Multi-Paul Smith’s Corinthian Goal Gift

I MEANT to put this quirky tale up after Boro swooped to sign up versatile Paul Smith – the suave suit designer/Billingham-born dancy pointy Maximo Park frontman/indie-punk Teessider and former Toy Dolls drummer and ‘Nellie the Elephant’ merchant – on Tuesday when in passing it was mentioned that he had scored the fastest ever League Cup goal, clocked at 23 seconds.

The goal was a gift from opponents Leicester in what was a highly commended moment of Corinthian spirit. The cup clash at the City Ground was restaged after the first game was abandoned after a player collapsed with a suspected heart attack with Forest a goal up. When it was replayed Leicester offered to restore the advantage and our boy was nominated to sheepishly walk the ball home. Here’s the footage.


12 thoughts on “Multi-Paul Smith’s Corinthian Goal Gift

  1. I think he looks like a top outfield player the way he dribbled through the full opposing team to score. seriously though I would like to see Kink on the pitch even if its from the bench – the lad has a hell of a shot on him.

  2. He finishes better than Alves. Could you see Man Utd doing that? Good luck to him, Lets hope he can do a job here.

  3. Nice video.
    And well done, Nigel on the ton on the last thread. I go out for the day and what so I find when I return, that you’ve all be enjoying yourselves…?
    Away at Portsmouth. Are we hopeful or realistic? Go on then – one each!

  4. Well AV… did no one see Dispatches on Channel 4. How the Government/councils can sell off their assets to bring down the deficit? What should appear but the Riverside Stadium.
    I thought we the club owned it. Can Steve Gibson put me right on this. IS IT OUR’S OR WHAT.
    **AV writes: It was answered at length on the previous thread. In short it was referring not to the stadium but the lease. Boro were given the ground on a 1,000 year lease at £1 year. In that sense the state (English Estates, who took over the TDC) have a stake. Can’t see it bringing much in if they flog it though.

  5. Mmmmmm his kicking was poor, very poor at times. He never climbed majesticly above the crowd to claim the odd dangerous cross sent his way and he moved out of the way of a pen that was fired into the space he left behind. Yet is 6ft 4 so I guess we get more vertical inch per £ than we do with some others?

  6. Just off to Pompey.
    I’d take a point now but it’s a tough ask. Which ‘away’ Boro will turn up – the one I saw at Millwall or the one I tried not to look at last weekend at Reading?
    Who knows?

  7. You put the Live Blog into Standy Mode at about 4.20pm. It had been working OK in the first half. Admittedly I got kicked off after half time, but I could still read others’ posts. Maybe you couldn’t read anything and couldnt put your posts up? You might have thought you were on your own?
    If I am right, and you are left wondering whether anyone can hear you, why don’t you get someone in the office and exchange mobile phone numbers? That way, if you are worried, you could give the chap a ring, or he could ring you. You might find that you ARE still being seen and heard on the net.
    **AV writes: I didn’t put it into stand-by, it made a unilateral decision. It had been working better than for weeks right through the first half (for me anyway) then it just seized then timed out. I’m not sure what someone back in the office could do about that even assuming the powers that be were willing to assign the manpower.
    The whole process needs reviewing at the end of the season I think.

  8. AV. I think the Gazzette site has a problem. It takes ages to load and the live blog crashed my computer three times before I finally gave up. Second half in play and I fancy us to sneak a late winner. (for a change)

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