by ditching our above Average White Band. As discussed at length in the past (every other season) the band is instantly identifiable, an emotional button and a branding open goal. It could easily be tinkered with and incorporated and tweaked enough to offer a distinct new product while retaining the historical integrity of the shirt. Big clubs guard that aspect of their identity jealously and are acutely aware of the significance. But it’ll be back.


53 thoughts on “Meet The New Shirt…

  1. Does anyone on here know how you get a boro shirt personalised with name and number on back? Was thinking of getting one done as a present but can see how to do it on the website??
    Thaaaanks, and happy end of season!

  2. Need a complete new design for the team strip of all white with red and black outlines around the shirt collar and sleeves, red and black side side strips for the shorts and red and black hoops at the top of the socks
    Black numbers and the red lion on the shirt.
    For our Guardian angel MOGGA

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