Baggies Blast Brittle Boro’s Play-off Pretence

A SHAMEFUL, embarrassing meek one sided surrender. There are no excuses for a lack of effort, fight, application or desire on a day when, even if results had conspired against us, there was still something there to play for. That so many players went out defeated before kick off is a disgrace.
We all knew there was a massive gap between Boro and the top teams and that we were only still in with a shout because of the collective incomptence of the rest of the play-off pretenders but it is hard to believe that Leicester, or Swansea or Blackpool would collapse in such abject fashion.
Bloody Albion again. Last season at the Hawthorns was a watershed moment, an opportunity to salvage a Premier League foothold missed. It was agame after which Southgate looked a broken man andhe could have had no complaints had he been sacked. At home this year the 5-0 hammering revealed conclusively the fatal fissures in the team’s fragile mentality and decisive action was taken soon after. Equally urgent action is needed now if Boro are to avoid falling so far short of the promotion places next year. This team needs ripping apart completely.


104 thoughts on “Baggies Blast Brittle Boro’s Play-off Pretence

  1. Due to the unique way my life is funded I missed my Barry on the wireless. Obviously I will download the pod cast and play on repeat endlessly in my shrine to Barry (the loft). Is there anything I should listen out for?
    As for ugly footballers what about David Wheater and his massive chin. Also Sean St Ledger, just how big was his face? At least twice as big as it should have been.
    As for Mart Poom, me and my mate back in mid nineties both took a shine to a girl at school. From a certain angle she was a dead ringer for Mart. Obviously in a teenage hormone filled fog this didn’t matter to me. However, the fact that I resembled Sheffield Wednesday’s Gerald Sibon (The white Kanu) mattered greatly to her and she went off with my mate, who looked more like John Pemberton.

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