Watford v Boro – Live Blog

ANOTHER week, another do-or-die, must-win, white knuckle ride as Boro go to Watford needing a win to keep the flickering play-off hopes alive. If you can’t be there you can follow the quip-by-quip coverage on the Gazette live matchday blog and enjoy goal flashes, cynical commentary, nostalgia, music related puns and all the chaotic cyber-terrace babble from the Mosso Posse in the virtual Bosco Jankovic Stand. Join us.

1 thought on “Watford v Boro – Live Blog

  1. Frontline punditry coming up.
    I asked smog junior what the score would be
    How many goals will Watford score?
    ‘No more sweeties?’
    How many will boro score?
    ‘Chocolate Chocolate!’
    Apart from the fact that that is a truly awful breakfast for a 20mth old I think he was saying Watford 0-2 Boro. So then I asked Mrs Smog and she said 0-2. I then made the mistake of asking her who would score? She replied ‘I have no idea who plays for them now.’ I think she was commenting on the massive turnaround of players since last year, but she could of course been aware of our current injury and virus ravaged squad. Unlikely.

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