Boro Fail To Spark … (Again)

IS A point away at Leicester a good one? I think so. They were very quick going forward, used both flanks well and got a lot of crosses into the box but Boro put in a fantastic battling display with David Wheater magnificent: tackling, blocking, heading and generally creating a one man wall across the face of goal.
Jason Steele made an assured league debut and the teenager made one outstanding first half save from a DJ Campbell free-kick and a couple of other good ones – although he needed his crossbar to block the best chance from a first half header.
Good points…. those two individual displays, Gary O’Neil’s return injected some urgency and he almost scored with his first touch (his free-kick was the only save their man had to make), Luke Williams first half weaving run and shot that grazed the post, the touch and movement from Scott McDonald, some good spells of ball retention and passing.
Bad points…. being ravaged down the flanks by blistering pace (again), watching the opposition have a dozen good chances (again), failing to supply Kris Boyd with any balls in the box (again), seeing a player stretchered off (again) and a pedestrian midfield that laboured away but couldn’t find a spark (again).
One goal and one point from two games. A slow start. Time to step up a gear lads.


113 thoughts on “Boro Fail To Spark … (Again)

  1. Dont like the news that O’Neill may not be playing.
    That leaves us very short in midfield and that short may have to be Land Crab. Other alternatives may be Josh Who? or Bates being moved forward.
    Maybe we will get a 433/451 with Bailey, Robbo and Walker as the middle three.
    Here is a thought, get Mido into the team and tell him he can feed on McDonald and Parmo. Maybe Boyd is a better option
    Werdermouth you have undersold Kilgallon, it is 4.54 Lita’s. Would be different if Kilgallon was American but he comes from our York.
    AV, I think the Smithy had better get going. At the moment a draw on Sunday is starting to look attractive.

  2. I too will be taking Mrs Borocol to her first game in a few seasons.
    She is normally bad luck, sits there moaning she is cold, fed up, miserable.
    So i finish my pint and take her to the ground…

  3. Vic –
    I think posts are not getting on to the board. I did a post earlier at 121 and when I submitted it later posts came up on the right. When I went back in they didnt appear and it was still 121.
    **AV writes: Yes, there has been a problem today. What I don’t know because I haven’t been in the office but it appears to be working now so someone must have hit the wotsit with a bloody big spanner.

  4. Just how much longer are we going to give Strachan? His record since arriving nine months ago is not mujch better then relegation form. DO we let him waste millions or wait and see then if he fails to deliver let someone else have a go?
    His tactics seems a bit out of date and the game moved on since he last managed in england. He has never managed in the championship either. Maybe we need a manager who has experience of getting a team promoted in this league

  5. Strachan says we’re short in midfield and that he wants players who can pass the ball well then lets Josh Walker (who i thought had a great game against Chesterfield) go on a free to Watford?
    AV has Walker done something wrong at the club? Does he like a good night out? Just can’t see any obvious reason for shipping him out?
    **AV writes: I don’t think he’s done anything wrong but the gaffer doesn’t think he ‘s quite good enough for this level. We haven’t really seen enough to judge.

  6. Oh dear, early pre season training in Spain and statements about hitting the ground running had my glass looking half full.Suddenly it’s looking half empty again.
    I know it’s early days..of course it is..but I’m beginning to sense the dark cloud forming again and feeling a bit despondent about the season. Please, please Boro, prove me wrong, starting on Sunday.God it doesn’t get any easier following the Boro, even from the other side of the country.

  7. Hang on a minute…
    Flood long term injury
    thomson rips his tights
    Williams has got shaggers hip
    O’Neil has got joggers nipple
    Julio struggles on manfully with his debilatating illness
    and we let young josh walker go on a free!
    Have I missed something or are those bloody ‘bog’ bellows about to produce Edgar Davids?

  8. Josh Walker has gone to Watford on a two year contract. Just for information after someone said he is an option for Sunday against SheffU.
    Even less players available in midfield? Digard for Nice most probably. KL is over working me thinks.
    Hope to see a right winger. Also interesting to see that the number 3 shirt is still free! So a left back still coming.
    And the big guy hopefully to Ajax. So certainly busy times ahead next week.
    Up the Boro!
    **AV writes: Them two out…. two in next week. At least.

  9. Some talk about new funding to drive us forward but it is tricky.
    Huang has hung up on Liverpool and Oyston cant find any pearls at Blackpool.
    Ashley, I said Ashley, wants to sell Toon but cant so doesnt but has a dog of an audience, Shepherd and Hall probably have already put the shirts on their backs.
    Randy was a slow Lerner about O’Neill who then walked.
    ManU called in some Glazers but found out that the upstaris free with the downstairs turned into a bit of a pane and is proving an Everest to climb.
    It is all a mess.

  10. AV, apologies for hijaking the best blog in the world, but Mrs Smog has surprised me with a £15 itod voucher. After some horific musical escapades recently I could do with some suggestions to help me spend my winfall. AV you get first dibs.
    Music to get promoted by… coming to an itod near you.
    **AV writes: I’m heavily into reggae so I recommend the top, top dub sounds of Kings Tubby’s “Champion Version.” If not how about the Cyril Stapleton Orchestra and Jack Charlton’s team singing “Up The Boro?”
    I wish Boro had a real unique stirring anthem.

  11. And now Josh Who? is precisely that.
    My lad said we would do well to get a win in the next six matches. I must admit that a win on Sunday would be well received, at this stage I wouldnt be upset with a point and the prosepct of new players coming in very soon.
    The one bonus about O’Neils injury is that he stays here, the worry is he gets fit in time for January.
    As John Powls says it is half full at the moment, tempus fugit.

  12. Friday night. Got no friends? Desperate for Boro news? Local journo drip feeding tantalising titbits?
    Two in next week! At least. Ha’way man av man. Two which two? Do you have names? At least titivate with the positions the Friday night two might fill? I’m going to go to bed dreaming of the Honduran brothers who play in centre mid Mitch and Harry Positione
    **AV writes: We understand wide right (with Conway the first choice) and/or a midfielder (probably loanee until Januray) who can play in the centre and the flank (at this point can I would throw the name of Ross McCormack in), and a keeper. At least.

  13. **AV writes: We understand wide right (with Conway the first choice) and/or a midfielder (probably loanee until January) who can play in the centre and the flank (at this point can I would throw the name of Ross McCormack in), and a keeper. At least.
    At least? So most probably a left back to fit the shirt nr. 3 then?
    Up the Boro!

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