Derby Torpedo Play-Off Hopes

AT ONE point during the game with Derby all the results were going Boro’s way and we were just one point behind Cardiff. On the whistle we were six. It feels far more.
That must be it now. Nine games to close that yawning gap – and they have a game in hand – and hope that all the other team chasing sixth place slip up along the way as well. And we would need to we would have to go to West Brom and Leicester and get something. No chance. Not if we are going to continue to let teams wriggle off the hook like that, failing to make chances count and then retreating to invite pressure. Self inflicted wounds again. Game over. We may as well get on with the cull.
More later…

19 thoughts on “Derby Torpedo Play-Off Hopes

  1. Yep done and dusted, Only good news is Blackpool lost which may help in the hunt for Adam.
    Sounds like we missed a lot of chances again but two away from home should have been enough so defence a problem for this one.
    Lets get on with the rebuilding and hope we come out all guns blazing next season.

  2. We just need to ‘take each game as it comes’ and forget about the league table.
    I think we have a good set-up in place now, but it does worry me that a substitution and/or a tactical change from the opposition kills us every time. Can you imagine the reverse happening? We throw Miller on for Naughton, go 3-up front and try and throw everything at the opposition? We’d concede in seconds.

  3. Just to add, at this crucial stage of the season, we’ve won one in six. And we expect to win nine in a row? Yeah, game over.

  4. Key moment for me was their first goal.
    We were on top for the first hour and should have been out of sight. The disallowed McDonald goal seemed to have spurred them on but it was all Thud and Blunder.
    Gary O’Neill then did a Steve Gerrard and appeared on the left wing, he played a very casual, ‘clever’ pass straight past Arca and from that moment we were outnumbered and out of shape.
    The ball was swept over to left flank and acres of open space. Cross is deflected and Coyne can only get his fingertips to it (lack of inches caught him out) and Porter got to the ball before two flat footed defenders could react.
    A goal entirely of our own making, O’Neils pass was the best Derby made all night as it tore us asunder. I dont like blaming any one player but it gave impetus to the rot and a catalogue of errors followed. It was reminiscent of the Tippy Tappy Twins at Reading when we lost 3-2.
    Derby could have scored more than two in their 20 minutes of possession as we lost all shape and discipline.
    Williams was rash, no, make that childish, idiotic and stupid to get sent off in a spiteful challenge after the ref wouldnt blow for a foul on him. I trust he will be admonished as it leaves us short in midfield and was unprofessional 10 yards from their corner flag with nowhrere for the Derby player to go. He has previous in such matters – the free kick at home gainst the Baggies.
    Lita showed the brains we have become accustomed to in getting booked for taking his shirt off. There is two weeks wages for inhouse fines to help reduce the debt.
    The good news is that the girl with her dad stood next too us left the ground a bit happier. They live in Derby and she was crying when 2-1 down at the thought of going to school today.
    Such is life.

  5. 6 wins in 24 games.
    or 4 in 14.
    or, as mentioned earlier, 1 in 6.
    A nice bloke named Gareth something is rumoured to be available, except for a World Cup contract with ITV. Legend has it he got the axe by an insane owner of a northern club at the night of a victory pushing his club only one point from the top.
    The legend goes on explaining how the next manager managed to lead the club to 11. place, 24 points behind after only a few months, selling most of the assets and dropping all local talent along the way.
    According to an urban myth.

  6. Anlov
    Talking of urban myths I checked out the two Boro teams to face Derby and the difference in ‘local’ headcount was Adam Jonson and there was fat chance of him staying.
    When he left he made an Oscar acceptance speech which thanked everyone from Strachan to the tea lady apart from one person. Suggestions on a postcard.
    I suppose we could accuse Strachan of being vindictive by not playing McMahon just because he has a broken toe. You could criticise Strachan for playing Arca but he was one of Gate’s pets – if having a land crab is classed as a pet.
    Most of the first team squad are imports and Strachan is no more culpable than Gate. Just be thankful we dont still have Folan.
    Now there is an urban myth.

  7. At the game last night. Nice to see ourselves nicking something at the end instead of the other way round!!
    Unfortunately it was the same old story of the last 3 years, which is why we find ourselves where we are now. Not able to take our chances, not able to take control of the game from a leading position and allowing a very below average team to look better than they actually are.
    Skill level we are more than a match for any team in this division, but until we can start converting chances and taking control of games we will not see ourselves challenging for promotion.
    Agree with everyone else and yourself, AV. Play-off chances gone and season now over. Lets start looking forward to the World Cup and next season!!!

  8. Well said Mr Gill. I for one feel a lot better with the direction the club seems to be going in after this game against Derby than I was just prior to the previous one. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I think we are getting there.

  9. Ian Gill:
    Myths are awright, but lets keep to the facts:
    Away against Derby 2010: Wheater, Williams, Taylor.
    Home against Derby 2009: Wheater, Williams, Bennett, Jones, Johnson.
    But that was not the point, I presume you saw that. The willingness and strategy behind using the “locals” is the point. Which I reckon we all recognise as changing?
    And yeah, Im thankful we dont still have Folan. And celebrating all night because we have Killen, Osbourne, Miller and Naughton.

  10. Nearly the result I thought it would be, was suprised to find out Lita had equalised. It is all immaterial as the season ended at Cardiff.

  11. Anlov
    Gate and Gibbo had already moved towards bolstering the squad with imports because you cannot bring through a whole team of kids.
    ManU’s golden group that are reaching retirement age and our FA Youth Cup winning team are exceptions.
    If you get a couple to break through each year that is good going. A good smattering in the first team squad plus selling some on at a profit is a top way to run a football club as well as creating a career path for the kids coming through. Seeing Boro kids making a living out of football should be a matter of pride wherever they are.
    Gate had so much faith he brought in Hoyte, Emnes and Digard consigning McMahon to potential obscurity, Walker lost in deep space and Tom Craddock off to Luton. He also brough in Mido and Alves
    So dont pretend that Gate was the saviour of all the Academy kids.

  12. Ian Gill:
    No, I dont pretend anything. I keep to the facts, and they tell us that Souhgates exessive use of youngsters was not only because of Gibson clear out of stars. It was a planned and conscious choice.
    No one is saying that EVERY youngsters must get in the team. Most of them arent good enough. But some of them are. And a lot of youngsters got us to the top of the Championship table only last autumn.
    Southgate is of course history. But we should still learn something from his youth politics. This club should have a manager who dares build (partly) a team of youngsters.
    What I see tells me that Strachan doesnt do that. But of course, I hope Im dead wrong.
    The stats tells us this: less youngsters, less locals, less points, more defensive footbal.
    Sorry if you dont like it, neither do I.

  13. Strach is muttering that we are short in midfield – then why did he let Josh Walker go on loan? He is 21 now and surely must be a better bet than Arca etc. Apart from Robson and Johnson(now departed) how many goals have come from midfield? And where is the creativity?
    Priority next season is a quick centre half ,ie ,physically and mentally, two good full backs, ie, who do not get caught in no mans land, a good central midfielder who can score,ie,Adams,and obviously another forward who can get on the score sheet regular.
    If we can get a few mill in from selling Wheats and G O I would take it.As for the rest of the season get Josh back and lets see what the young ones are made of because the regulars just arent’ doing it.

  14. Have to laugh at some of the people asking for Strachan’s head or Southgate back, or both. Gareth Southgate had all the players that were needed to keep us in the Premier League,and failed. Gordon Strachan took over a team that was flattering to deceive just off the top position in the Championship,and he has started to turn us into a team who are fighters from the first whistle to the last.
    This was further highlighted during last nights game v Derby. As far as im concerned we are in pre-season already,Strachan is finding out which players should be pushed through the door. Saying to play local players for the rest of the season is nothing short of a joke. Nobody wants to see a 5-0 + defeat every week until all games are finished. We just dont have talent in abundance, we bring through 2 decent homegrown players per season maximum.
    Up the Boro. IN GORD WE TRUST!

  15. We live in the East Midlands and that’s four times now this season we’ve seen the Boro ahead and in control of games (Forest in the League Cup, Coventry, Barnsley and now Derby) before they let the opposition back in, gain a little momentum and – hey presto – we’re behind (or level – at Coventry).
    It’s clearly a group, psychological thing because we suddenly get anxious and stop doing exactly what we were doing when we were ahead – keeping the ball, frustrating the opposition, silencing the crowd.
    Not sure how many of the starting line-up for the Forest League Cup game were starting last night (3 or 4 at most I’d guess) but it could have the same 11 from the way they reacted to losing control of the game. Brilliant to see a late show from us for once though.

  16. Cheer up, chaps, haven’t you heard, Gibson (and thus Lamb by default) are here to stay; so here’s to more of the same, eh?

  17. Anlov
    You are missing the point because Southgate didnt have excessive numbers of youngsters in his teaam.
    Looking back the numbers have been fairly similar, the major difference being the sale of Johnson in January. You dont get many of those coming through and taken with Downing I doubt many clubs have had two left wingers.
    With johnson we played roughly five local lads, without him fourish. Oddly, since Digard has gone we have locals in the treatment room.
    Against derby at home four including Jinky, without him three at Pride Park.
    Strachans chief change has been to replace St Ledger with McManus, nobody (aka Digard and Shawky) with Robson, Yeates with Flood and to bring in some non scoring strikers to replace our non scoring strikers none of who were locals.
    You can criticise him for results if you like.

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