Factor 40, Flip-Flops And A Five Years Flashback To Surreal Steaua

SUN-baked Burnley was hot and sticky and basking Boro turned in a factor 40 and flip-flops performance. The gaffer denied it after the one-sided thumping at Turf Moor, but having crossed the 50 point line with weeks to spare, some players looked to have eased off the gas and are winding down ready for a long session on the sun-lounger.
It was sombreros and speedoes.

The post-match pundits consensus was that hungry Burnley “wanted it more” as victory would catapult them right back into the play-off frame.
They looked fitter, faster, stronger and in the first 45 minutes dished out a clinical football lesson as they were strong and organised at the back, competed in midfield and then broke at pace and in numbers and carved brittle Boro open repeatedly.
They were getting down the flanks at will – both Boro’s jittery full-backs were skinned time after time – and firing crosses in from all angles that caused nervous ripples of panic across the box. Blunt Boro in contrast looked leaden, tired and ordinary.
Yes, it was a patched up side. Isn’t it always. Boro had a lot of players just back from knocks or looking weary after a flurry of fixtures after long lay-offs and with bodies tiring and some tough games coming in quick succession the gaffer was keen to rotate.
The back five was another new unit. The only other time Matthew Bates and Stephen McManus had played together in the middle was in the home game to Burnley (the night Tarmo Kink twice unleashed the Estonian Exocet at the death) but that was under Strachan and Joe Bennett was in the cold and Jason Steele was between the sticks.
And yes it was another different tactical shape with a five man midfield and Boro’s versatile Rhys Williams, fast becoming the fulcrum of the side, in a new attacking midfield role behind lone striker Scott McDonald.
And yes, in recent displays the side may have ridden their luck – against Leicester and Ipswich they could have been dead and buried before they staged their dramatic revivals – and maybe the fickle finger of fate was always going to point damningly at some stage.
But the battering at Burnley was a sobering lesson of what happens if you fail to turn up in an unforgiving league. Of course, that slight lapse from full pelt, that inconsistency, is why the players are in the Championship and why Boro are where they are in the table. We know that. The winning run could not go on forever. But even given those mitigations it was a poor display across the board.
Boro started slowly, lumbered disjointedly onto the back foot and were powerless to resist as Burnley imposed their shape and tempo on the game. After two goals in two minutes left Boro looking punch-drunk the game was effectively over.
By the break and three down – two of them to sloppily defended set-plays – there was never the slightest hint that Boro had the steel or spirit to stage another fightback.
A triple substitution gave them a little bit of spring in the last half hour with Lita adding a bit of zip up front and Smallwood a bit of bite and Boro clawed back a late red face-saver but it couldn’t disguise how poor the performance had been.
Tony Mowbray admitted there had been a long and honest “heart-to-heart” about the failings after the game while Rhys Williams went further and hinted at a full and frank exchange of views between the players over where it had all gone wrong on the pitch.
Good. While we don’t want to descend into recriminations and the blame game over a single result after a good run, it must be stressed to all concerned that knocking off early this season is not acceptable.
It has been a nightmare campaign. It has been an unmitigated and costly disaster. It has seen the club hit rock-bottom and relations with fans tested to destruction by the spirit-sapping Strachan slide towards the trapdoor. The sorry season has flat-lined and stumbled and for long spells has seen some very well paid players fail to deliver.
Boro have looked a far more polished, organised and motivated outfit in recent weeks as diligent Mogga has set about the tricky task of fashioning a silk-style purse from his limited materials.
And the recent unbeaten run has been impressive and inspirational and hinted at a brighter possible future with a feelgood factor seeping back on the back of some steely, spirited shows.
But there is not enough credit in the bank – or leeway below them in the table – for this team to wind down just yet.
And whatever platitudes the pundits pull out of the big bag of football cliches, this season is far from over. There is still plenty to play for.
Yes Burnley “had something to play for”, but so will Hull on Saturday; And Coventry; And Cardiff; And if Boro don’t get their heads back in the game quickly they may yet have too in the final fixture at home to Doncaster Rovers.
Now, it will take some complex mathematical modelling and some spectacular revivals by several teams to drag us back into it now and only the most gloomy confirmed Chicken-runner will seriously see relegation alarms flashing.
But that doesn’t mean there is nothing at stake. Far from it.
The season ticket renewal forms have just gone out against a background of fragility and flux. There are plenty of ‘don’t knows’ out there and a lot of cynics waiting to revert to their doom-laden default and as shapeless end to the season and a slump now could persuade those in two minds to “wait and see” on renewals, denying the club vital cash and damping the upsurge in enthusiasm amid fears of sub-10,000 crowds next term.
So it is more important than ever that a fired-up Boro have a barnstorming finish as part of a pivotal summer sales drive to set the tone for next year.
And a lot of the players have plenty to prove as well.
Some senior big name buys will know they have not given value for money this season and should be busting a gut to restore their personal pride and tarnished reputations.
Even if they want to or expect to leave, they should be turning it on for potential buyers.
And some others on the fringes, those who have been playing to fill gaps as Mogga gets through the season, need to show they have what it takes to be part of the future when the gaffer reshaping the club.
There are four games to go and 12 points plus far, far more still at stake this season.
As you will know if you are following the Gazette’s 100 Days of Destiny flash-back features, it was five years today that Boro went to Steaua Bucharest and those that went to the game (played in a glorified Clareville Common Stadium) were left with bleeding eardrums at the volume of the PA blaring out Scooter’s Maria. Great, but bizarre, trip.
Here’s my travelogue from the time plus a few bits of Youtube footage. First, the Romanian TV highlights of the game plus a bit of shaky hand-cam work from inside the Boro end to give you a taste of the atmosphere.


36 thoughts on “Factor 40, Flip-Flops And A Five Years Flashback To Surreal Steaua

  1. This result doesn’t dent my confidence in Tony Mowbray any more than the defeat at Reading. To paraphrase Basil Fawlty, this is the championship AV, what did you expect?
    The players are in this league for a number of reasons, one of which is they will fail to turn up from time to time. I didn’t attend the game myself but it was clear from his previous interviews that Tony Mowbray was intending to use some of the remaining games to get players such as Kevin Thompson match fit and to assess others with next season in mind.
    This performance seems to be a direct consequence. I would much rather he did that away from home rather than at the Riverside.
    Roll on Monday.

  2. Unbalanced, unfit and unsteady last night. It just goes to show the gigantic task facing Mowbray this summer.
    Another depressing season, I just want it over. But there is hope that next season will be better than the previous. Sadly that hasn’t happened in a while.
    You want Complex Mathematical Modelling

.well tough you can have my scrawled scrap paper, fingers and thumbs effort instead.
    Can we still go down? Yes, and here’s how.
    Sheffield Utd cannot catch us.
    Preston North End can get 51 points; they must win all four of their games to overhaul us. A draw or defeat for Preston and we will finish above them.
    Scunthorpe can get 52 points with four games to go. Three wins and 1 draw puts them on 50. One defeat and they cannot reach Boro’s 50 points.
    So if Coventry win at home to Scunny on Friday and Preston fail to win on the evening game at Mill-Wall on Saturday we are safe despite anything we can muster at Hull.
    By the way, is it fair that Coventry play on Friday and get an extra days rest on us ahead of Monday? Get Harry Redknapp on the case I say!
    Let’s not forget Donny and Palace who are still right in the mix. If Donny were to win, then Palace can only get 52 points.
    Sadly last night our play off dream died, only one game later in the fixtures than last years effort I think.

  3. Looking back at last night and having missed most of the match you can only look at the reports, comments, line ups etc.
    One theme is apparent over recent weeks has been starting slowly, sometimes it works and sometimes like against Reading, QPR and Burnley it doesnt.
    A look at the line up in midfield last night (and against Barnsley) shows a stodgy midfield.
    It is no good saying how useless the Strachan buys are when Thomson and Robson play alongside Arca, Williams and Taylor. They all have skills but will not be challenging Usain Bolt in London next year. You may just as well say how useless the academy players are and what a bad buy Arca has been. All five have a roll to play but not all in the same midfield.
    Play Little Mac on his own upfront and it is no wonder you get over run by a team desperate to get into the play offs palying at home in front of their own fans.
    There is no one in that midfield line up who will get beyond McDonald on a regular basis to keep the opposition honest.
    The other day I suggested playing a front three with Haliday and Kink partnering McDonald, it may or may not have worked.
    What I am saying is using hindsight and I apologise for that but if you send out a leaden midfield you get a leaden performance and that is not a criticism of the individual players but of the blend.
    Having players fit and on the books to change it is a diffrent matter altogether.

  4. I wasn’t at the game so can only speculate from the match reports that I read.
    First of all it is obvious that McMahons lack of pace is being targeted by the opposition if they have a half decent wide man.
    I commented the other day about the excess of left footed midfield players on the books and my fears were shown up when I read Uncle Erics match report. There, strung out like a line of washing, was our midfield- Taylor,Arca,Thomson, ,Robson. Anybody spotted anything yet? All totally left footed,all totally monopaced [and that is being polite] and two of them barely fit enough to play. It is barely a surprise we were overran and had no attacking threat.
    Why insist on playing Thomson who is clearly nowhere near fit enough? What purpose does it serve with four games left?
    Come on Mogga – at least try to balance the team up.

  5. Here I am sitting in Halifaxp’s sitting room. Been to Bronte family’s house in Haworth. Also took a steam train from Pickering to Whitby. But the match at Burnley was not much to write home about. Though it was better after Smallwood came on.
    Now we plan to visit Thirsk tomorrow and then York. Really beautiful and the weather is nice over here.
    Even the city center of M’bro’ looked nice. I big change from my last visit – so no need to be shamed of. And no smog over there. You have a nice city centre – so be proud of it, lads and lassies!
    Looking forward to seeing the Mogga’s new Boro on Saturday though. We need to start defending better and do some passing.
    Up the Boro!

  6. What happened? I come back into the country to this? Did someone just turn back the hands of time to an earlier Strachanesque barren landscape….and on my doormat waiting for me was my season ticket renewal pack., staring up at me, pleading….
    Great timing lads.

  7. I drove like a maniac from a meeting in London up to Turf Moor just arriving with 10 minutes to spare and then paying my £26 for the pleasure at the turnstiles in the good old fashioned way!
    Once inside (for want of a better phrase) I managed to grab a meat and potato pie that left me with 2nd degree burns on the roof of my mouth and simultaneously gulp down a pint in the space of five mins and took my seat just as the teams were about to kick off. Sat down for all of two minutes before the splinters from an aged wooden seat (which had probably forgotten more about football than I have ever learned) encouraged me to stand up with the rest of the Boro Masses huddled in the David Fishwick Stand.
    What on earth was going on? Burnley were all over us, quicker, meaner, hungrier, faster. We needed three touches to control and then deftly flick and pass our way into trouble before giving away posession routinely in the final 3rd as though it was some sort of Charity game.
    We were under relentless pressure, what we needed was a big strong hoof into Row Z until we got some composure but oh no, what we done was muddle it and dribble it until eventually out muscled, lost it, not once, not twice but every single time. Lightweight wannabe Boro Beckenbauers were made to look more like Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po.
    It was worse than the worst of Southgate and Stricken rolled into one. It was seriously bad to the extent that the midfield almost outperformed the Telly Tubbies defence for the honour of who could be the most totally inept.
    The “Lefties” (Tayls, Arca, Robbo and Tommo) were simply outclassed and looked a very poor unbalanced unit, devoid of class, organisation and a right foot. Rhys Williams up front told its own story, I guess on Saturday he may start in goal as its the only position he hasn’t played in the last few weeks.
    There was one positive moment from the night when both sets of supporters joined in chanting Parky’s name when a cheque was presented to his wife and son at half time.
    I doubt Mogga will make those same mistakes again or put his trust in those tactics or line up. Going further a few of them may have helped to make his mind up in who stays and who goes in the Summer. All in all one to definitely forget, lets hope we see a bounce back on Saturday on the Humber.

  8. Unless there’s some other amazing revelation to come, the only thing new about what Gibbo’s said to Uncle Eric is that he’s talked about Mogga – and that he couldn’t have done last year or the year before, of course.
    For the rest, it’s as though someone’s hit the ‘play again’ button – even down to the re-appearance of that old favourite, the ‘behind closed doors, end of season inquest’ into what went wrong (again).
    Still, I suppose it was too much to expect anything new – especially anything that signalled a ‘new settlement’ between MFC and Boro fans.
    AV, you said a while ago that you believed that the Club realised just how much they had to do in this regard but I see no evidence of it in what Gibbo’s said or MFC has yet done.
    Do you expect the owner to say more or the Club to ‘speak louder than words’ with its actions? If so, when?
    **AV writes: After the Gazette coup I think the BBC are trying to get a Q&A lined up in the next few weeks but I believe Mogga will front the summer bridge building.

  9. Most Disturbing.
    I come home last night to find a leaflet advising NO to AV!
    Now I know the Regional Journo awards can get very competitive, but this I feel was a step too far. Mr Vic, you can rely on my vote for Yes to AV on the 5th. I hope you get a good turnout form fellow bloggers.
    **AV writes: Apparently the “No’ campaign is arguing that AV is too costly, too difficult to understand and opens the door to extreme opinions.

  10. Great AV cannot believe its been 5 years. What a great night. Ground buzzing well before kick off, the disapointment of going further behind then the great comeback. Then it was party time at the final whistle.
    The only sad thing is the strength of that squad some great players who wanted to play for the Boro. On daft wages for sure but they as well as us will still have fond memories of those nights. Is there not a dvd i can get?
    As for Burnley, tough night. We looked very tired and disjointed and I will still feel much better with three more points.
    Good to see SG backing the manager but then again he always has. Maybe this time his blind faith will not be in vain.

  11. Redcar Red –
    I had a similar rush to get to the first match of the season when we beat Spurs 2-1 so at least mine had a happy ending.
    I got stuck in roadworks north of Jn25 on the M1, at the M180 interchange and at Wetherby. All were widening schemes now completed. Three and a half hours to cover 140 miles of dual carriageway and motorway.
    I went to the nearest ticket office to my parking place (red faction corner) and whilst waiting saw the dimmest fans in the world.
    Spurs fans were walking past the away fans section with its big sign saying away fans, the away fans ticket office, the police cordon around that part of the ground, fellow Spurs fans in replica kits and looking at their tickets and trying to queue for the East Stand.
    Were not causing trouble, it must have been being north of the M25 deprived them of oxygen to their brain cell.
    Your comments about the midfield reinforced what I had read, heard and guessed from the line up.
    Apparently Rhys is driving the coach, taking the warm up, playing in goal and doing the Physio duties, doing the post-match press conference before collecting the Pizza and driving home.
    Sunday he will be in cutting the grass and marking the lines, checking the menus for the hospitality functions and taking warm down.

  12. I agree with smoggy, there is a strong chance we will not be safe until the last day of the season.
    My excel chart gives us a 30 percent chance we will be fighting it out on the last day.
    I will give the figures in a minute.

  13. If we assume that both scunthorpe and Preston have a 50 -50 chance of winning each of the next three games then there is a 76% that one of them will drop points by then.
    Conversley this means that there is a 24% chance that one of them will have got the nine points.
    Of course we have to lose the next three games and the others in between have to drop a few points but for sure I am not putting the house money on it just yet.
    Last game of the season could be a nail biter.
    **AV writes: We have a high chance of being safe on Saturday no matter what the outcome of the game at Hull.

  14. Some interesting mathematical modelling, however it’s the psychology that makes me most interested.
    Notice that in almost all calculations we are factoring in that Boro will do a “typical Boro” and fail to obtain any points before the last game of the season.
    All calculations are academic if Boro win at Hull, which should be Mogga’s aim and should be hammered repeatedly into the players for Saturday.
    Conversely, if Coventry beat Scunthorpe and we get a draw at Hull then Preston will need to win all of their games plus a 13 goal swing to send us down.
    Sounds a lot, but in reality it equates to Boro losing each game by two goals and Preston winning them all by two clear goals.
    As I said – surely the players will want to remove any remaining doubt from the equation and “secure” our future with a rousing victory at Hull! Fingers crossed.
    As for next season, it’s clear that radical measures are needed. I’m hoping that the recent tinkering from Mogga is fitness related and also one last look at certain possible cast offs, rather than genuine tactical changes – because if Burnley was a genuine attempt to win the game – crikey.
    I’m hoping that the Moggalution will mean that next season we can set our shape and our tempo and make teams adjust to us, rather than the other way around.

  15. At the end of this season say thanks but no thanks to McManus.
    He is the weak link.
    I could repeat again what my knowledgable counter parts North of the Border say but one fact stands out. Mowbray was pleased to off load him at Celtic, no matter what is said now.

  16. Can anyone out there shed any light on what ‘Teesside ethics’ are – I’m afraid it’s quite a long time since I lived on Teesside and I’ve seemed to have forgot.
    Also if you know what they are, do you have them? and do they differ from those of other parts of britain?
    Anyway, glad to hear that the new mantra for success is ‘boys not men’ – replacing that previous unsuccessful mantra ‘men not boys’ – perhaps with the addition of ‘strong local lads’ rather than ‘old firm softies’ or ‘cheap and cheerful’ over ‘expensive and moody’.
    At least I don’t have to worry about that referendum – though describing AV as a ‘miserable little compromise’ is probably going too far – So will it be first past the post or even second over the bar – perhaps it’s better just to stick it in the net!

  17. Mogga went into print earlier this week saying “he prefers the team to start slow so he can “suss” out the oppo’s weaknessess and openings. At 0-3 down, think Burnley read the same article??

  18. Jarkko,
    Did you have fish and chips in Whitby? We were actually staying at the old station house in Grosmont a couple of weeks ago, so had free travel on the steam railway. It’s a great part of the world.
    On the subject of AV, we all know how wonderful he is, and you only have to look at the odious bunch in the No Camp to see we are on the right side.
    Unfortunately though AV, opinion polls seem to suggest you will be rejected…

  19. “If we assume that both scunthorpe and Preston have a 50-50 chance of winning each of the next three games”
    That’s a pretty big assumption considering Preston have won 21% of their games this season and Scunthorpe have won 29%.
    Furthermore, two of Preston’s next three games are away from home, where their win percentage drops to 14%.
    We are safe.

  20. It’s a while since I did A-level stats, but if we assume Scunthorpe and Preston have win chances of 29% and 21% respectively, and of course that doesn’t take opposition or home/away advantage into account, then by my workings Scunthorpe have a 2.4% chance of winning all three games and Preston a 0.9% chance of winning all three games.
    So you can imagine what the chances are of them both doing that AND us losing our next three are.
    (I stand to be corrected here!)

  21. Werdermouth –
    Isnt Ethics where all the west Ham fans live?
    I have a pamphlet saying ‘AV Leads To Broken Promises’
    What worries me are theses stats being wheeled out to say we are not safe and AV telling us we wont go down.
    I dont suppose Vic’s relatives designed the Titanic did they?
    **AV writes: When Sheffield United get eliminated we will pick up loads of their second preference votes. Hell, once the bottom three are out we could even make the play-offs.

  22. When they last changed the constituency boundaries the labour party turned up to the meetings with a host of legal eagles so that they could work the system to their advantage.
    Do you think we could do the same and get some top QC to argue we deserved some points back that we lost?
    Bugger, we have tried that one!

  23. Our Yorkshire village tour is continuing. Try to guess the places we have been to today.
    Today we started at Byland Abbey, then visited Ampleforth and it’s boarding school run by the monks, then Kilburn and the mouseman there, on to Thirsk and Sowerby .Lovely – the most beatiful part of the world we have ever visited (note, Halifaxp!). And weather – absolutely stunning!
    Try to guess the village where we are staying overnight today? Take a second guess, mates. We are staying in Carlton Husthwaite. Dormo must know where it is, don’t you. A lovely Yorkshire village south of the White Horse.
    The people of North Yorkshire (or Teesside or Cleveland) are the most friendly I have ever meet. Surely it helps if you support a team they call Boro I presume.
    BoroPhil –
    I must disappoint you. I had Yorkshire pudding in Whitby. I just couldn’t resist that. But I know fish and chips are the best in Whitby. Next time, I promise.
    So York tomorrow. You know it’s handy – near Hull for Saturday. I hope Mogga’ll get them playing proper football on Saturday.
    Up the Boro!

  24. Jarkko –
    Whitby means queueing at the Magpie for a sit down Fish and Chips or eating them on the harbourside or pier.
    Still there is always Wackers fish and chips in York. It is on Gillygate.
    Have a great time in York, if you dont do Wackers go to Little Bettys on Stonegate. It is quainter than the big one though you will have to queue.
    Just beware because following the recent revelations about AV the BBC and my morning paper has a Smog warning.

  25. There seems to be a general apathy amongst bloggers recently. The last 10 blogs have mostly petered out in the 50’s with the highest being 79.
    Or is it that the blogs have been curtailed prematurely to avoid dishing out the Trabant? Downsized club = downsized blog.
    **AV writes: There’s been a lot of blogging in a busy season and minds and bodies are getting tired. Once we are mathematically safe I’m dropping you lot and blooding the kids. I’ll be doing blogs on PS3 v XBox, who’s the best rapper, the Only Way Is Essex and what’s the killer app on your phone.

  26. Hi, Jarkko.
    Carlton Husthwaite is just down the road, near Thirsk and Easingwold.
    Since you’ve been to Kilburn where “Mousey Thompson” makes the mouse oak furniture, you might care to know that one of their ex-craftsmen has his own furniture factory at CH. There are LOADS of ex-mousey craftsmen who, after 10 or 20 years at Kilburn, set up on their own, each with their own carved trademark – so at CH there is the “Fox”, and there are also the Beaver at Sutton under Whitestonecliffe, there is a Knight, etc etc.
    Whitby is fish and chips, the Abbey, fish and chips again, Dracula, and loads of pubs. If you go there again try the Station which is exactly opposite the railway and bus stations in the town centre. Loads of different British real ales, ciders and food. It is a CAMRA dream. There will always be a next time for fish and chips and there are LOADS of different fish and chip restaurants, on both sides of the harbour.
    But YORK!! That really is a tourist Mecca. One of the great tourist destinations in the UK, and therefore one of the most popular, so there will be lots of people there this sunny Easter holiday. There is too much at York for one day – the Minster (one of Europe’s great churches), Constantine’s column, the Shambles, the city walls, the Railway Museum, Clifford’s Tower, Jorvik, the Yorkshire and Castle museum, shops generally and, again, LOADS of pubs.
    Hull on the other hand has been described as the “Hartlepool of Yorkshire”. A city (in Hartlepool’s case, a town) which is like a bit of an island, cut off from the rest of their county. It has been suggested that, if the inhabitants of County Durham had their way, they would carve a deep ditch around Hatlepool and push the town to drift away into the North Sea, to the pleasure of the county and Hartlepool. Similarly with Hull…
    Now, are we going to do better in the next game than we did at Burnley? It would be difficult to do worse. I guess a few rockets were launched up a few backsides after that game. Let’s hope they had the right effect.
    And the banter with AV about … well, AV… great fun. It’s good to know that the Blogmeister’s future is at the heart of British politics. Loved the response to Ian Gill at 3.17pm yesterday. I expect it to resurface in a modified form, from William Hague, in the next few days.

  27. In the Gazette today:-
    “Scottish midfielder Barry Robson, meanwhile, admitted today that he has never been fully fit all season.
    A run of injuries, which began in pre-season, particularly to his thigh and foot, means that he has failed to reach his maximum level of fitness.”
    Wasn’t he one of the people who enjoyed running in and out of the sea and up the dunes with a player on his back?
    Please Mogga, don’t go for the same pre-season training régime as the last encumbant…..you know it makes sense!

  28. Thought I would share my current thoughts regarding season card purchase.
    I’ve just returned to the area after a 20 year exile, and managed about five games per season. Now I’m back I’m considering a season card purchase but who am I going to watch next season?
    For me I would commit to a team with Bennet, Rhys Williams, Thomson, Bates and Bailey in it, but will they be here? In these times of downsizing it would be nice to hear some sort of statement saying where we draw the line. I fear all five could be gone over the summer.
    I’ve been to the last two home games and will be going on Monday. I like the Power Game as Pigbag just doesn’t work in a half empty stadium and like Fly Me To The Moon, but playing Chelsea Dagger after we score just spoils the spontaneity and after only a few games this season is already starting to annoy. If there has to be music as part of the modern experience how about Fly Me To The Moon as a quirky but apt song?
    Finally, Mowbray is a huge positive for this club, but no miracle worker and I would love to give him my full support but feel I need a bit more reassurance, so sorry Tony, it’s not your fault but I think I’ll wait a while to see how things pan out before committing,

  29. York: hot, hot, hot. Is it always like this in the North Riding of Yorkshire?
    I just head a rumour: we will win 2-4 at Hull tomorrow. Have to see that.
    Up the Boro!

  30. I think we are now safe. The only way Scunthorpe can pass us is by winning every one of their remaining games 5-0 and Boro losing every game 5-0.

  31. Well hopefully that’s sorted it! Couldn’t get Firefox to open so I’ve uninstalled it and then reinstalled the updated version… Let’s see if it works (this is via Firefox – IE has been a bit naughty over the past year or two).
    I would certainly settle for Hull 2 Boro 4. I’d be happy with 0-2, just to keep a smile on our keeper’s face and the knowledge that clean sheets CAN happen. In truth any win would do.

  32. Seen the shambles – the street (or Gate or Gata as they in Sweden) from 1080’s or something. And soon to Hull.
    Dormo – I’ll settle for a narrow win, too. I have to find Halifaxp in Hull as he has the tickets.
    Up the Boro!

  33. To Jarkko – today 24/04/2011 the day after the rumour came true – where did you hear the rumour? and can you try for the lottery numbers please 🙂

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