Untypical Boro’s Big Christmas Turkey

AH YES, Christmas, a time when we sad few cyber diehards should be doing more glamourous, exciting seasonal things full of glitter but instead mooch over keyboards like the dozen unpicked coffee and strawberry creams in the bottom of a tin of Roses.
A time of anticipation, of optimism, of indulgence, of man flu, frustraingly postponed matches and of course, cheap cash-in celebrity editions and repeats on the telly. Well I can’t give you a blog written by Bernie Slaven, Mark Benton, Journey South or Frankie Bam Bam – but I can give you some repeats. Oh yes.
Here’s a few flashbacks from a year in cyber space. I’ve left the watershed moments and big political developments for the review of the year. It should cynically fill the gap until we all meet again wearing Christmas Jumpers for the Preston game….
How Boro’s Season Caught The Sniffles
So This Is Bromance?

Boro: Core Values And Identity

Wanted: Scapegoat
And Some Sentimental Old Black And White Big Song And Dance Number


29 thoughts on “Untypical Boro’s Big Christmas Turkey

  1. Merry Christmas everyone! 2011 will finally be the year we turn it around. I’m sure.
    So the match is off! How on earth does the Hull game survive, but this doesn’t? Do we want more preparation for the Preston game? No excuses now, especially if their game goes ahead.
    **AV writes: It hasn’t been confirmed but there are suggestions a water main has fractured in the West Stand putting the toilets and restaraunt kitchens out of action and some areas of the concourse and stairs wet and icy.

  2. A very Merry Christmas to all our readers and contributors. And hopefully a Happier New Year (on the field) than the current year has proved to be.
    The only way is up(pish).

  3. Merry Xmas Vicks and all the regulars. Lets hope for the best for our team in the new year stay up play offs what the heck always Boro from sunny SA.

  4. “AV writes: It hasn’t been confirmed but there are suggestions a water main has fractured in the West Stand putting the toilets and restaraunt kitchens out of action and some areas of the concourse and stairs wet and icy”.
    Must have taken Keith ages to think of that one.
    **AV writes: Blimey, some people are so cynical. Boxing Day is traditionally the biggest gate of the season. They were looking at 20,000 and Boro need the cash from it desperately. Now they have lost the extra bums on seats, will have to pulp the programmes and bin the food in the hospitality areas and now it will be replayed on a wet Tuesday in February and the gate will be “14,000.” Cunning.

  5. You can’t ruin my birthday! You can’t ruin birthday.
    Tough luck Forest, you can pee on my chips some other time.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Water leak, need to plug the gap?
    Are we talking about the West Stand or the Team?
    Merry Christmas to all you bloggers.
    ps. SMOGONTHETYNE… Happy first Christmas with your daughter. Long may she bring the BORO good luck.

  7. Gosh, what bad news, just when we were looking forward to full house our plans are scuppered by the west Stand being out of bounds.
    Did we need it? I suppose all the major hospitality and press are located in that stand.
    Anyway, have a good christmas everyone.

  8. Just looked at the fixtures and realized I am not going to be attending the BJ stand for the Preston NE, Leeds Utd and Norwich games due to going on vacation to Key West. I won’t be back blogging until the Bristol City game. Hopefully we will get at least six points from those games.
    Oh well, I will just have to think about the team while I lay on the beach with a rum drink in hand.
    Do you think the players will miss me as much as I miss them when they don’t show up during a game. I think not. Or the Management and Coaches???
    But I will miss all my fellow bloggers. I will raise a few to you and the mighty reds.
    I will miss it really, but the sand, sun, surf and drink will make me feel better.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Also a happy Capricorn birthday to SMOGONTHETYNE now on the Moon. It’s mine on the 4th Jan SMOG, so I will have a drink for us.
    AV, please wear your varnished snood to keep you warm during those games, and stop moving the type around!

  9. The only way is up? They’ve been saying that for three seasons now. Oh please, don’t make me laugh.
    Status Quo’s only PROPER Number One hit from November 1974…..
    **AV writes: Again and Again?

  10. A message of peace and goodwill to all Boro fans:
    It hasn’t been the best of years. It hasn’t been the best three years. We all know how high we have fallen from, we know the harsh financial realities we face and we know exactly how tough a time poor Mogga faces over the next few months.
    But let’s not dwell on it. Let’s not all pool our misery and try to persuade each other that the end is night. At the end of the day we go to the game to enjoy ourselves to show our pride and passion in the team and the town no matter who we are playing and in what division. We go because we are Boro. Let’s not lose sight of that.
    So let’s put to one side the moaning at what might have been, the whining over how Lambie got this or that wrong and the non-stop bellyaching over team selection and shape. Let’s just get behind the team over the rest of the season. Give it some welly. It is the only thing we can do as fans that anyone will take any notice of.
    Sing yer hearts out for the lads. It’ll keep you warm. It’ll make you feel good. It might just get an extra bit of out of them.
    Merry Xmas to all Boro fans at home and abroad, all bloggers and lurkers, to the team and to you AV. Keep up the good work.

  11. Simon going to Key West in the USA
    Have a good trip, jealous as hell, love the Keys and most of the others around southern Florida.
    Do you go fishing down there? Love feeding time at Islamadora Fish Co Restaurant, thats the fish as well as me.
    Refish, Snapper, Black Drum, Grouper, Snook, Tarpon. Beats the odd Dab off Salturn pier.

  12. If we lose Wheater how about a certaint Tottenham centre back from Teesside on loan until May? Of course if Spurs pays his salary, too.
    Harry Redknapp talks on the BBC: “Anyone who loans Jonathan is getting one of the best centre-halves in the Premier League,” the Tottenham manager commented.
    “I said to Jonathan that if he comes through the next couple of weeks then it might be a good idea for him to go out on loan to play some matches and I think he fancies that. “He has been out a long time and is a fantastic centre-half.”
    Anyone? Up the Boro!

  13. They’re coming home, they’re coming home….
    The Ashes of course.
    Not that, being a Boro supporter and that after every win it looks like we are going to be promoted, but after every defeat it looks like were are doomed…. Oh no! Nothing like that. It’s the real thing. For defo. Thank you, Santa!

  14. And another thing….. Little Dormo isn’t quite so little now. In fact he is 19 years old and two or three inches taller than his father, and probably still growing for another year or two, as he keeps pointing out. For Christmas LD’s girlfriend has bought your contributor a Boro Beer Tankard – and very smart it looks, too.
    I’m going to have to give it a wash out and then I think it deserves a proper Christening. The things you have to do to keep people happy…..

  15. Ian Gill.
    I plan to have a great trip. Go there over the New Year period every year (for the last 6) for 8 days with my wife. This year my brother in law is coming too, so we plan on doing some sailing, kayaking, scuba/snorkelling, golf and we may go out fishing on a friend of a friends boat ‘Fatal Attraction’.
    We always stop off in Islamadora on the drive down from Ft. Lauderdale for lunch and our first drink at the Lorelei restaurant, just to get started. No fishing there though.
    Then it’s drop off the bags,and walk down Duval street to the Pier House for our first drink proper. We always get our first drink free from Al the barman, very nice of him. Gets a good tip!
    New Years Eve will be spent having a meal at Latitudes restaurant on Sunset Key (6.30pm), then in to the town for the festivities, which are something to behold!!!
    I keep saying it, but this year may be the one where I don’t come back. My brother in law and my wife and I are going to start looking for a place down there. May not be in the Keys, but definitely southern Florida.
    All the best to everyone for New Year, I hope all our dreams and wishes – especially the red and white ones come true.
    Keep up the good work AV.
    **AV writes: Part Boro blog, part travelogue. Exciting new advertising possibilities.

  16. Dormo –
    we could soon be the traditional grand dads who are hanging around in the stadium telling about the grand old days of glory! My son is 19 next month, too. The time is flying …
    But back to Mogga. He says: “You try to find a formula to change it – we have no wingers, we have no classic number 10, who spends his time creating chances, beating people and putting the ball on a plate for a goalscorer.”
    What was the number Rochemback was wearing? Anyway I think we have not had one playing in the nr ’10’ position since Gareth took over. Just what we need?
    MFC.co.uk continues: “And Mowbray believes Chairman Steve Gibson and Chief Executive Keith Lamb will support his bid to restructure the squad in any way they can – and that it isn’t necessarily a case of sell before you buy.”
    I see it promising that a player can be bought before selling. This will help us having the replacement there well before the end of January. Ramsdens’ effect?
    All in all I think the 2011 looks better than 2010 for Boro. Up the Boro!

  17. **AV writes: Blimey, some people are so cynical. Boxing Day is traditionally the biggest gate of the season. They were looking at 20,000 and Boro need the cash from it desperately. Now they have lost the extra bums on seats, will have to pulp the programmes and bin the food in the hospitality areas and now it will be replayed on a wet Tuesday in February and the gate will be “14,000.” Cunning.”
    Get a grip, AV, the point is, especially if they are as desperate as you say (and I’m sure they are), it beggars belief that, with still days to go, a big (sic) business like MFC can’t work around a burst pipe and some cold food…there again, we are now so ‘hicks from the sticks’ and ‘amateurish’ that maybe you are, sadly, right after all.
    **AV writes: I got the impression it was far more spectacular than just a burst pipe. And the licencing authorities weren’t too happy about ‘working around’ no toilets or hot water in the kitchens.

  18. Read Mogga’s piece about what we need to turn things round.
    A bit of pace, width and guile. In fact, what we were talking about in the summer window which, in our case, suddenly slammed shut a week early as the Smithy was moth balled.
    It was even what Stricken was saying we needed, we got the plasterer to do the finishing touches but no one to provide the walls for him to finish off.
    So what did actually happen to our rebuilding that left us short in key positions. Was it that no targets were identified or too expensive or didnt want to come? Or was it we unexpectedly ran out of cash or someone didnt leave to free up money?
    Over to you AV.
    **AV writes: Someone didn’t leave to free up the money. I think they had budgeted for the exit of Gary O’Neil (that was in their thinking from the moment the exercised their option in January) but he was injured so didn’t play in pre-season.

  19. Well, it was a bummer to miss the ritual of the Boxing Day game when I was up in the Boro – probably something of a financial disaster for MFC too – but from a footy point of view, not so bad. The fewer games we play before Mogga has a chance to ‘wheel & deal’, the better.
    I doubt I’ll be able to get back up to see the East Midlands mob try to pee on Smog’s chips in revenge for not being able to spoil his birthday, whenever it’s re-arranged. I hope there are proper arrangements for refunds.
    Now it’s the mega-six pointer at Preston.
    Jarkko – I heard ‘Arry banging on about Woodgate too and the same thoughts crossed my mind. Well, just so long as we aren’t paying anything other than a fraction of his wages and are better insulated than the Riverside pipework against him pulling a sickie again halfway through his first game.
    Today’s rumour mill seems to have us linked with Shittu – and anyone who says ‘So, what’s new’ is a very naughty boy!
    I wonder what Mogga’s attempts to get Boydy to wake up from hibernation are all about?
    AV – Has McDonald gone off the the Asia Cup yet or is he available for Preston?
    Anyhow, I hope that everyone had the Xmas you were hoping for and that Santa still has something in his sack (other than fresh air) for the Travelling Parmo Army at Deepdale.
    **AV writes: The Asian Cup starts on January 10th I think. Norwich will probably be his last game. The final is on January 29th if Australia get that far.

  20. Three scenarios for Boro this season:
    1. If we would get 8 wins, 8 draws and lose 8 during the rest of the season we will stay up at 53 points. So one of each in every three games.
    2. If we’d play like QPR (the league leaders) have up and including Xmas we will finish up at 69 points and miss play-offs. I think an average of 73 points are needed for the May lottery to go up.
    3. If we’d play undefeated for the rest of the season from now on we will finish at 73 points. That means play-offs – but no defeats.
    My honest prediction is Boro will fin(n)ish well over the bottom three but miss the play-offs, too. My guess is 64 points (Mogga signing a nr 10 and a right winger that is).
    Your prediction? Up the Boro!

  21. On Friday I thought to myself, Never mind the effluence in the pipes it is the crap on the pitch that needs sorting out.
    Harsh indeed, I think I am having withdrawal symptoms as the Forest game was going to be my first match back after my October RTA.
    Looking forward to the Burton game, just hope we don’t end up going for a Burton. At least this season it wouldn’t be seen to as a giant killing to anyone associated with Boro.
    Here’s hoping for an upturn in fortunes in 2011 so fellow bloggers, have a happy and prosperous New Year.

  22. Seasons Greetings to fellow bloggers, wishing you all health, happiness and prosperity for 2011 and beyond.
    For Mogga, wishing you a magic wand to work miracles with this dross of a team
    For Gibbo, wishing you peace and an end to your troubled tortured conscience after your blunders of the past few seasons
    For scrooge Lambie, wishing you enjoyment in your retirement on your allottment, I hope you have more success at growing plants and veggies, coz you certainly can’t grow a football club
    To Southgate, wishing good riddance to your stupidity and arrogance in thinking you could run a successful premiership football club
    To Strachan, how on earth did you manage to run football clubs before you came to Boro?
    To the magnificent Boro supporters, wishing you a decent team to support and one which will put a smile on all our faces again

  23. Simon –
    Of the ones we have visited Sanibell/Captiva and Anna Marie Island are the ones that impress us the most but you know the area far better than I do so any tips where else is worth a week would be gratefullly received as long as the Blogmeister doesnt get twitchy. Some time in the future will do. Enjoy your break.
    Notice Gazette are flying the Woodie kite. Wonder how he would be received but we do have the benefit that he had his longest run of action for some time at the Boro.

  24. On Boro’s current woeful showing combined with the miserable and depressing realisation that whoever we get in simply will NOT perform anyway (ever occurred to anyone how anybody who leaves Boro to ply their trade elsewhere seems to prosper and thrive – as well as score goals? Take a look – Graham, Downing, Huth, Johnson, Cattermole, Morrison, etc etc etc).
    We could buy in the whole of Man City’s first team and we STILL probably wouldn’t be able to win games or avoid away defeats. Saying this late in the day that we could still get 50+ points and win another 8 games is like admitting that Cloud Cuckooland exists.
    In fairness if Boro get more than 45 points this season it will be a minor miracle… but whether that will keep us up is a moot point. Let’s face it – if we finish 21st and just avoid relegation come May that alone would be an achievement akin to us winning the bloomin’ UEFA Champions League – I’m serious.

  25. Simon in the USA –
    mighty envious of where you are staying on New Year’s Eve, Florida Keys ,which in my mind will always remind me of Bogart,Edward G.Robinson and Lauren Bacall in the film Key West, I think directed by John Huston who also directed that abysmal football film, Escape to Victory, which included sadly,one Boro player
    Meanwhile I shall be having brunch at Elland Rd in one of their swish restaurants with our Leeds United friends, who abused our hospitality by beating us on our patch.I hope to reciprocate in kind.
    Simon, as we share a birthday, 4th Jan, I am hoping for at least 4 points by the time it arrives, from our Leeds and Norwich matches respectively.This means I need to think carefully who lets in the New Year in the household ,certainly not my daughter who performed the deed last year.
    It has to be onwards and upwards in 2011 we have been in the doldrums for too long.
    So fellow bloggers I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year and look forward to reading and contributing to the erudite analysis of MFC’s adventures in 2011 that characterises this esteemed website.

  26. With all the single goal margins of late its not unreasonable to hope we start to get a couple of breaks and with it back to back wins to restore a bit of belief.
    Lets hope that Santa has brought Mogga a huge sackful of belief on Xmas day to spread around the dressing room. Stopping the silly mistakes and open goal gaffes would do nicely.
    With a bit of luck the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to come will have visited the Count and Gibbo with a reality check, clearly they have ignored the warnings for the last 4 years.
    For the loyal 12,000 or so remaining supporters still keeping the faith I wish you all a Happy and exciting New Year to banish the darkness of the last 4 years.

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